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[Ketogenic recipe] My ketone meal is so delicious.


I am a lazy person, so I have been thinking about ways to be as simple as possible in the matter of eating (may not stop eating...). In this article, you will see various attempts I have made to be lazy... Of course, I feel that if you have the energy to do more nutritious and balanced, it is better to be diligent.


In fact, no matter what kind of eating method you start, the first start will be a little uncertain and worried: the type of food is right? Is the amount eaten too much? Will there be any side effects on the body?

So it was useful to have a small name for food at the beginning: although I have never made the scale calculations very accurate, there is no concept of 100g at first. My small name is mainly used to refer to vegetables, because my main source of carbon water is various vegetables, so I can see how many vegetables can be eaten every day.


In the first month, it was mainly based on cooking:

The meat dishes such as celery fried meat, garlic chopped meat, and green pepper fried meat are actually ketone-friendly. At that time, almost one meat dish per day + one fried vegetable: spinach, doll dish, tomato egg, zucchini, eggplant and the like.

Do it almost every day, then eat two meals for lunch and dinner the next day.

But there were two places that bothered me:

  1. Because I just started this diet plan, I still have doubts about the amount I eat. Adding to these cooking dishes is very suitable for my eating habits, so I am always worried that it is too much to eat this day, will it be excessive? Especially at the time, I remember that I would like to cook two or three long eggplants a day, and I could eat another meat dish. So while eating, I am worried that I feel that I am eating more than I need to eat. In fact, I am already full, but I will continue to eat the rest.
  2. It’s really a lot of work to cook every day. Because after all, a large part of the vegetables are not too much weight, and the fried vegetables are not well preserved. The taste and appearance in one or two days is very poor. Plus, I usually go home at about 10 o'clock, and I am really prepared to have enough pressure every day: I want to eat tomorrow, and I have to rush to clean up at night. (I have personal habits because of my personal habits. Considering the relationship between the skin and the fact that I didn’t lie down at 11 o'clock in the evening, I felt that I was in a hurry and was late...).
升级调整后的Meal Prep

The refrigerator in my house is very small and frozen. The freezer is small and not particularly useful: there are several large bones and fresh shrimps that have to be frozen. I want to make bone soup and oily prawn every other week, but after a weekend, I have a taste when I come out. So it is not very reliable.

I have a supermarket on Friday, and it’s super easy to see people show fried steak. So I bought a copy and just need to prepare a vegetarian dish and then fry the steak for two or three minutes. But the big one I think is definitely broken if I put it in my own refrigerator, so I fry it all at once, and then divided it into small pieces and put them in small bags. Later, I felt that it was liberating: 1. My refrigerator seems to be able to freeze these small packages better; 2. It is good to take a bag every day.

Then I ate it for about two or three days, and my family's vegetables were finished. Then I don't remember why I didn't have time to cook because of any reason. I bought a vegetable salad. I actually can't eat salads all the time. Generally, I don't really eat them, especially pure lettuce leaves. But this time because I have my own prepared beef, it is a lot easier. After that, I found out that um... I have a way to simplify my cooking process, so I have formed this:

  1. Make a meat dish once a week, and then freeze the amount of each meal : in addition to the steak mentioned above, later made fried chicken breast, stewed chicken wings, chicken stew. Basically, pork and beef chicken are like this. By the way, I like to stew meat recently, because it can be thrown into the rice cooker, it is super simple and there is no fumes. I have never made fish because I don't like the taste of seafood, but fattened salmon is also a good recipe.
  2. Buy ready-made salads from the supermarket, tuna and boiled eggs : this salad is usually mixed with five or six kinds of vegetables, and they are all washed. I have a lot of troubles, I don't have to go home to deal with it; the second is that I can't eat so many kinds of things if I match them. I don't want to eat five or six kinds. I have never even had a lettuce (??? I am not sure. The name) has not been eaten, it is wasted every time... The canned tuna I bought, although it is not very healthy, but it is really convenient, but everyone also needs to find that kind of carbon water is relatively small.
  3. Intermittent fasting: Last time I told you about my 18/6 fasting, so now the basic main meal is lunch every day, no breakfast, dinner is very simple one egg (I also cook for a few days.. .) Add a little nut and the like. It’s really too simple for me to eat, especially to prepare meals. But I still have to talk about this fasting. Everyone has to work hard. I don’t have it from the beginning. I can’t be hungry according to my own adaptation. I am very fortunate because there is really no difficult adaptation period and it is mainly for the convenience of the map. But if you've worked hard to adapt to this diet, you still have to lose yourself if you don't eat, and your body can't stand it, and it won't necessarily have much effect on weight loss than eating breakfast.

Later, I stumbled upon the fact that many people had prepared food for the week. It had a name called Meal Prep, and there were people on YouTube who shared their preparations for food. I am such a simple Meal Prep, because the cooking conditions are very limited, and the materials I make a dish are difficult to handle.

I hope that I have a big kitchen. The big kitchen stove can put three or four pots at a time. There is also a large refrigerator that can store food for a long time. It also allows me to pack food in the lunch box. There is a good quality big oven that won't always bake things because of uneven heat.... Grilled vegetables, grilled meat, vegetables, grilled salmon, probably have a spell with the simplicity of the rice cooker.

Conditional friends can really try to search for some. Think about spending about two hours on a large kitchen weekend to prepare a variety of meat, vegetables and desserts. You don't have to eat the same whole week. You can prepare two meals of beef, two meals, two meals of pork, and the like. Then, you can cut and slice the fresh vegetables. Just put some pepper and bake it. This way, the baked vegetables will not be deformed because they are not so watery. quickly...


This article seems to be a bit too long to write... but I think there are some points that are still important and need to be mentioned:

1. Grease:

  • Coconut oil + olive oil: At first, because I saw that coconut oil is better for treating high temperature, I try to use coconut oil for cooking. However, the smell of coconut oil is really super big. I have a stir-fry meat dish that has a taste that really affects the appetite, so I changed it to olive oil. I mentioned before that I am not eating breakfast at intervals. So if I feel hungry in the morning, I will use coconut oil to make black coffee and add some calories without interrupting my fasting. I don't like to drink too...), the two tastes are neutral and I am still accustomed to it;
  • Cooking and refueling: Because most of the meat is protein, I will pay more attention to adding more oil regardless of what I am doing. When I buy meat, I try to buy fat meat. When I cook it for a long time, it will be like braised. The feeling of meat is just that you can eat it without sugar.
  • Fat Bomb: I have done a fat bomb myself, wrapped in bacon with smashed eggs and butter. The recipes I saw there. I didn’t feel good to save once, and I didn’t do it anymore. There are also a lot of dark yoghurt almond powder and sugar substitutes on the Internet, because I don't want to eat sweets so much, so I don't want to go to find materials and do it... (If there is a serious serious withdrawal reaction, it is very difficult to marry friends. I can try this dessert.) I personally eat fat bombs not to satisfy the desire for sugar, purely want to add oil and prevent appetite, so my colleague taught me to do "almond ice cream" (I don't know how to call it, for the time being Just call it.) I plan to rely on this later: I will beat the almonds in the juicer (? Blender?), then add some salt and coconut oil, and then refrigerate in the refrigerator. I usually dig a spoon for snacks and dinner at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, supplementing the energy and controlling the appetite.

2. Carbon water - protein - fat ratio

I have never really calculated the proportion of these three nutrients that I consume every day. I just got a rough idea of ​​how much vegetables can be eaten in 30g of carbon water. Although the meat is delicious, I know that it can't be completely ignored. The rest of the oil is just like cooking when you try to refuel. When you are hungry, you will pass when you are not hungry.

Although I don't do it myself, I feel that if I have the energy and ability to calculate this ratio, it is still very good. After all, it will be more reassuring. If I don’t calculate it, I’m really worried at first. I’m always afraid of eating the wrong amount and eating the wrong thing. It’s basically a little bit of trial. So if you can calculate it clearly, you don't have to worry about it. Just pay attention to relaxing your mindset. Don't be too sad because of this ratio. For example, I have always tried not to eat soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, and so on. But sometimes I put a small spoonful of soy sauce and other condiments on a large pot of meat, but I didn’t have it so smoothly at first. Mentality, always eat what you think, what do you do, so that the psychological pressure is too great for weight loss. Now it's been a long time (on the 75th day, almost 12 weeks). Naturally, I also slowly learned that my body probably has a feeling that knowing how to eat can be a bit too much to control. So they are all groping out, and the friends at the beginning should not be too nervous.

In the end, it is still necessary to say that everyone's situation is not the same, the external environment and their own body are different. The reason why I didn't give a specific recipe is because I agree that you have to study the recipes and methods that suit you according to your own situation, and the dishes that I am so lazy are really simple and can't be simple. I didn't think there was anything special. This article hopes to give you a little inspiration, lazy inspiration haha