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Ten standards for the enlightenment of Nan Huai's teacher.


Everyone is talking about enlightenment, what is the so-called enlightenment? What is the standard? The most plain statement is that Yongming Shou Zen Master mentioned in the Mirror of the Mirror, including the Zen, the revision, and the wish of the Zen.

There were two major works in the Song Dynasty. One was Sima Guang's Zi Zhi Tong Jian and the other was the Mirror of Yong Ming Shou Zen Master. The two are almost at the same time. It is a pity that the study of the world's knowledge of the rule of knowledge, passed on to the afterlife, the researchers. The Mirror Book was almost thrown into the paper basket. It was only until the Qing Dynasty that it was proposed by Yongzheng. It was ordered several times, with special emphasis on studying this book.

Zong Jinglu tells us what is called enlightenment. There are ten questions in the book. The people who have realized it are not taught. All Buddhist scriptures are known. If you read a novel, you can understand it at a glance and do not need to study.

Yong Mingshou Zen Master Zong Jing recorded one:

"There is a staunch solution, no belief in the Buddha's words, self-disability, and no way to learn the road. There are ten questions to be determined.

I have got the visibility, such as watching the color, like Wenshu, etc.?

Second, the edge of the mirror, see the color of the sound, lift the foot, open your eyes and eyes, know the Ming, and the corresponding?

The third is to teach the generation of the teacher, and from the ancestors to say the sentence, the smell is not terrible, have to be undoubtedly no?

Fourth, because of the differences and difficulties, all kinds of levies, can have four arguments, do you doubt it?

Five is still at all times when all the wisdom is not stagnation, and I am obsessed with the tact, not seeing a law can be an obstacle, has it been temporarily interrupted in a moment?

Sixth, when all the reversal of the realm of evil is in front of the realm, do not leave, do you know whether it is broken?

Seven is still within the mood of the Baifa Mingmen, one by one can see the origin of the micro-physical roots, not the confusion of the roots of life and death?

Eight also lived and sat down in Siweiyi, admit that they were only right, when they were eating and eating, and when they were doing it, did they argue true?

Nine also heard that there are no Buddhas, no beings, no people, or praise or destruction, or right or wrong, do you have no intention of moving?

Ten still hear the wisdom of difference, all can be informed, all sex, the governor has no stagnation, no one does not know the source, even the Holy Spirit is born, is it not doubtful?

If a person realizes nothing, the first ten questions can be used as a criterion.

The first question is the realm of clear-mindedness. Everything, everything, everything, everything is clear, just like the color of the painting during the day, the same as the realm of Manjushri and others. Can you do this?

The second question is, you have met people, you have encountered something, or someone else has obstructed you in person. In short, you have a wide range of confession, you can’t be tempted, you can get together in your daily life, even at night. Can you do it?

The third question is: the classics of Buddhism, the Fahua Sutra, or the Shurangama Sutra. When you take it over, you understand it. It’s not terrible to hear the most eloquent statement, and it’s thoroughly thorough, no doubt, you Can you get it?

The fourth question, all the scholars, ask you with all kinds of learning, can you give answers to the arguments?

There are still six questions in the rest, and everyone can study it themselves.

Last paragraph:

"If you don't have it, you must not be over-the-headed, and you will be born with the meaning of self-confidence. You must be eager to teach, ask the prophet, the origin of the self-sacrifice of the ancestral Buddha, to the undoubted place of extinction. You can take a break from studying, rest in peace, or you can do it yourself, or you can show it easily for him. You can't go to the legal world and study the group, but look at the mirror and naturally get it. This is The main points of the law, the door of the fun path, such as the guardian of the child to know the child, get the knowledge of the end, the outline and the hole is all right, and the clothes are all coming."

Explanation: If these ten questions cannot be done, then you should not deceive yourself and be self-righteous. If you have any questions, you should benefit from good knowledge everywhere, and you must reach the realm of the Buddhas. What you have learned from the ancestors, you have realized that you can go to the undoubted place of school, no need to learn. After arriving at Da Che Da Wu, or retreating, staying in the mountains to further study meditation, breaking the fineness of my practice and law enforcement; or sacrificing self-cultivation for all beings, come out of the macro.

Suppose you think that there are too many Twelve and Thirty, and Yong Ming Shou Zen Master advises you to refer to his Mirror Record, because all the classic essences, he is concentrated in this book. "If the mother obeys the child, she knows the truth, and the outline is the same, and the holes are all right, and the clothes are all coming." How beautiful the text is, this is the important thing that Yong Ming Shou Zen Master said.

(Excerpted from "Song Jing Lu Lue")