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Complex chords won't play? Then we will "subtract" it!


Whenever someone sees a song accompaniment, their fingers seem to dance on the keyboard, and the notes are dazzling. I started to practice when I picked up the score in my heart, and then found that my finger had its own thoughts, and always did not listen to the brain. Why?

The reason is very simple, because the teenager is too worried! Skilled piano accompaniment is not practiced in one day! So how do we learn from simple to difficult?

Today we are going to give these complex notes a subtraction , from the most basic notes , from the simplest rhythm training .

What is the subtraction of notes?

The advantage of the simple and complicated arrangement idea is that when you check again, the added notes must be the most needed, so that a long-term practice can form a good arrangement idea, which will not lead to the entire arrangement. It’s too full, no breathing, learning a simple accompaniment, and learning complicated things is much easier!

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