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Jon Snow, "The Game of Power," kills the boy in his heart and takes on the responsibility of the man (there are seven seasons of spoilers)


I didn't know the recommendation mechanism of the content before, and then I studied it carefully. I found that the title and the two or three lines of text in front of the article are likely to be spoiled, so I will put all the explanations in front of all the answers in the future. . Maybe everyone thinks that I am emotional, I don't have the patience to read the whole text or even look down on my article. I think that some things are still clear, when someone points to your nose and asks your character to touch your bottom line. Don't you say nothing indifferent?

I know that I have built a column just to store my article. I would rather not see my article, nor give me a big hat that is hot and popular. Please respect the work of others, thank you!

Description: 1. Sorry for the article "Power Game" in the seventh season of the sixth episode (with spoiler) before the title of the four words "Night King XX" (to prevent spoiler with XX instead of those two words) It involves spoilers and has caused problems for many people. I won't be a problem. I won't be able to get up in this episode. The topic is that I let the readers of the readers come up with ideas. If I look at my previous articles, I will find that only this title is accidentally spoiled. However, I only thought that there would be spoilers in the text, so I wrote a few words in front of the text, but forgot the title, it was purely my own heartless loss.

2. I will be a lesson this time, so I will attach this explanation in front of all the articles I know about in the future. In order to avoid myself being troubled again because of the unintentional loss, the topic is unified: "XX" analysis ( There is spoiler), the original title is unified at the end of the article. If everyone feels so beautiful, I have nothing to say, you are happy.

3. Some people know that the netizens are objective and pertinent in making facts. This kind of criticism suggests that I like it and accept it with humility. I lost control and smashed some netizens. I didn't refuse to admit my mistakes. It was because many of them might not have looked at this article carefully. I just gave me a big hat with a hot head and a slap in the face.

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I don't like hot spots. Not everyone writes an article for the sake of fame. Just a hobby, I really like to watch American TV dramas. I like to play this drama. It happens that when I write it, it is hot. I will continue to write this after the drama has been broadcast, because I think there are still a lot of things I have not written.

5. I am a serious person and will care about every word that others say. The one that you have unintentionally said may make me depressed for a few days or even the idea of ​​deleting the account to delete all the articles. I recommend you to see the American TV series "Thirteen Reasons", maybe there will be new thinking.

6. A lot of people advised me not to read comments. I decided to listen to their opinions. I won’t go to see the comments and I will not reply to comments later, because I don’t want to waste time on boring tears. I want to live a few more years. When I am strong enough, maybe after a year and a half, I completely forget about it. I have always had awe of knowing this platform. I feel that all the netizens mentioned above are reasonable people, but the result is very disappointing. I really appreciate the recognition of the platform. There is no intention to offend the platform. There are also titles with spoilers. This is currently more than 30,000 readings in Douban, more than 500 people like it, but their reaction in the comment area is not so radical. I apologize again because I didn't take into account the fact that each platform is different.

Finally, please also pay attention to your mouth, the little woman thanked everyone here!

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

How far does a boy have to go to become a real man? Every man on the road of growth will experience confusion and frustration, and eventually fade away from the tenderness of time and the burden of society, and become a man who is brave enough to bear.

Jon Snow, you are a real man, although I can't help but call you a snow, spit your height, spit your straight, even spit you know nothing, but you are still my mind The hero in the middle, maybe there is a kind of love is to love the deep black.

You have a protagonist of aura, you can die and be born again. Even so, you suffer from the hardships that ordinary people can't imagine. Every time you grow up, it is accompanied by tears and pain.

"You have five children, three sons, two daughters. The ice wolf is your family's emblem. Adults, your children are destined to have these little wolves. I am not a member of the Stark family. member."

You should have been a noble prince, and have the blood of the Dragon Family and the Wolf Family. However, fate allows you to bear the identity of an illegitimate child from an early age. As the guardian of the North, the "illegitimate child" of the Duke of the Winter City, you can never be integrated into the Stark family, you are cold-eyed, inferior, even the adopted son Xi En can laugh at your identity.

You are eager to know who your mother is, but "father" Ned never mentions your mother. He said that he will tell you the mother's story when he meets next time, but you don't know the difference. It turned out to be a farewell.

Although you don't have the name of Stark on the name, the looks are the appearance of the Stark family: face is long, serious and cautious, and the mood is not in color. In short, it is an innocent face, which makes Ned's wife Caitlin Fuli always hostile and hateful. Since childhood, you lacked maternal love, and you have a sense of temperament. In order to survive, you have learned to observe and understand the emotions of people.

"You have five children, three sons, two daughters. The ice wolf is your family's emblem. Adults, your children are destined to have these little wolves. I am not a member of the Stark family. "You will deliberately exclude yourself in order to test your position in the father's heart; every time a family has an important guest to visit, you can only sit in the corner and sulking." When King Robert came to the Winter City, you would slash the Scarecrow because you were not allowed to attend. In the original book, you even passed the height of Joffrey, because the 12-year-old Joffrey is younger than you and Rob. It looks taller than both of you, and you don’t feel happy when you think of it.

The age of 14 should have been carefree, but you have been unable to sleep for countless nights: Robb will one day inherit the Winter City and become the guardian of the North. Bran and Reken will become vassals and have their own territories. My sister, Aria and Sansa, will marry other nobles. And as a "illegitimate child", where should you go?

You are deeply in love with the brothers and sisters of the Stark family: You love Robb, Bran, Reken, Aria, and even Sansha, who calls you "my half-brother". You teach Bran Archery, and you will not hesitate to endure Caitlin's cynicism before leaving, just to see Bran's eyes; you will fall into the small stripping trap in order to save Riken. Aria is your most loved sister, you give Aria "sewing needle" as a parting gift. You and Alia always have a tacit understanding, perhaps because her looks and personality are too similar to your biological mother, Lena, but you don't know this fact.

You respect the great Cooper, although you went to the Great Wall to be a night watchman, and when you said goodbye to Robb, he said with anger: "You are hard on Stark." You really didn't know anything at that time.

Maybe a few years later, when you learn about your life, you will find yourself far more fortunate than most people. Two Kennedy and Bunyan give you the care of your father, and Ned even abandoned his honour for your safety.

Listen to my vows and be my testimony.
The night is approaching, I will watch from now on, until the death.
I will not marry my wife, not to seal the land, not to have children.
I will not wear a crown, not a privilege.
I will do my best and live and die.
I am a sword in the dark, a guard on the Great Wall.
I am resisting the flames of the cold, the light of the dawn, the horn of the sleeper, and the shield of the kingdom.
I dedicate my life and glory to the night watchman, tonight, night and night.

In the winter city, you are so wronged that you want to leave this right and wrong place. You follow Ban Yang to the Great Wall. At that time, you think that joining the night watchman is a sacred mission, but the cruel reality makes you angry. You find that the team of night watchmen are thieves and criminals, but no one tells you that the night watchman is made up of such a group of people. You therefore blame Ned and Bunyan in your heart, but you forget the original class Yang and Ned. How to discourage you from thinking twice.

In the days when you came to the Great Wall, you repeatedly stressed that you are stronger than those who watch the night. Finally, Tirion wakes you up. The grievances you receive are nothing compared to the experiences of other night watchmen. Many people don't have professional training like you have been since they were young. They don't even touch the sword. No one is nobler here.

So, you began to integrate into the team of the night watchers and mingle with your teammates. You dream of becoming a hero, you want to join the ranks of the cavalry, but you become the commander of the commander-in-chief. You are resentful because of this, and finally Sam reminds you that the night watchman commander, Geor Mormon, actually cultivates you as your future successor. In fact, Xiong Lao also treats you as his own son. He has given you the long claws cast from Valeria steel for five hundred years.

Ned was executed, and the Stark family was in trouble. If you know the news, you want to leave the night watchman to revenge. Imon’s bachelor tells you how his family of Tangerian was coming when his door was almost destroyed. He used it. Self-experience to persuade you to be loyal to your duties. Xiong Lao also tells you that the war you face is even more cruel. If the ghosts invade, the difference is no matter who sits on the Iron Throne.

Under the words of Xiong Lao and Yimeng, you have a sense of responsibility and a big picture. Since then, you have taken responsibility to save the world, and your identity is no longer an illegitimate child, but a night watchman.

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

You have always been obsessed with restraint and restraint, because you don't want another illegitimate child named Snow in the world until the emergence of the savage girl Yerrit. She encourages you to boldly make choices that are loyal to your heart. The combination of your flesh and blood in the cave makes you feel the beauty of love. It turns out that you are eligible for love and worthy of being loved.

Yerrit, born of a fire kiss, fell in love with you at first sight. She saw this love as more important than anything, even more than the loyalty to the Savage Legion. However, your love for Yerrit is not so pure, with a strong purpose in the beginning. Because of Jeremiah, you can successfully undercover the Savage Legion and learn about their combat plans. Between the oath of the night watchman and love, you still choose the former, honor and responsibility will eventually drag you down the heavy shell, and live up to the deep affection of Yerrit. Before you left, Yerrit shot three arrows at you, and the arrows were full of helplessness, despair and anger.

"You know nothing, Jon Snow." This sentence has been told to you many times, and it is the last sentence she said before her death. She always knows your intentions, she is so deeply in love with you, willing to give everything and even life. At the moment when the arrow fell, she said that she wanted to go back to the cave where you had combined, meaning that she wanted to be with you forever, but at that moment you said with a sly feeling that you would go back, you don’t understand She loves you, you really don't understand anything.

At the cost of life, Yerrit has melted your cold heart and made you a hero, a flesh-and-blood hero. I know that you actually have feelings for Yerrit. You can ignore the temptation of the red robe Melia Sandra and say that you already have someone you love. It’s just that you know it’s too late, and it’s too heavy.

Yerrit teaches you how to love, that is to be loyal to your heart and make choices bravely. Later, I saw that you used the name of "Dani" to completely break through the aunt's atrium, the dragon mother who can destroy and burn everything, and instantly turn around in front of you. Her name is the longest in the play, that is her identity, her power, her protection, her armor. However, she is Danni in your heart, she is only her in your eyes, has nothing to do with her power, you are not ignoring her power, but, you are not concerned about her power. However, you don't know that your loved dragon is your aunt.

When you are entangled with the dragon mother, I don't know if you will remember the love that had been painful with Jeremy.

"The commander-in-chief is not a bad thing for you, but if you are lucky, you will find courage, do what you have to do, kill the boy in your heart, Jon Snow, take on the responsibility of the man."

If it is not Sam's insistent recommendation, you don't even want to compete for the position of the commander-in-chief of the night watchman. You can become the commander-in-chief of the youngest night watchman, and thank the Imon bachelor for casting a valuable vote.

You are guilty of sorrow and sorrow. Your night watchman, Glenn, and Piper, sacrificed in the battle with the wild man, but you did not care about the suspicion, regardless of the opposition of the night watchman camp, and brought the savage from the hardships to the desperate Great Wall. You have been looking for an imon bachelor before making this difficult decision. The hatred between the night watchman and the wild man is not shared. You worry that the night watchmen will stand up against you and even hate you. Imon's bachelor tells you: "The commander-in-chief is not a bad thing for you, but if you are lucky, you will find courage, do what you have to do, kill the boy in your heart, Jon Snow, take on the man. Responsibility." As long as you think the right thing, then be brave to do it.

You end up making the decision that you think is right, but your fears become a reality. You didn't think that each of them would slap you a knife, and you would say "in order to watch the night", so you have a few knives in your body. What makes you sad is that you have always been regarded as the brother of Orly, and he finally smashed the deadly knife to your heart. You fall in a pool of blood, desperate and lonely.

Resurrection, you are betraying your night watchman, then you say to the melancholy Eddie: "From now on, here is yours, my watch is over." How frustrated and disappointed you are at this moment. . This is a sad place. There is nothing worthy of nostalgia. Everything you fight for is a failure at the moment you die.

I still remember that when Stannis sent you an invitation to attack the Winter City, he could change your name to Jon Stark. You must know that Stark has always been your dream, but you refused. Because the duty of the commander-in-chief of the night watch commanded you to give up the battle for power, the night watchman only served as the guardian of the Great Wall and the shield of the guardian kingdom. At the time, Stannis commented on you. He said that you and Ned are both stubborn and reluctant to pay attention to honor. I think that compared with Ned, you know how to restrain and restrain, and you can be a big man who can bend.

Before the illegitimate child fight, you said to the red robes female Melisandre who resurrected you: "If I lose, the war is dead, don't save me again. I command you not to resurrect me." You have already determined the mortal determination, and this experience of resurrection has become your permanent scar.

You are a warrior, you have experienced several large battles: Black Castle Guard War, Hard Battle Battle, illegitimate child war, etc. In my eyes, you are the hero who emerged from the sword before the army, and died to death. .

When everyone supports you as the king of the North, I have tears in my eyes, how difficult it is for you to go back to this position. When the king of the northern kingdom, Rob, commanded the army, he was still following the night watchman, fighting for the survival of mankind.

You are the white moonlight of the ice fire world, others are playing the game of power, but you are only fighting for the survival of human beings. To this end, you are willing to let go of your grievances and gather all the power of life. You forgive the family that betrayed the North, you go to Junlin and Thursey to negotiate. You are very honest and even straight. You are not willing to lie to people like Cersei. You say, "When too many people make false promises, words will be meaningless, and there is no credible answer. Only Yue The more beautiful the lies, the lies can't make us win the war.” You are eager to build a new world of truth, goodness and beauty. There is no intrigue, and everyone lives and works.

As a leader, you may be reckless, stupid, impulsive, and these will let you accept the most brutal blow: the death of a loved one, the death of a lover, and the betrayal of a brother. The scarred ones are maturing in the pain of unforgettable pain.

You are a king, but you are not lost in your heart. I don't know if I should call you Jon Snow or Igna Tangerian in the future. It is really cruel and even unacceptable to you, but I still believe that you still remember the heart, the world, and save the people. The ordinary boy who has served.

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