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twenty two


Today, Weibo saw the article of the Raven Movie, about a movie that comforted the woman. This domestic film tells us the tragic life of the comfort women in the war of aggression in China and the status quo of their present day. Twenty-two was the number of people who stayed at the time of shooting. There were only eight people before the film was released.

When I went to Nanjing, I went to Nanjing to go to the Holocaust Memorial Hall. Because Nanjing had been raining for a few days, I was wearing a pair of slippers to go to the world, but I dressed very formal that day, I was in a bad mood, and I didn’t walk all the way. Laughing, I didn’t whisper with my girlfriend. When my girlfriend came out, I was scared by my expression. Muran, depressed, empty eyes, very strange, no hatred, no sorrow, I didn’t know how to express my feelings for a while, I expected to gnash my teeth. No.

This film is also, without hysteria crying, shouting, only calm, horrible calm, almost dead after the war, time can smooth the wound, maybe it is, maybe not, I only have this ambiguous answer . Looking at Jiang Wen’s devil, I was shocked because there was no such big war scene as I imagined, only the bottom people struggled. What exactly is the war, eight years have elapsed since I was closest to me, but I still remember that fear today, and I will always wake up from my dreams, only swearing and bleeding.

What they hope for is not revenge, not resentment, peace, and they say that someone will die when they fight. This is a documentary, a documentary about the current state of comfort women in China. I hope everyone can go to the cinema to see this movie. I have a screenshot of that article on Weibo, I am not authorized.