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Five-year auto repairer talks about the lights: the precautions for upgrading and installing the car headlights (Part 2)



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This is the next article, from the brightness, installation space, concentrating, dust cover, whether it affects the quality assurance, how to adjust, etc., the precautions for upgrading and installing the car headlights.

It is recommended to read the previous article: Click to enter the five-year auto repairer reminder: upgrade the installation of car headlights notes highlights (first)

Fifth, related to brightness

Cheyou sent a private letter to ask me:

1, left master, I have changed the LED before, but it is not bright enough?

2. How far can the LED low beam be, how far can the high beam shine?

3. Is there any reliable LED lamp recommended? Be very bright.

Before answering these questions, we must first understand the LED headlight chip. LED headlight chips mainly include COB, flip chip, ZES chip, and Cree chip.

The main features of various chips:

The COB chip has many light-emitting points, uniform illumination, poor penetrating power, poor concentrating, low cost, and relatively low process requirements. The lights look very bright, but sitting in the cab, you will find that the lights are not far away;

Flip chip and ZES chip have small light-emitting point, concentrated light intensity, high brightness, good concentrating property and strong penetrating power, but high process requirements and high cost;

Cree chip generally refers to Cree "XHP50" chip, which is a single high-power chip, which is difficult to handle heat. Generally, the power is low and the brightness is low. The intensity is concentrated and the paving is not wide. It is not suitable for use. Near light.

Therefore, to say that the light is scattered, not far away, most of them are cheap, buy the kind of LED of six or seventy dollars. Most of them are COB chips, and they are definitely scattered, so it’s not far away.

LED headlights are safe for driving, and you must not be cheap. Selecting a power of about 30W, flip-chip LED headlights, basically ok.

Sixth, related to the installation space

The most frequently asked questions for riders are:

Zuo Shifu, can my *** car be equipped with LED headlights? Is it good to install, do you want to dismantle the bumper, or do you want to dismantle the headlight assembly?

In fact, if you install it well, open the engine compartment cover and look at the headlight installation space.

On the other hand, the current car LED bulbs are very compact, such as "5D car LED headlights X30pro", the size of the entire LED bulb is almost the same as the original car halogen bulb, the versatility is very strong, the basic riders are basically Do not consider the problem of whether the installation location is sufficient.

Seven, related to spotlight

Every time you open a private message, you can almost see such problems:

1, left master, I installed the LED is good astigmatism, how to adjust?

2. My car has no lens. Is it necessary to install a lens when installing LED?

Whether a LED headlight is concentrated or not is closely related to the following three aspects:

A. Type of light source: As mentioned above, flip chip and ZES chips are more concentrated than COB;

B. Light source spacing: basically, the smaller the distance between the light sources, the more concentrated;

C. Reflective bowl: The high-beam reflective bowl of the car is small and steep. The low-light reflective bowl is large and slow. The same light bulb is installed in the low beam, which is the effect of paving the road, and the high beam is the effect of collecting light.

In addition, LED headlights with " self-contained multi-surface reflectors " have been newly introduced on the market . That is to say, LED headlights have their own reflectors, which makes them more concentrated.

Eight, related to price

Many car lovers are very concerned about the price issue.

Divided headlight assembly costs and bulb costs. The main components of the headlights are the scrap parts and the deputy parts. The scrap parts can be found in the scrapping market, but they are not easy to find; the deputy factory parts are much more, Ma Yunjia has a lot, but the quality is uneven.

The following mainly talk about the cost of changing the headlight bulb:

1, the cost of headlight bulbs:

If you modify it in a 4S shop, the cost is 800-2000 yuan, even more expensive; if you modify it in a car beauty shop or a modified shop, the cost is about four or five hundred. If you buy a bulb at Ma Yunjia or milk tea, the price is usually three or four hundred. about. The price is less than 300 yuan (two), which is strongly not recommended.

2. Installation fee or manual fee:

4S shop counts the working hours, and this work time is expensive to what extent. A general car modification shop or a beauty shop is generally calculated by a pair, and the installation pair is generally 50-100 yuan. Of course, if it is a better installed model, such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, it is better to install, and their own hands-on ability is acceptable, then you can install it yourself, it will save installation or manual fees.

Nine, related to after-sales

1. Can I change the LED headlights for the annual inspection?

2. Will the new car's replacement LED headlights affect the 4S shop warranty?

I believe that many riders are very concerned about these two issues. Regarding the ability to pass the annual inspection, this issue involves the laws and regulations of the law and is too sensitive. It is not fair to discuss. Interested riders can pay attention to me and send private letters to discuss.

For the 4S shop warranty will be affected, the answer is as follows:

The new car is generally guaranteed for three years. Electrical upgrades, such as reversing images, navigation, lights, etc., as long as they do not break the line, do not change the original car circuit, do not affect the 4S shop warranty . In other words, as long as it is in-line, no broken line, that does not affect the warranty.

Nowadays, the car LED light bulbs are all non-destructively installed. The original car halogen bulb can be removed, and then the LED can be replaced. It is not necessary to punch holes in the dust cover like installing a xenon lamp. Therefore, installing LED headlights does not have to worry about the 4S shop warranty.

Ten, related to regulation

Installing and adjusting the LED headlights is a very professional problem. I have written an article: "Five-year auto mechanic teaches you how to adjust the angle of the headlights of the car." Interested friends can follow me and see me. Previous articles.

XI, related to fever

Regarding the issue of heat and temperature, I also have a special article: "Five-year auto repairer measured: car LED headlights and xenon lamp temperature comparison" , interested friends can also pay attention.

Twelve, related to the dust cover

Let's talk about the problems associated with the dust cover.

In general, upgrade the car LED headlights and use the original car dust cover. The current LED headlights are all non-destructively installed. There is no need to change the line. There is no need to open a hole in the dust cover. Take the original car halogen bulb and replace it with the LED, just like changing the original car halogen. The light bulb is as simple as that.

Moreover, there are special LED headlights for special vehicles, such as Volkswagen Sagitar, Hippocampus S5, Chuanqi GS4, Baojun 560, Baojun 730, etc. There are special LED headlights for special vehicles, equipped with special dust cover, and the seal is very good.

The dust cover must be sealed. If the seal is not good, the headlight assembly will fog or even enter the water, which will affect the normal use of the lamp.

13. Related to special decks

I believe that many riders have experienced buying an LED bulb and the result is that they cannot be installed because the deck is not suitable.

Volkswagen Sagitar, Bora, Langhang, Lingdu, Hyundai Sonata nin, famous maps and many other models need to use special decks, otherwise they can't be installed. However, a large-scale manufacturer has developed special-purpose LED headlights for these special models, which solves the problem of requiring special decks.


Familiar with the above 13 points, basically have a certain understanding of the lights. Then follow the steps below to select the lights:

1. Look at the lighting configuration first : Some car lovers even have a halogen lamp or an LED that is not clear on the car. You can check the lamp configuration of the car on the car home.

2, then check the headlight model: the headlight model used by your car, the "User Manual" has a special page, which reads the model of all the bulbs of the whole car. In addition, you can also query the APP query for the headlight model. Or open the engine compartment cover and take out the original car bulb to see it.

3. Select the headlights according to the model: After you have figured out the headlight model, you can select the corresponding model. Whether it is a large-scale factory or a small-factory bulb, the interfaces are produced according to uniform specifications; in theory, as long as the models correspond, they can be installed, but the lamps of the first-line manufacturers will be smaller, the versatility will be stronger, and the performance will be stronger. It will be more stable. Foreign countries such as "Philips", domestic such as "nine plus one", are first-line manufacturers.

Longer length, thank you for reading; I wish everyone can have a good light, and please use the lights.

My name Zuo Zurong , a five-year auto repairman, is proficient in various car modification and upgrades, especially for the development of car headlights. If the riders want to consult the car related knowledge, you can pay attention to me, give me a message, communicate and discuss.