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What kind of whisky is the new year?


The new year can be said to be the most important thing in the year. The food and drink you buy at the moment, the Chinese New Year is to represent your image in front of relatives and friends. If the new year is ordinary and popular, then you are in the hearts of others. Basically it is like this.

If you break your heart for this, you are inexperienced, have limited hands, and want to highlight the encirclement.

Don't panic, we have prepared a wine list for you to help you solve this difficult problem.

Wine is the soul of the meal

What is the focus of the meal?

It is wine! The food is just for the sake of hunger, and wine is the soul of a meal. Then, as a post-80s, how to use the limited money to buy wine that makes friends and relatives look at you?

In fact, it is very simple to buy whiskey .

Others bring white wine, red wine, white wine, and you take a bottle of whisky from the box, and whisper: whiskey, single malt, with a bottle of everyone to taste.

Most people still know about whisky in TV movies, and you obviously walked in front of most people, not only with whiskey, but also the best single malt in the whisky, the face is there, highlighting That is not a minute.

Which one of the whiskies to buy is also very knowledgeable. Today, I recommend five famous malt whiskies that are famous, powerful and cost-effective.

1, McAllen 12 Years Shirley Barrel Single Malt Scotch Whisky

There is absolutely no wrong choice. A few days ago, my friend asked me to send a whisky to the leader. I recommend this.

Made in Scotland, single malt, using fine wheat, pure drinking water, and exclusive oak barrels, it has won numerous awards and is very cost-effective. It is called “Rolls Roy in Malt Whisky”.

It smells with a unique vanilla flavor and a hint of dried fruit. It tastes smooth and smooth. The rich dried fruit, sherry barrel flavor and smoked wood and spicy spices are just right balance. The aftertaste is sweet and lasting.

It is a taste that most people can accept, and it is also a bottle that I like very much.

2, Le Garvelin 16 Years Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky is best known for its Islay area, the heart of peat whisky lovers, and Legarville is one of the most acclaimed whiskies.

It smells smoky, but it is not pungent. It tastes very rich. It tastes sweet and dried, but the strong smoke and sprouted barley quickly spread in the mouth. The aftertaste is long and warm. There is aroma of pepper and a touch of sweetness. If you can accept this taste, two cups will go down and you will never let go.

Because this wine has a unique taste, it is more suitable for men with more or a little whisky.

3, Okenthal Xuan 12-year single malt scotch

If the above Lejiaweilin is more suitable for men to drink, then this Okenthalt is more suitable for women's tastes.

The golden color of the honey is scented with creamy pudding, nuts and citrus. The female friends around me want to try this bite when they smell this aroma. And the taste is really suitable for women, soft and sweet, the taste of honey toffee is diffused in the mouth, the girl who can't resist the dessert of milk tea can't resist this whisky.

4, Yamazaki 1923 Distillation Collection Single Malt Whisky

Japanese whiskey has been too hot in recent years. We have written articles about Yamazaki before, and interesting friends can check it out.

Yamazaki is a brother of Japan's Suntory. Its taste is completely different from that of Scotland's heavy peat. It is more in line with the taste of the oriental people. It is called "Oriental Whiskey". It tastes honey sweet, full of fruit and a little bit spicy. Peppery, with a soft and elegant finish, consisting of vanilla, cinnamon and fruit.

And Suntory has a history of nearly a hundred years, a lot of stories, you can learn more about its story before drinking, while drinking and talking, more professional.

5, Bond 7 Whiskey

It is said that no one does not like this whisky, whether it is listening to folk songs or listening to rock.

This whisky package looks retro, with faded letters and wine labels stacked together, paired with whisky's own deep amber, dignified and calm atmosphere. It tastes very layered, and the rich aroma of malt does not linger for a long time. It tastes carefully and captures the taste of honey, black caramel and fruit.

When I first tasted it, I was shocked to see you, but I don’t know much about it at the moment.

The recommendation of whisky is written here first. In order to write this article, it really takes a lot of thought and time. I hope that I can help you when I choose the new year.

Pay attention to us , the next issue will talk about what wines are more expensive for the New Year.