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PS (personal statement) four elements in writing


Author: Easy to know the planet · independent consultant to Zhe

I believe that many students will have such distress in the process of applying for materials in school: How should PS be written? PS As a personal background, plan, features and advantages of the applicants as a showcase, how to write more distinctive and easier to pass? In response to how to write PS, Yu Zhe, who knows the planet, summed up the following four points for us and hopes to help the students.

First, the material

The writing of the paper must have a wealth of material to support your article. If the point you want to express is not supported by the corresponding content, it is difficult to show your thoughts. The material is very important, which requires us to accumulate bit by bit. For example, some academic experiences, social welfare activities, etc., can all be demonstrated through instruments.

The resume is to list these activities, and the personal statement is to express some key activities and your feelings and thoughts in these activities. Usually we need to accumulate these materials, and in the paper we have to pick out a small amount of good material. For what is good material, I have the following suggestions:

Good material, we can understand as the original material. Simply speaking, it is a comparison of individual preferences, thoughts and opinions, as well as special experiences that can be distinguished from others. These are the original ecological materials, not the extensive material that everyone has. The most important thing is that if these original ecological materials can be intrinsically linked to the profession you want to learn in the future, it will produce very strong expressiveness and appeal.

I used to write an article for a classmate. The major he wanted to study was electronic information engineering. We chose a very interesting material. The student mastered a skill: let go of his hands and balance the body with his body. This made him feel very fulfilled, and in the process he felt the beauty of balance. This feeling also affects his later learning. For example, when learning electronic communication technology, the transmission of signals has a transmitting end and a receiving end. During the signal transmission, the intensity of energy transmission and the loss of energy must be maintained. Balanced within their control. He incorporates the feelings of life into his studies. Materials like this have both life experiences and academic observations, and inherently subtle connections are very good original ecological materials.

Second, the intention

Many students are entangled in writing PS, who is the original and the material? We are the first to accumulate material, then to determine what to write, or to determine the theme of the idea and then find the material?

Everything must have a sequence. For most Chinese students, it should be the first thing to have the material. The reason is that our Chinese students, personal experience and self-conceptions are not particularly rich, less material, if blindly determine the main line of the article, in turn will find that there is not much to write. The material collected temporarily is often somewhat false, so I emphasize it once again, we must first have the material, and then determine the theme of the article. In addition, although the scope of the theme is broad, it must reflect the motivation and enthusiasm of learning.

Third, the first paragraph

How to write the first paragraph of the opening? To put it simply, there must be explosive power at the beginning to make the readers attractive.

Chinese people write articles that like to swear, first of all some inexplicable preparations, and then gradually express their true meaning. But this is not in line with American habits, they like to show your purpose at the beginning, or introduce through attractive content. Just like the American blockbuster, the opening will attract people to the film environment and the world.

The benefits of getting straight to the point are simple and clear, and then further explain what you have done and what you have experienced before.

If you choose the way the content is introduced, for example: a violent explosion sounds behind me. With a heat wave, my whole person is pushed forward, flying a few meters and then falling heavily on the ground. When I woke up, I was lying in the hospital. The person I saw was my father. The first sentence I told him was "Is the core part of my robot still there?" The opening of this personal statement is very visual, introducing the scene in a montage, and then telling why this happened. Reading such an article will make people feel interesting and not bored.

Fourth, logic

Generally speaking, there are many writing techniques, such as narrative, narration, narrative and flashback, and the montage of lens switching mentioned in the third point. In addition, prose is the view we express. It is very clear, but we are not describing one thing, but we are reinforcing it from many angles, experiences, and ideas. No matter which kind of writing technique is used, the inherent logic of the article must not be confused, and it must not be confused or confused. Even if it is prose, you must do it.