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The most complete line of words in each line: After reading this article, I will be promoted and raised the next day.


Two days ago, I was able to get the father-in-law’s dog to reach the fire. The son-in-law who has not passed the door is in the group, and the old man is mad at the moment but he does not know what he is doing:

But as a dog's battlefield, there is more than a group chat. In order to achieve a certain purpose, we must go to the circle of friends to expose:

In the end, as a hyena, the Daren succeeded in raising the chance of marrying his girlfriend through his tireless shackles:

After this battle, the word hyena reached its peak and was a pleasure for me.

However, in the end it is all for life.

舔 Colleagues, 舔 leaders, 舔 老丈, 舔 customers, 舔 girlfriends.... People go in the community, how can you not dog?

So today, I have compiled a guide for dog-walking in various industries.

Do not say anything else, these are my out of the young elites in various industries, properly used, can be less than 10 years harder than their peers.

The following content is pure entertainment, rational as a dog

95 post-intern special

(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: Too lucky, the purpose of my internship here is you, I think you are the most qualified teacher here, you just tell me, I only manage.

2: Teacher, there is only a little word of mouth in this industry. They are all teachers who have changed their body. If you say it, it is a small steel cannon, spit!

3: Everyone said that when interns are always bullied and can't learn anything, they don't have a leadership belt like you!

4: I think that you are very reasonable. I listen to your hearty laughter in the office every day. I feel that my career is full of hope. You are a great person.

5: What other people can't do, you can solve it when you get out of the horse, teacher, when can I be like you.

(our dog walks the dog)

6: Your daily bag, lipstick, clothes, and perfume are all my goals for the next 20 years!

Sales sales

(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: Look at your figure. Our clothes are closed with your eyes closed. You are the hanger for walking.

2: See you are not lack of money, the apartment next to the International Trade Center CBD, the neighbors are of high quality, the dogs are all VIPs, and you can practice speaking in a step, just worthy of your identity.

3: You can sit here and have a cup of coffee, then you can prove that your strength is not shallow, Ma Yun is so supportive of entrepreneurship, WeChat scan code experience our company's new project support!

4: I don't persuade him to buy insurance, but people like you who are worth hundreds of millions of people are worth keeping their lives safe!

5: Your facial features are like Di Lieba. If you have a fitness card, you will be Gu Li Na!

6: Seeing that your hair is so sparse, it must be because the career is successful. If you are busy, you should take good care of your hair. You can safely go to the front line and charge, I will fill the hole for your haircut.

7: I have been in the business for 20 years. You are the best skin I have ever seen. What do you want to be a mother? ! No, I thought you were skipping classes today.

For film and television personnel

(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: There is a famous writer in Japan. The scriptwriter is Higashino Keigo. You are our Dongye Wow in China!

2: You are in our circle, the word of mouth is cosmic, and there are not many actors in the world who can deserve your book.

3: Our actor invites the first line, the screenwriter is the first line, why should you pull your investment, because the investment company must also be super line!

4: It's worse for you. We have already booked Nolan, Spielberg, Justin Bieber, and they have named you to play with them.

5: As long as you are willing to mention the pen, "money is not a problem", as long as the project is good, 10 billion yuan, US dollars, no problem!


(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: As a design, copywriting is my inspiration muse, you know, every time I look at your wonderful pen, I can't help but work hard!

2: I think the general proposal of x is very forward-looking, practical, artistic, and not lost to Apple's design philosophy. It is somewhat monotonous.

3: It is really hard to work with your docking project. The requirements are clear and the logic is clear. I have been in the business for 10 years. You are the customer I have ever known the most.

4: Hey, this logo is really good international, put it in my personal work, you must be rushed in the future!

5: It’s so enjoyable to work with you. You are the product manager I have ever seen that will not be difficult to design~

6: Hey, I am not a dunning, just new year, I am aware of the troubles of a big company like you.

Special for state-owned enterprises

(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: Other people's work is for money, you are hard and plain, serve the people, your job is to benefit mankind!

2: Nightingale (nurse) in the 21st century, today is your birthday. Today, we are eating a dumpling in the family!

3: Serving you to eat, tea pouring water, carrying a bag, driving the door, and dying, are all what our younger generation should do.

4: You go to the big leader to play mahjong, not 24 hours on duty, not as much as you put water on the table, and laugh at the dinner table!


(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: Zhou Huimin is 50 years old, translucent and full of skin, hot devil figure, what qualifications do you have to love yourself.

2: Zhao Yazhi is 60 years old, and his son group cp, what qualifications do you have to love yourself.

3: Zhao Liying grass roots against the second generation of marriage, and you as a queen, what qualifications do not love yourself.

4: Envy the Harmony? Envy the cruise? Envy private jets? I only envy you to make a decision and you can enter a million dollars a month.

5: Poor Ma Yi? Poor milk tea sister? I feel that Lin Qingxia was derailed. I am only pitiful to have a capital to live in a big villa, but I have not joined you!

6: I know why I strongly want you to join our big family. Do you know Li Landi? You have the same feelings, patterns, souls and goals in life.

7: Your biggest problem is you, you are because you didn't see your strengths and talents, and I saw it!


(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: Your company's appeal point (advice point), advertising messages, can impress consumer psychology, I believe that can lead to action, but I did not understand.

2: layout (composition) design is exquisite, presentation (proposal) complete without losing logic, you are the most strategic and creative company I have worked with.

3: I want to join you, because I heard that your account group, business team, is very exciting when brainstorming brainstorming!

4: I am the first time I see an ad agency like yours who understands the strategy and understands marketing.

5: Other advertising companies only have employees, and you let me see, account director, creative director, art director, copy director, media director, Planning director.

6: Wow, just relying on your brand image brand image, our cooperation is completely cheap.

Real estate

(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: Sister, you are the most important room I have ever seen.

2: Brother, whether it is big or two, I have a suitable recommendation.

3: Ok, I understand that poor people pay the full amount, and Daxie pays in installments.

4: You think about it slowly, I know that big bosses like you have to think twice before making decisions. No wonder the business can be so big!

5: I figured it out, call me at any time, I am here in the wind and rain, the universe does not explode, I will not have a holiday, I am a 24-hour intimate butler.

Public number / self media

(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: I have read your article and also collected it. I have today relied on the enlightenment of your article.

2: You are the opinion leader of the public circle. It is Qian Zhongshu, Han Han, and Jin Yong of tomorrow.

3: Everything you write is a marketing number. People like you who are talented just want to output something that people can't understand.

4: Wonderful, although the article has only 2,500 words, but the pattern is large, the amount of knowledge is rich, and the data is not good enough for others to appreciate.

5: You just don't work well. If you do it well, you are confused, what are the papi sauces? !

6: Cao Xueqin wrote "Dream of Red Mansions" and would like to help Gaochun; Jin Yong writes a book and needs Ni Kuang to write a pen. You can write 10 manuscripts a week is really amazing!

7: You don't always think that you are taking a sand sculpture video, I want to take it to compete for Oscar!

8: I beg you not to be a video blogger. If you are acting, you will be more than enough to win the Golden Eagle Award with Di Lieba.

Public relations media docking

(Internal study materials, who is rumored who is 🐶)

1: Teacher, you are the biggest coffee in our event. The leader said, if you don't come to the event, you can't go on. We have already notified Wu Yifan to return the ticket.

2: My ideal was originally a teacher. Now I am going to be a publicist and pimping, because you are still strong in this industry.

3: Wow, I finally got your contact information. You are the myth of our industry. Seeing your circle of friends is more useful than watching the “When the Good PR 100 Method”.

4: It’s so lucky to meet you. Women like you represent the media. What you write is positive content. There are not many people who tell you the truth. We are all in line with you. .

5: Our boss said that only knowing a teacher like you can touch the core position of the industry.

Many people ask: Is the dog really happy?

I don't think so. Is there really no limit to being a man? (nod


It's ok!

Money can make me happy.

after all:

Even if it is like this:

Will be like this:


Even this:


Ok, forward this dog, oh no, forward this article, you will fight less than your peers for ten years! Come to the pinnacle of life!

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