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GRE math! you've changed!


I listened to a paragraph two days ago (I don't know if it is true or not):

Two years ago, a schoolmaster took a GRE: 166+170. Recently, because of boredom (please read aloud, wu liao), I went to take an exam: 164+163! ! !

Well, the same learner, different math scores.

Really, in the past two years, GRE math has really changed...

It is no longer the summer rain on the shores of Daming Lake.

Not who you are or who

It is already the devil in the angel

Example 1:

232 is divided by the remainder of 3 and the ratio of 1 ratio.

Example 2:

70% of a company is a lawyer, 55% of employees are female, and 60% of famale are lawyers, asking male lawyers to account for the total number of companies.

Example three:

10 books, 4 are fiction, the remaining 6 are non-fiction (three of them are biography), then the protagonist chooses 3 books for online reading, asks him to choose at least one fiction, and at most one The probability of a biography.

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