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Mother gun missed the country? I miss you! Chinese straight male cancer collective outbreak


The mother gun was fired again. Now there is a voter who is sorrowful and eager to eliminate the mother gun, resisting the erosion of this bad culture, and hope to fulfill this evil spirit in the society to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

After the mother fired

Society goes straight

You and me together

Cultivate a strong generation

The young mother is the mother of the mother, the mother gun can be mistaken for the country, and the wind of the mother can be rested. In this regard, I just want to say that the mother gun is wrong? I miss you! This time, China’s straight male cancer broke out again.

Kunshan Dragon Brothers are very old?

To say that a person is a gun is nothing more than to say that these women are not temperamental. Some time ago, Kunshan Longge was a man, it looks very pure, short hair fitness, big mouth drinking, big mouthful of meat, back on the chest and left blue dragon right white tiger scorpion, gas up and slashing, such a Are you willing to let your child learn?

Don't say anything, you can't just look at the outside. If you don't, don't you think that you are not looking at the outside, just don't just look at the outside, just by the outside, you can say that other people are guns, but they are a little bit behind. If you want to release your emotions, you don't have to take any responsibility.

"Hey, that's a mother-gun." After a sneer, what should I do? This is nothing. For the mother, although I am not happy, I can't drop you. Now that you have upgraded, you have begun to say what the mother-in-law has missed the country, what is said to affect the core values ​​of socialism, and what is vulgar. This kind of metaphysical behavior in the line of the big hat, the mother can not be back, and should not be back.

What is the lack of masculinity? Whoever asks a man must be arrogant and vocal, and whoever asks a man must raise his head and talk. How do mothers and guns live normally, how to live, how to work and how to work, how to affect the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The wind of the mother's guns should rest and rest your head.

Can you change all of the left-handers to the right hand? Can you let people who love sweet dumplings eat salty dumplings? Can you let people who love coriander eat coriander hard?

Badminton is played by girls, football basketball is the game of boys; women's talents apply mask makeup, men should be rough; love beauty is clean, girls, informal is the boy... think about these straight men's cancer Let's do something before.

Mother guns are unbeaten in the East?

Hotly holding "small fresh meat", rendering "mother-gun", "exotic" and "weird coffee" made "small fresh meat" into "small flowers" and cut "Mengte" into "Meng Tejiao"... More and more film and television media have publicized the guns.

Don't pack all kinds of emotions of social dissatisfaction into the mother gun.

Besides, the female guns appearing on the film and television, which are positive images, are almost all slots and laughter, the actors are poor and unbearable, the mother’s unity, the mother’s norms, the mother’s custom-made factory, and the thick Makeup plus orchids, each of the sharp and drizzling is comparable to the East.

The symbolic conceptualized image is extremely ridiculous, and the mother’s external and artificial, the mother’s shocking and sorrowful. The image of each film and television is a single piece of paper, and several of them show their multifaceted angles.

Let's talk about who let them publicize, who is willing to come out with the role of the audience laughing.

Talk about the mother gun

I admit that I don't like the guns very much, but I know that there is a saying that is right - I don't agree with what you said, but I swear to defend your right to speak. Like, I don't like your mother, but I think your mother should not be criticized.

I know a lot of mother guns, and my roommate is one of them, really a real gun.

He can't talk without speaking, but as long as one move and one talk is completely exposed, the bones will be soft and soft without calcium, and they will talk unconsciously with various small movements. Going shopping with him, every time I can see the clerk snickering, the clerk doesn't have to talk, pointing each other with his hand, everyone knows what it means.

However, I know him, doing things in a down-to-earth manner, just living through life, peace and stability, family filial piety, derogatory to friends, the only difference between others is the mother, what is happening.

Is it difficult for you not to let him go out and not allow him to work? Is it difficult for you to kill him?

Please respect diversity

You don't know what they have experienced, you don't know what they are going through, you don't know what they want, then please don't just rate them.

All clouds are not in one shape, all flowers are not in one color, and all roads are not in one direction. Society itself is diverse, please respect multiculturalism.

I am chilling for today's society. I don't think that in today's highly developed world, there will be such a strong and unified voice. I will use stigma in the name of political correctness and cover up the essence of discrimination with a grand package. And there are so many large groups that are so easy to be shaken, and collective emotions are bursting out.

If you don't understand it, you will destroy it. If you don't meet your own values, you will smash it. If you don't understand it, you will do it... This kind of value is the most important thing to eliminate.

If a parent sees a "mother gun" with a child, I hope that his first sentence is not to say "children, don't be them" but to say "children, you must learn to respect."