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Oriental Yangshuo: How to ensure that the future life will continue to be alive? (Figure) - moral source


Source: Moral true source network "Xi Yang Xinyu Oriental Collection" section 163 Author: East Yang Xi

Some readers have written to ask:

Hello, Teacher Dong! I have been learning from the website for several years. An old lady in my neighbor is also a layman. I often print out the articles on the website for her to read. She is very convinced of your reason. She wants me to ask you a question: she As an old man who is nearly ancient and rare, and Fu Hui is shallow, it seems that there is no hope for this generation of Buddha, but she hopes that the future will still be able to turn into a person and continue to practice. She wants to ask you a way to ensure her reincarnation in the afterlife. Being a person, and not forgetting to practice, can still become a disciple of Sambo.

To tell the truth, in fact, this question is also what I want to ask. The Pure Land Emperor said that when he was at the end of his life, he would be the most insured, and there would be Buddhas to pick it up. Today, Tantric has a kind of "breaking the tile method." I don't know if you understand it. I have no idea about these two methods. I don't know if I can. Does it work? This matter is no more than the other. If it doesn't work, it will be difficult to recover. I hope you will be clear! Top gift!

As a practitioner of Mahayana Buddhism, if you do not complete the practice at the end of your life, you still can't look empty, and you can't grasp your own mind when you enter the middle Yin stage, then you will inevitably continue to flow in the cycle.

If you want to enter Nirvana after death, or to give birth to a higher place, and continue the practice of Dharma, you need to do the following exercises before you die:

First of all, to ensure that you have been pursuing the Ten Goodness during your lifetime, this is the key to avoiding pain, remorse, and fear at the end of your life, and the key to avoiding bad interests.

You must have unparalleled confidence in the correct concept of "the heart is the Buddha" , "the heart is the nirvana" , "but the heart is clean, that is, the West" , "everything is imaginary" , you enter Nirvana. The key point is to avoid being mistaken into the illusion, and to invest in the boundaries of desire, color, and colorlessness.

Before you die, you have to do the emotions of the world for your children, parents, husband and wife, the possessions of the individual, and the unfinished work. There is no such thing as a persistent attachment. Let yourself be as relaxed and happy as the burden. Enron's departure! So, when you take off this skin, it is also happy and free. If you die in pain, you will suffer painful results after death. Just as the Buddha said in "The Buddha said that there has never been a cause", "There is a hard report, a music and music report . " In order to ensure that you do this at the end of your life, you should let go of your family's attachment when you are alive, and give up all your belongings before you die. This is to avoid greed, break into hell, hungry ghosts, beasts, or again. The reincarnation of the birth to the key to your former family.

If you have a great respect for the Buddha and your Guru (good knowledge of virtue) during your lifetime, you will still have the opportunity to meet good knowledge in your afterlife. If you are suspicious of the Guru at the end of your life and have remorse for practicing Buddhism, you will inevitably fall into the bad habit after you die. Even if you are born into a human being, it will be difficult to have the opportunity to encounter Dharma and good knowledge. It is.

No matter what kind of situation you die, you can't forget the righteous thoughts at the end of your life. You must know that all the adversities you encounter are due to the karma of the past, so don't blame others, don't blame anyone and anything, even if you are shooting your enemies! In order to ensure that you do this at the end of your life, you should maintain forgiveness and fraternity when you are alive. This is the key to making sure you get liberated at the end of your life without breaking into bad habits.

You must have a refined practice before you die, and have a strong desire to be freed. This is the key to ensuring that you will be able to reincarnate after death and continue to practice Dharma. Because the continuity of mind is the birthplace of your afterlife. At the end of your life, if your heart can be integrated into the continuity of the Dharma, you will continue to hear and practice the Dharma in the afterlife. In order to ensure this, you should follow the great good knowledge in this life, if possible, follow him all the time, work with him in the great cause of the prosperity of the Fa, and dedicate himself to the Dharma. In this way, you will be blessed by the gods, you will be able to obtain great blessings in the afterlife, continue to practice the Dharma, and have many goodwill and believers.

Master Gambaba said: "If you can realize that you have no life, you don't have to change your life." Because the human body is not born, it has no reincarnation, and it really makes people reincarnate. It is the knowledge of God, that is, the greed of man. The Buddha said in "The Buddha said to see the seriousness": "It means that there is no past life, no gods, no one to follow, and there is also a way to go. Knowing that God has migrated, more parents, more new." Cloud: "Buddha tells disciples If the sputum is like a piece of raw meat, it will not be eaten when it is outdated, but it will be stinking and worms. If you want to make it into fresh meat, you can get it. The disciples say: Really, the meat is stinky, and you can’t make it fresh. Buddha’s words: life and death In this way, people in the world, the heart is sorrowful, the mouth is evil, the body is evil, the death is the change of God, the body of the prison, or the animal body, or the fish body, the dissident, not the same, the sin network If you don't recognize it, you can't reply to it. If you don't make it smelly, you can't make it more fresh." Most of today's Buddhist learners don't understand the reality of the laws, and they don't understand the essence of reincarnation. What, they are guided by the wrong theory and blindly practiced, and once these people lose their lives, the chance of reincarnation is extremely embarrassing.

If you can know the truth that "the heart is the Buddha" , "the Buddha is the mind, and the heart is the Buddha" , then you will recite the Buddha's name at the end of your life, which is useful for your self-cleanness and relief. . On the other hand, if you don't understand this truth, it seems that the name does not make any decisive effect on your afterlife except for the comfort and stability that you feel for a while! Because it is not the language and superficial thought that really determines the soul's direction, but the deep consciousness of the human being, that is, the human Alaya consciousness (subconscious). In other words, your inner attachments, obstacles, fears, and fears determine your place of birth. You can look back, is your heart clean when you are Buddhist? Have you done everything? Do you still read the Buddha number in your mouth, and you are thinking about and worrying about the interests of this life?

Everything that people see is the realization of the mind. At the end of life, depending on the karma and cause of the individual, there will be various scenes, and all of this is the lure of the devil and the birthplace of the afterlife. Buddha Cloud: "If you see me in color, ask me by voice, it is a devil's way, you can't see it." Cloud: "All things are vain." It is intended to keep people from clinging to anything, so that they can return. Go to Nirvana and get out of reincarnation. Because many Buddhist scholars believe in the temptations of evil sorcerers and evil laws, they are illusory and true. After they die, they can not only enter the so-called Western bliss world, but even the afterlife is extremely rare.

Tantric does have a "breaking tile method", but this method is only applicable to those who have been acquainted with the ambitions of their lives, who have practiced the great perfection in their lifetime, and who have not been relieved at the end of their lives. In other words, this method is not suitable for ordinary people and ordinary practitioners.

Through these reasons, you will know that your practice is not only the same as the law, but also requires lifelong practice to be able to grasp your own afterlife. Those who are exiled during their lifetime and who are procrastinating not to practice are entrusted to a mage, a religious group, a temple, a certain sinister salvation law, and a Buddha’s name. It is extremely sad. And stupid!

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