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The most complete "word of mouth marketing" method in history


Yesterday, I participated in the "100-day Internet Transformation Training Camp" of Shantou Business School. The lecturer Wang Xin, the former CEO of Kingsoft Internet Security, brought everyone to relive the "iron triangle" of Xiaomi's word-of-mouth marketing, which triggered my in-depth study of "word-of-mouth marketing". Passion. Many customers are also asking me how the word-of-mouth is generated, and many marketers tend to keep the word-of-mouth only in the sense. I firmly believe that to truly generate word-of-mouth, there must be a set of systematic methods as a support.

The importance of “Word of Mouth Marketing” to the importance of the business in the mobile era is unquestionable. First, although many companies spend millions of dollars on well-designed advertising campaigns, what really makes consumers determined is often simple and free. : Word of mouth recommendations from trusted sources. Second, the development of social media makes the effect of word-of-mouth communication more obvious than ever before, and the cost is lower. Obviously, word-of-mouth marketing is not a marketing act that can be done or worthy of doing, but a business that must be done well.

I carefully searched for the classic method of "word-of-mouth marketing" and sorted it out. I hope everyone can think more clearly before doing "word-of-mouth marketing."

First, what is "word of mouth"

This is the classification of "Word of Mouth" in the McKinsey Quarterly, which gives us some inspiration:

1. Empirical word of mouth: Empirical word of mouth is the most common and powerful form, and usually accounts for 50% to 80% of word-of-mouth activity in any given product category. It comes from the direct experience of consumers about a product or service, and is largely due to experience that deviates from consumer expectations.

Comment: This effect is the best, like three squirrels, Xiaomi is not an expert in this word of mouth. In the class, Teacher Wang Xin also talked about a hotel called “Mayor’s Home”. When the guests leave the store, the waiter will give a bottle of mineral water to the customer, which greatly exceeds the expectations of the customer’s letter. .

2, secondary word of mouth: marketing activities will also lead to word of mouth. The most common is what we call a secondary word of mouth – consumers directly feel the message that traditional marketing campaigns pass to them, or the word-of-mouth formed by the brand they promote. The impact of these messages on consumers is usually stronger than the direct impact of advertising, because the coverage and impact of marketing campaigns that lead to positive word-of-mouth communication will be relatively greater.

Comment: This is what we call the essence of continuing to do online and offline activities.

3. Conscious word-of-mouth: Another word of mouth that is not as common as the first two forms of word-of-mouth is conscious word-of-mouth—for example, marketers can use celebrity endorsements to create a positive atmosphere for product launches. There are a few companies that invest in conscious word of mouth, in part because the effects are difficult to measure. Many marketers are not convinced that they can successfully carry out conscious word of mouth promotion activities.

Comment: This is to use the big V to promote, but the power of the big V will become weaker, the price is higher, the communication is difficult, and the industry and vertical opinion leaders will grow stronger in the future.

Second, the "iron triangle" of word-of-mouth marketing

When it comes to "word-of-mouth marketing," many people like to talk about Xiaomi, and I also like Xiaomi's "iron triangle" model of word-of-mouth marketing.

1, good products, must be explosive models, products that can make users scream, before the earliest launch of Xiaomi mobile phone, its system MIUI has become a product that enthusiasts are rumored to have, which is the reputation of Xiaomi mobile phone in the industry. contribution. Moreover, Xiaomi's word of mouth has also taken a long time, at least for more than a year of accumulation, companies that want to form a word of mouth immediately should pay attention to it, and mourning is ultimately a mourning.

2, social media, Xiaomi do social marketing has four channels: Forum, Weibo, WeChat and QQ space. These four channels, Weibo and QQ space have strong media attributes, which are very suitable for word-of-mouth communication. WeChat is very hot now, the latest version of WeChat strengthens the function of WeChat group, and the ability to pass the word is improved. Xiaomi first made a forum, and more used it to precipitate old users. After depositing hundreds of thousands of core users through the forum, we began to spread the reputation of our products through Weibo, QQ space and other means. The forum has played a vital role in the development of Xiaomi.

It should be emphasized that offline activities have now become a very important social media . Xiaomi has fewer than a few activities in the country every year, and the word-of-mouth effect of offline activities is extremely important.

3. Making friends with users is the chain of word-of-mouth communication. The relationship between consumers and brands and products has gradually undergone subversive changes. It is no longer high and does not need to “give users down” but equal relations. . Many young people have chased an idol from the past, chasing a brand, and have become capable of participating in and creating a brand. This change is particularly evident in the period of the rise of the 90s.

Third, the communication mechanism of word-of-mouth marketing

This picture tells us at least some important aspects of word-of-mouth communication:

  1. Quality products and services are the basis of word of mouth. If you can't find out, you can only do marketing activities.

  2. Online and offline activities that enable users to have a good experience with quality products and services. Making positive user reviews In addition to a good user experience, the most important thing is to have a platform for publishing experience experiences and interactions between users.

  3. The key to the spread of network viruses, in addition to the foundations mentioned above, requires multi-community platform communication and guidance from opinion leaders.

Fourth, word of mouth marketing - 5T principle

This is the discussion in Andy-Sennowitz's book "Impressions". The booklet is very thin and expensive. Through the English letters starting with five T, a very clear word-of-mouth marketing analysis framework and steps are given.

1. Talkers talkers are the starting point for word-of-mouth marketing

The first is to consider who will actively talk about you? It is a fan, user, media, employee, supplier, and distributor of the product. This part involves people's problems and role settings. The current word-of-mouth marketing is often initiated by the role of product users, represented by product trials. In fact, if the product is placed in a slightly macro marketing environment, there are still many roles to become the starting point of word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, the establishment of corporate reputation of employees and distributors can not be ignored.

2. Topics give people a reason to talk

It is the product, price, appearance, activity, spokesperson, etc. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing is a process of hype and finding a topic. It is always necessary to find a reasonable and unexpected gimmick to make people, especially potential users, make irresponsible remarks. For the discovery of topics, there are already many tips in marketing textbooks, similar to 4P, 4C, 7S can be used as tools for analysis and discovery. The method of things that everyone can learn, the effect is the ability of the writer, the level of storytelling.

3. How can tools help information spread faster?

Website ads, virus mail, blogs, bbs, etc. Network marketing gives people the most technical content in this part. It not only needs to have a comprehensive grasp of the communication characteristics of different channels, but also the experience of advertising has a great influence on the selection of tools and the evaluation of effects. In addition, the monitoring of information is also an important link. From the earliest website visits to the analysis of the situation, to the rise of public opinion monitoring, the value of word-of-mouth marketing needs more and more quantitative data support.

4. Participation in the "TakingPart" book refers to "participation in the discussion of topics of concern"

That is to encourage enterprises to actively participate in the discussion of hot topics. In fact, the topic is never scarce in the network. The key is how to find the contact point that is compatible with product value and corporate philosophy, that is, contact point communication. Just like the Wenchuan disaster relief incident this year, Wang Shi and Wang Laoji are both participants in the word-of-mouth event, but the result is the opposite.

5. Tracking How to find comments and find customers' voices?

This is an after-the-fact monitoring process, and many companies and software are now offering services in this area. I believe that with these tools, it is easy to find some feedback and opinions. But more importantly, what do you do if you know people are talking about you or they are ready to talk about you right away? Participate in their topic discussion? Still trying to lead the discussion? Or ignore it?

Five, a few classic ways to generate word of mouth marketing:

1. Free sample.

Everyone loves free stuff, and the sample is a good way that companies can use to get customers to try out the product before buying. When customers like what you offer, especially consumer, food, health and beauty products, and other consumer products, they will not hesitate to tell their family and friends.

2, partnership

Forming a strategic alliance is one of the best ways to build your small business. For example, if you have a computer training company, you can form an alliance with a computer repair company. Look for partners who have entered the market you want to enter. If you can work with a company that already serves in your target market, customers naturally trust these trusted recommendations.

3. Beyond imagination.

The way people talk about you in a good way, the way to never fail is beyond imagination. If your customer expects to receive their order within 7 days, give an upgrade surprise and hand it in within three days. When your customer's online order exceeds a certain number, send him a free gift. Brainstorm with your team and come up with ideas that will give your customers awesome material.

4, seeking testimony

Turn your happy client into a sales team that doesn't have to pay. After successfully delivering your product or service, invite the customer to give you a testimony. The best testimony is video, so you can share it on your website, on social media, and even in your ads. Make sure you give the customer a way to give you a testimonial on your business website. Make sure you get permission to use the words and use them in different channels.

5. Share customer stories

People don't want to hear about your business, they want to know how you solve their problems. Learn the results for your customers and tell their stories. For example, weight-loss companies often use photos before and after customers who already have good results. You can use the same approach to show how your service can make a difference in the lives of others. Show photos before and after your service, or show how your products provide tangible results.

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