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Zhang Yilin Gao Jianwen recorded 6


If Bai Siwen’s remarks were heard by a poor and sour show of reading and reading, most of them would be denounced by the other party for “seeing forgiveness and forgetting the righteousness”, but Zhang Wei’s performance was as good as water.

As a true Confucian elite who was hoped by his father and would inherit his family business, Zhang Wei learned a lot from the words and deeds of his father and the elders in addition to the Confucian classics used to maintain social order and brainwash the lower classes of the society. The thick black power of "not enough for outsiders."

For example, for the Liaodong War situation, when his father and Donglin’s predecessors were at a party banquet, he heard at the wine table: “We have always thought that today’s holy and sacred martial arts, sooner or later, can build a state-defense rebellion and recover the Liaodong, but this snoring place The food needed, the guilty of your own guilt and the business of the Northern Territory, how can you spend all your money, can you not spend the money of the national treasury? Let’s take a step back and say, even if the money of the national treasury is spent, can you not add it? According to these predecessors, in the history of China, the barbarians in the north rarely go south. Even if they occasionally hit the south, they often fail to retreat quickly. Even if they were the Yuan army, they did not harm the south (relative to China). In the case of the North, whether it is a slave or a hooligan, the northerners are the scourge, and what are the southerners? Why should we pay for it in vain? Can anyone who wants to fight and who pays?

Not only the Liaoyu issue, but also the problems of the imperial examinations and the ruling party also made Zhang Hao’s predecessors very dissatisfied. In the Ming Dynasty, the tax revenue of Jiangsu and Zhejiang accounted for about 35% of the national tax revenue, and the tax contribution to the central government of Daming was more than 2/3. However, Daming did not preferentially favor South Zhili and Zhejiang in political aspects such as the imperial examinations, but instead limited the number of places admitted. According to Zhang Wei’s speech at the wine table, we have given the Zhu family so much filial piety to the Nanzhi Liren and the Zhejiang people. Even if you don’t vote for the Taobao, even if you limit the admission quota, Jiangnan’s style is prosperous, and we are admitted to the imperial court. Still occupying half of the country, the most annoying thing is that we don’t reuse our gentlemen with both virtues and talents. It’s really unbearable to be close to people who have no culture, no eggs, and those who are swearing and swearing. .

After the "Five Tombstones" incident, Zhang Wei and Zhang Wei were privately gathered together. The drunken Zhang Huan told him nakedly that most of the people who have read the book have been defended, so they must fight against it. The party must use a stupid person. For those stupid people, they must never tell the truth to them. They must use hypnotic forms to hypnotize them and make them feel that they are doing the right thing.

Therefore, Zhang Yan, who is experienced in society, has long understood that the so-called "gentleman" is just full of morality and morality. He himself is not a bird of legend, and he is a bird of life. He is a life of indulgent, unrelenting, and indifferent to fame and fortune. He is not interested in being an official, so he will not blame Bai Siwen now. what.

On the contrary, from Bai Siwen's words, he found another message that could touch him. He was about to open his mouth and ask, but he saw Bai Siwen stand up and shouted to the door, "Chao the cabinet, here!" Then he turned and followed Zhang Wei. Said, "Shi Gongxiong, lost to accompany, I have a pen business to talk about now, let the Yangyi checkout after the talk, this meal will not cost you, and it is my request, to bring you to the high wind to wash the dust. ”

At this time, Quark poor also smiled and went to Bai Siwen. It turned out that Bai Siwen appeared in this western restaurant not simply to eat, drink, and play, but to listen to his father’s instructions to talk to British businessmen about tea business.

After more than an hour, Quark’s poor checkout left, Bai Siwen said to Zhang Wei, who was always on the sidelines: “Shi Gongxiong, although the Australians are strict and strange, but they are careful, no problem. In the afternoon, I am Take you to Lingao, there are still a lot of fun places here, especially the Australian secret drama and the Ziming Tower. I live in my house at night, let me do my best."