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Pediatric accumulation ~ pediatric massage foundation diagram


Accumulating food refers to a disease of Chinese medicine, mainly refers to gastrointestinal disorders that are caused by excessive eating in children, damage to the spleen and stomach, and coke in food. The main symptoms are abdominal fullness, dry stool or sour odor, sagittal skunk, bloating fever, suffocating acid rot.

Pediatric food is a condition that most children will encounter. This happens when you add food supplements after four months, when you encounter something you like to eat, or when adults are feeding indiscriminately. Therefore, I will share with you the pediatric massage for the food, which is as follows:

First, the Qingmen door, the position of the following figure is appropriate, but the general digestion is from the wrist transverse line to the direction of the thumb or left and right at the midpoint position (when the diarrhea is stopped, it is pushed from the finger to the direction of the wrist, not It is recommended to push back and forth). Push one or two hundred times.

Second, the spleen, the spleen is located in the thumb thread facing the right rotation to make up, spleen can enhance the spleen and stomach transport function, the transport function is good, the accumulation of the medium coke will be less.

Third, clear the large intestine, on the side of the index finger, from the finger to the direction of the fingertips to push clear. Give a stagnation to the road, evil is going to self-security.

Fourth, 掐揉 four slits, we know that children have accumulated food and have four methods, the effect is very good. However, many children are more afraid of needles, so use the sputum method (to refer to the needle), but after the sputum must be added. 掐 about 12 times.

Fifth, the operation of the Eight Diagrams, from the beginning of the shackles, has the role of qi, smooth and easy to accumulate. 48 times.

Six, rubbing belly, clockwise to eliminate food, two to five minutes.

Seven, the Chinese, more than two hundred times.

Eight, Tianshu, more than one hundred and two times.

Nine, Zusanli, the stomach through the lower points, conditioning the indispensable points in the spleen and stomach. More than two hundred and three hundred.

Ten, chiropractic, because the dirty back of the Shu point is on the first side of the back bladder, so the chiropractic can not only digest food can also regulate the systemic disease.

The above is the basic prescription for me to regulate the accumulation of food for children. It is also the ten-factory supplement for spleen and stomach conditioning in children. If the child's belly is swollen, I usually add the soil to the water and the abdomen (the effect is really strong, there is a high person to cure the body's disease). With the fever, I added the Tianhe water, and the number of clearings on the basic side increased. Pediatric massage is the first choice for children to accumulate food. It is more effective than various anti-drugs and is safe and effective. This side is often used in clinical trials and is not good, and is now shared with everyone.

Pictures from the network, Author: Cheng Zhen days