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What else is Cambodia besides Angkor Wat? This hotel sells 600 too cheap.



Speaking of Cambodia, the world will think of the Khmer smile in Angkor Wat.

We are also from Siem Reap after Ho Chi Minh went to Phnom Penh. Visit the legendary floating village and Angkor Wat.

The only feeling is the heat, but there is not much interest.

Then I set off for the last stop of the trip -


We only arranged one day in the city.

To experience it -

Independence hotel resort & spa

The Chinese name of the hotel is called "Independent Hotel".

We booked a standard bed room for 600/night.

If there are many people, you can set a villa suite of 1000-3000/night.

When Jacqueline Kennedy visited Cambodia in 67 years, he lived here in Westport.

The most convenient place here is the infinity pool.

It is a pity that the day we arrived there was a whole day of rain, and there was no expectation at all.

But in the simple thought of "coming here," we started the shooting plan.

I have to say that the efficiency of this shooting is so high that we are all scared.

A total of 6 different styles of photos were taken before and after.

Next, I will give you a review of our operations.

Check in

After checking in, we first surveyed the exterior of the hotel along the way. Consider while walking:

1 Where can I shoot?

2 Where to give up.

3 Which ones need to be taken first.

4 Where is the light to be lit.

5 Where else can you try to explore?

Only by solving these problems can the whole idea be organized.

#1 Pajamas & Reefs 5:00 pm

After the rainstorm, we started shooting the first set of photos.

Although there was still light rain at this time, it was no problem.

We first went to a reef area that needed to climb to reach.

Here our positioning is the dark tone of natural light.

After some regular shooting, the climb proposed to shoot between the reefs.

At first I refused.

"My Chen Long is not taking pictures, deleting the pictures, and will not let you go!"


"It's incense!

Although I am afraid that she is injured, but seeing her go down is all right, the courage is gradually getting bigger.

However, I always feel that I can't take risks at the expense of safety for taking pictures.

Such a film does not shoot without taking a picture.

#2大婚纱7:20 pm

After the first group was taken, we went back to the room and changed into a big wedding dress.

This set of photos is positioned as a classic wedding dress.

Therefore, we only plan to shoot in a place where it is convenient to walk.

Still using the B2 + 1/2 -1/2 CTO + powerful reflector.

After the sun completely went down, we started shooting the second set of photos.

In the first half of this set of photos, we chose to take the pool path as a view.

Through this combination of elegant posture, you can take a very formal photo.

7:40 pm

After sunset, the light decays very quickly. After a while, the ambient light was three times lower than the original.

In this way, the blue color of the distant background will be saturated, which enhances the contrast between cold and warm.

This is also a typical routine for many islands to shoot wedding dresses.

Although the ambient light becomes darker, the focus becomes more difficult.

But also to my favorite link -

Rear curtain sync + slow door

Then I turned on the modeling light and slowly lowered the shutter to replenish the light of the entire environment.

#3 Abstract Human Body 8:12 pm

After the wedding dress was wet, I went back to the room and took a shower.

Although it has been more than 8 o'clock, but the two of us do not feel hungry, they simply continue to shoot.

Using frosted glass, I plan to shoot a group of abstract human bodies.

I put the B2 in the bathroom and used a backlight to add brightness to the picture.

Then adjust the white balance to the bluest.

#4 情私房8:35 pm

As the last set of photos of the day, we took a group of private rooms that we could relax in the bathtub.

The whole environment is still very narrow. So I replaced it between 24mm and 50mm lenses.

And put a light in the room.

Then pull down the curtain of the bathroom, leave a gap of about 30cm, and stick the paper towel with the electrical glue that was brought in advance.

This only takes a few minutes, and you can diy out a strip of softbox out of the box.

As a result, the light becomes softer, and the messy hair does not make an ugly shadow on the face.

Second, slightly increase the light ratio, and the side backlight can outline the line.

Three will not take the messy environment in the room.

Three things in one fell swoop.

#5 Don't play anymore! 11:20 am

Because the day before was too tired, we started late the next day.

It has been more than 10 o'clock after breakfast.

We decided to go to the pool with a little rain and play for a while, so we got the photo at the beginning of the article.

But playing and playing only found that it has been more than 11 o'clock, and we have to check out at 12 o'clock, it will not make up, and directly go to the uninhabited reef area with Su Yan to continue taking pictures.

Here is a light trick.

In the photo, I shot it to the south. According to the truth, this time is backlit.

But because the light is blocked by the villa and the trees, we are in the shadows.

When the clouds in the sky diffuse the light, the light comes from the north.

Therefore, in addition to finding the direction of the sun, the use of light requires local conditions and analysis of light in light of actual conditions.

#6 Long-lost outdoor human body 11:37 pm

It wasn’t until I read this guide to see the shooting time, I realized how much we were at the time.

Just now we said that we took the white swimsuit, and after 7 or 8 minutes, we decided to find a corner that could not be seen in the distant beach.

The idea must be, we will act quickly.

Considering that the light is getting higher and higher, it is basically the top light. I let the climber lie down.

Although the usual top light is very difficult to shoot. But it is very easy for the human body.

Turn black and white in the later stage, adjust the exposure for each area, and control the tone.

There will be time in the future to analyze black and white photography in detail. It is not here for the time being.

So we shot for 5 minutes before and after, then ran back to check out, then went to the dock to catch the speedboat.

In the next issue, I will introduce you to the good place to stay in the island of Sihanoukville - Gaolong Salang Island.