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The bigger the eye, the less reluctant, the bigger the pattern, the lower the head #08


Talk about Kris's American list, but Wu Yifan's fans are too easy to lead, just talk about it in this trumpet.

People who have been in contact with Wu Yifan's studio, but everyone knows that working is just for a child's salary, working, is to stand up for the interests of the team, so no one will be stupid to say "your music really needs to be improved", and will say "They don't know the goods." Over time, people will be proud, and people will be blind.

The authorities are fascinated. Human nature, especially if a person does not have the ability to resist blindness, and is not strong enough to be unwilling, this is the "warm boiled frog" that the Chinese class is stratified and hardened without knowing it. The logic behind it.

Of course, I don't mean that American music is going anywhere. Every country has a music circle in every country. Although there are many similarities, there are certainly many differences.

Music, games, movies, TV series, including novels, are all the same, all in a state of seeking common ground while reserving differences.

But you can't move the online gameplay of China's set of brushing data directly to the music industry. At the very least, you can go to the same Internet industry in foreign countries.

You see, so many mobile games that go out to sea, the data brush is flying, so no one cares, but the effect is not bad. So sometimes you can't do too hard to think about things, and feel that if you get all the way, it will go wrong.

Having said that, what kind of creature does this kind of creature rely on to “self-improve”?

It is definitely not the data that is brushed out, nor is it simply surrounded by compliments.

It is the vision and the pattern.

It’s not the so-called promotion that brings the horizon, and often more often, it’s the vision that brings improvement.

So most people's efforts are not to be promoted. Because the effort did not improve my own vision and pattern, they were all spinning at the foot of the low mountain. Every day, they ran a hundred laps at the foot of the mountain and exhausted themselves, telling me that I worked hard.

So how can we improve? It is often that you have a certain vision and pattern, you will really know how to practice the direction of your efforts.

So why is the class solidified? The eyes and patterns of the people are given by the parents, given by the relatives, by the family, and by all the class fortresses in the process of growth.

On this basis, efforts can give you a boost.

Then start a cycle, the harder you work, the faster you can improve, and then you will have a bigger vision and pattern on the shoulders of your parents. Once a person's vision and pattern have reached a certain level, he will become more and more humble. Because you will see more gameplay and levels that you have not seen, these will make you unwilling.

A person who is not willing to do so must be bowed. Never feel omnipotent about arrogance.

Two children, one is very smart and the other is not smart.

The first child will have an Olympiad question early in his childhood, but his parents don't know how to use these things. They also think that it is not meaningful to spend money, and then they have missed the stocking. If the child does not encounter a noble person in the process of growing up, or if he takes a wrong step, he will basically enter the society and give it to the template of the captivity when he grows up. That is work, repaying the loan, giving birth to the baby, and everyone is alone. .

A child who is not smart, but the parents have a good thinking and a high pattern, they will not limit their children to compulsory education. The Olympiad competition is a plus for the college entrance examination. Even if you don't add points, the cultivation of the underlying thinking is good. After finally going abroad to study, choose the career you want to do. How many noble people help in this process, I am afraid there will be no less than 10. Every chat will let the children know the world is big, and they will continue to struggle more humblely.

So I said before, as long as it is a peaceful era, class solidification will become more and more serious, and human nature will. The worse the person, the easier it is to be complacent, unable to find a direction, and feel free to be pragmatic. The better the person, the easier it is to be humble and to work diligently in one direction. The stronger the stronger.

Therefore, the children of ordinary people must cherish the opportunity to chat with people with larger patterns, and you will find that they may be humbler than you. The more people with big patterns, the easier it is for you to consult with him. These are really the most valuable things in a person's 30 years of life, but many people just don't understand it. It's better to talk about running for hours.

The gap between people and people has been opened early.

But then again, Kris has experienced a lot of vision and gameplay (at least in his studio or his family). Sometimes it is sad to think about those people who don’t eat enough books every day and don’t read books. They are crazy like stars every day. A road that is walking on higher and higher levels, one that wastes all counterattacks at the same time.

Of course, I mean those who are really wasting opportunities, and those who can struggle and chase stars are not there. These people are understandable. Because I still chased the stars when I was young.

Brokers, advertising contracts, film and television drama bureaus, traffic gameplay, creation, public opinion, performing arts and politics, red close, company equity replacement, these, I am afraid that those who have been chasing stars for a lifetime, can not see this life.

Besides, the ordinary parents see that the children are crazy every day and they are not chasing after the stars. At best, they can only say "Don't make trouble? Go to write homework", the child should look like this.

What if there are parents with an eye? I will repeat the above gameplay. Once a child sees a bigger picture, he will naturally change his mind.

The bigger the eye, the less willing you will be willing. The bigger the pattern, the lower the head. I hope everyone can bow their heads for the rest of their lives. me too.

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