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Learn to skateboard in 1 minute, 10 new products not to be missed in the 3rd week of July | NEXT Weekly


Every Monday, NEXT will take stock of 10 new Internet products that you can't miss last week. Want to discover, share new products, and discover the new products of the Internet. Welcome to 36氪NEXT .

Last week, more than 260 new domestic and international Internet products were launched on the 36氪NEXT. More than 60 entrepreneurs submitted their own new products on NEXT to see the 10 new products that should not be missed last week. Product rankings are in no particular order.


In addition to electric cars and balance cars, cool skateboards are also a good choice for urban short-distance travel. "STARY" is a lightweight electric skateboard that allows you to learn to drive it in a minute.

STARY lets you get started quickly with a Bluetooth remote and adjustable speed. You just need to go to the skateboard. The STARY weighs only 3.9KG, and the battery can last up to 15km in 2 hours and has a top speed of 30KM/H. STARY is no different in appearance from ordinary skateboards. All the power and drive systems are stuffed inside the skateboard. Compared with the one-wheeled electric and balance car with a sense of technology, STARY just wants to be the majority. The travel tool used.

2. thirty-nine articles |iOS/Android

There are many forms of charity, and "Thirty-nine" attempts to use charitable words for charity.

Thirty-nine articles in each issue will consist of 19 different celebrities + 19 contributors + 39 team members composed of 39 authors to write exclusive text content, which will be sold through app and physical monthly magazines. The price of each publication is HK$8, 40% of the revenue will be donated to the charity team, 30% will be used as a writer's fee and 30% will be used as project operating expenses. Up to now, there have been more than 200 celebrities involved, including stars such as Fang Wenshan and Liu Yan. Thirty-nine articles hope to use this kind of text and share the benefits to call on the community to continue to do good.

3. Go to 呼呼 |iOS/Android

Mobile phone replacement card and key is the trend of the times, throwing away all kinds of concepts and imagination, "going to call" can bring the smart housing experience to your hands.

Airbnb+Homeaway-style listings can be booked on the go, including hotel-style apartments, holiday apartments, villas, homestays, and youth travel. The characteristic of going to scream is that he has done a complete coherence of the user experience from online to offline. By calling the smart housekeeper platform, when you book a room on the client, the call will immediately generate a password to lock the room. And you only need to pass this string of passwords to bypass the landlord and the front desk to use the room directly. If you are a landlord, you can save trouble managing your home by going to the smart housekeeping platform.

4. iDareX dare to play

When you see the fun and exciting outdoor sports through the video, you can experience the exciting projects directly through “iDareX Dare”.

iDareX dare to play has evolved into a cool play activity platform by the cool play sports vertical video community. In addition to watching cool video on iDareX, you can also directly schedule the project on the platform to participate in the offline and participate in those who look very exciting. The event, iDareX can provide 20 activities per week for users to choose, if you love to play, you can also record your own video of the thrilling project to iDareX.

5. See the trick | iOS / Android

Graduating a job near graduation will be an annoying thing for fresh graduates. In addition to sending a resume to countless recruitment websites and job fairs under the running line, you can also choose to use "see the trick" to meet a good job. .

Most of the positions in the recruiting are the full-time and internship work of the Internet. Seeing that there is no resume concept, the job seeker simply sets up his own answers for several questions and labels himself with precise ability. Seeing the recruit will send the job search intention to the appropriate position according to the personal information intelligence. The job seeker can see the whole process of the reviewed, reserved, and invited interviews, no need to worry about the interview. Seeing the cooperation and cooperation with high-quality universities and famous enterprises, the output and transportation of talents are guaranteed, and the freshmen can also solve their employment needs faster by seeing this channel.

6. Loopify | iOS

Keeping the habit of writing a diary every day, it will always be rewarding to look back and reflect on it after a while. If you are faced with the trouble of writing a diary but not knowing what to write, the answer and answer method of "Loopify" should be Can help you continue the habit of writing a diary.

Loopify is an app that combines question-and-answer diaries and social features. It takes only a few minutes a day to answer questions raised on Loopify and you can easily complete your diary. The answers you write can also be shared with users from all over the world, expanding your horizons and thinking through the answers of different people on the same question. Loopify will provide you with different answers to the same question for you to witness the life course and changes of yourself and others. Keep a record to see your changes and growth, and don't let the memorable pieces of your life pass over time. This is the original intention that Loopify wants to bring to you.

7. IdeeBank

When we were young, we all said to be inventors, but apart from the idea, we lacked a platform for practice and ideas. "IdeeBank" can achieve a full-closed creative incubation, allowing an idea to come out from 0 to 1.

IdeeBank is an intelligent hardware product creation and inspiration incubator consisting of inspiration submitters, review teams, project teams (including various designers and engineers, project managers, etc.), supply chain, channels and marketing teams. You can throw any brainstorming ideas on IdeeBank, and each idea will be evaluated by the review team to see if a real product can be achieved. If the review is passed, IdeeBank will arrange every process from design production to sales realization. All project participants will get a certain share of product sales, and even the author who shoots his brain will get about 5%. Divided into.

8. Image2icon | OS X

Looked at the folder icon style on the Mac, you can freely customize your favorite folder icon style through "Image2icon".

Image2icon can be said to be an icon generator, which provides a variety of icon styles, and by dragging folder icons and custom images, you can change the custom folder style of Mac to the folder icon, Image2icon It also provides support for fine-tuning the size and position of custom styles. It also supports exporting custom icon styles to the iOS/Android native icon style, if you are a developer who might use it.


It took humans nearly ten years to see Pluto, and you can't experience Star Trek in person. You can experience a StarCraft roaming tour in the browser through "".

LightYear FM is a music station that recommends different songs according to the distance between the universe and the earth, that is, different light years. With the click of the button, the space journey will start, you will keep away from the earth, and the stars in the interstellar will continue. The distance from you, the music played by the radio will continue to change with the change of the light years. The farther away the songs will be heard, the longer it will be until the last radio will only make a loud noise.

10. GigJam

The power of Office is bloated for users at some point. At WPC2015, Microsoft demonstrated the lightweight collaborative office software "GigJam" for the post-Office era.

Unlike Office, which focuses on PC desktops, GigJam is designed to help collaborative teams achieve cross-device and cross-application collaboration. GigJam looks like a screen-sharing app that makes it easier to assign tasks so that every member of the team can receive and complete tasks faster and better. Office, which has been successful in the desktop era, is now facing a huge test. People use their smartphones at high frequency and use them as the main equipment in their work. Therefore, Microsoft's launch of GigJam actually stipulates that companies must provide enterprises with a lightweight, mobile-based collaboration. But it will take another few months to use GigJam.

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