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"Medical Beauty" Skin Care: My Natural Beauty Program


I heard that girls after 00 have begun to pay attention to skin care problems, and have frequently planted various skin care essences and base fluids. They have been eager for various oral whitening pills and anti-sugar pills, and even started to buy cleansing instruments and beauty instruments. People have the illusion that the skin is like the land to be reclaimed.

After all, the first batch of 00 is an adult, and after 90, 80, 70, not to mention, the world of adults is about efficiency.

If the skin is naturally not very good, and you want to raise your skin through the day after tomorrow, is there anything else besides being medically beautiful? Is there any scientific method that naturally becomes beautiful?

If you want the skin to improve naturally more efficiently, you want the skin care essence to work. If you want to improve the appearance of rough recovery, cleaning is the first thing to do.

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"Medical-American" cleaning: the first step in scientific skin care

As the first protective layer of the human body, the skin is undergoing efficient metabolism every day.

The essence of cleansing is the process of eluting aging keratin (dead skin), dirt on the skin surface, and reducing skin vitality.

Keratinocytes, which are produced from the basal layer of the skin, gradually move toward the outermost layer of the skin for a total of 28 days.

In other words, the time each skin completes a full rotation is 28 days.

During these 28 days, cells appear and grow from the inside of the skin (basal layer), participate in the metabolism of the skin, and provide support for the skin until it gradually moves to the outermost part of the skin (the stratum corneum), becoming aging cells and falling off.

Every day, new cells appear and grow, so that the skin can maintain a steady stream of vitality. This means that every day, when we wash our face, we will say goodbye to some aging cells that become horny.

The alternation of old and new is the unchanging law in nature.

If the cleaning process can be done: properly arrange the aging horny without harming the newborn skin, it can be called "medical beauty" cleaning.

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Buddhist girls generally flush their skin with clean water, even if they wash their faces, the combat department girls are facial cleanser, cleansing oil, cleansing instrument, scrub, and a daily set of procedures can be done.

But in fact, these two ways of washing face are not promoted.

One result may be that oil and keratin are not cleaned and excessively accumulated, which affects the skin's metabolic rate, leading to pore blockage and acne acne. It also creates obstacles to the absorption of skin care products and essences; another possibility Causes excessive cleaning, causing some cells that have not yet become aging horny, also washed away or the scrub is "grinded". As a result, the skin becomes thin and sensitive, and it can not be tolerated with a little stimulation, even changing skin care products. There is a tingling sensation, and the skin may even be overwhelmed and become "nervous", and sensitive symptoms come.

If you want to clean your skin, you have to keep up with the "rhythm" of the skin. It is not too slow or too fast.

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The cleanliness of "medical beauty" should be consistent with the rhythm of the skin. It does not drag the water, ensuring efficient cleaning of the skin surface and aging keratin, while it is gentle and non-irritating, such as spring rain.

How to clean in order to be consistent with the metabolic rhythm of the skin?

l Clean once in the morning and evening;

l The water temperature changes with the season to avoid overheating or too cold;

l dry skin avoids the use of degreased cleaning products (soap, soap-based facial cleanser);

l All types of skin should avoid strong friction;

l The face towel should be separated from the body towel. It should be cleaned regularly to avoid residual bacteria. If the towel is no longer soft, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid irritating the skin.

l Cleansing action is gentle, ensuring that cleansing products such as facial cleanser and cleansing oil are in full contact with the skin;

l Rinse clean to avoid residue of cleaning products

In this way, the skin will not be washed clean, there will be excess keratin accumulation, and it will not be washed too clean, weak and fragile, natural and healthy, able to withstand most external stimuli, and skin care products can be better. The land plays a "blessing" role.

Have you discovered that these rules are actually "gentle clean, avoid irritation and friction, avoid residue and pollution".

The traditional face towel is no longer soft for a long time, the texture becomes rough, it will rub or stimulate the delicate face, and more importantly, the environment such as the bathroom washroom is damp, even if the towel is cleaned regularly, it also faces the problem of microbial growth such as bacteria. And even induce skin inflammation; and ordinary cleansing towels, perhaps the process itself is bleached and other processes, residual harmful chemicals irritate the skin...

To clean your skin, you need a cleaning tool that can handle any of the above scenarios.


l It is made of 100% cotton, and only uses the first cotton, no recycling cotton, more peace of mind;

l It is only pressed by physical processing, without chemical bleaching, more natural;

l It is a daily cleansing cotton, which does not cause bacterial problems and is more sanitary;

l It can be used for both wet and dry, can replace towels, makeup remover cotton, mask paper, and the use of various scenes is more convenient.

This kind of friendly little cute is the new cotton white cotton towel towel!

Whether it is daily at home, travel or travel, all kinds of scenes are used.

Ordinary cleaning, you can use it, after dampening the water, can not afford the ball, do not float, touch the cotton is thick and soft, gently wipe the parts that need to be cleaned;

Daily cleansing, you can use it, facial cleanser to foam, or after the makeup remover is wet, use a light facial makeup, give the cleaning products a little contact with the skin, and then gently wipe, you can remove the daily makeup;

If you are traveling, you can use it. After exposure to the sun, even if you use cold water to moisten it, it can soothe the skin and cool down quickly.

Wet mask, you can use it, apply enough essence, softer than ordinary mask paper.

The soft body contains enormous energy. The weight of each cotton towel is about 5 weights of high-quality cotton.

Want to wash out good skin for 28 days? With the right cleansing concept, gentle cleaning products, easy-to-use cleaning tools, and scientific skin care techniques, you can restore a healthy skin like a girl with no need to spend too much effort. Exaggeratedly, it is not difficult to experience a new look of "medical beauty" through a small cotton towel. Come join the new cotton white cotton towel to join the natural beauty plan.