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What is Mi Meng?

Mi Meng is an export of social pressure.

From the beginning of the topic, Mi Meng’s article is exposed to the eyes of every person who is directly or indirectly pushed by the attitude of venting the exit.

To the deaf person: Why do I like your article? Why can't I swear you in the comment area? Why do I know the title?

The topic is the vent point of her article core. The venting point has nothing to do with right and wrong, has nothing to do with the high level, and has nothing to do with the three views. It is important to find a breakthrough, smash some people, and then cater to another. The person she caters to can use her article to vent her grievances on weekdays. This is the point. In fact, often see her article will know, in fact, the part of people who are catered to, after a few days, may become a beggar.

"Who are you?" "I will marry you."


Mi Meng’s article, as a vent of society, is also a routine. The most common routine is an example. A good friend of mine, he is more thorough about Mi Meng. When he was in high school, he went to the United States to study and read the journalism department of a certain rattan school. Later, he worked with Ogilvy & Mather in the New York Times for three years. He told me that Mi Meng’s article is that there must be at least one example of a person around her, such as her old colleague, her company’s intern, and the nephew of her neighbor’s second grandfather’s house. There are people around, there are stories, there is a sense of substitution. Trust will double when you read it.


My university roommate is quite vocal about Mi Meng. He said that Mi Mi is so stupid. It is too extreme to judge a person through several actions. And she must have never done the act criticized by Mi Meng? Not necessarily, of course, she may classify certain behaviors as young and arrogant, and it is like a sudden abruptness...just like some people will do something wrong, they will return the reason to Snowflake, Qingdao, etc. the next morning. The brewery... summed up, the vent is generally dirty... dirty.

When I first wrote it here, Mi Meng pushed an article and said that she had a problem with her body. I hope she can get better soon.

When the society vented its exports, she also hoped she could unload some pressure.

good luck.

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