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Rectify a fart, the bankruptcy closed down, the gun smashed


The longevity creature issued an announcement, and it can be seen that there is a strong desire for survival, especially this one:

Comment: If the apology is useful, what else should the police do?

The murderer said, "This time I killed the mistake, I won’t kill it next time." Can it be offended?

If you really have a little conscience, you can’t make such a devastating thing at the beginning, and you won’t let the millions of poisonous vaccines flow into the market again and again after the vaccine is out of trouble. If you can't escape, don't let the cat cry again. If you want to "make one go against the third", does it mean that you have to change your work and cut corners?

In addition, on behalf of the people, I refused to carry out any rectification. I suggest that the relevant departments immediately seize all the factories involved in the vaccine case, freeze the bank accounts of the enterprises involved, and do not let the longevity organisms be replaced by any evidence, and prevent and control all the persons involved in the case. , limit the exit, do not let go of any suspect.

After the case investigation is clearly sinned, it is recommended that the TV broadcast destroy all unqualified vaccines, liquidate all assets of the enterprises involved in the case and publicly auction them, and the proceeds will be used to compensate the victims.

In the final execution of the death penalty, they can first inject their own rabies vaccine into the death penalty, and then implement the dog's decision.

The latest news, the State Food and Drug Administration has filed a investigation into Changsheng Biological:

I just want to say to a few suspects:

Standing in place, there is a kind of running, I am not finished with you.


Responding to "Fan Bingbing" in the background of the public number "Huang Tai Chi in New York" can see an article I am being harmonized:

"Criminal Fan Bingbing"