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Yu Minhong: I have read 800 books in 4 years. What about you?



Recently I saw a WeChat circle of friends from a young entrepreneurial friend:

Participate in a book club, the host let everyone line up according to the number of readings in 2017. A small number of stations to the left, a large number of stations to the right. The friend stood on the far right and said, " I read about 60 books last year. " The scene was amazed and envious.

I am very touched when I read this story.

My friend, while doing business in his own training school, while studying, writing, charging in his spare time, often sees her taking photos of her fitness in the circle of friends.

Entrepreneurs, never idlers. She can take so much time to read a book while she is at work. 60 books a year, that is 5 books a month, almost a book a week. Then the question is coming:

Reading a book a week, is this reading high?

The reading club is a circle of folk scholars. The participants are completely out of interest, so the friends who really love to read are gathered.

In the eyes of such a group of books, reading 60 books a year is already a very large reading. It is conceivable that other people who do not study, I am afraid that one year and six books can not be read.

Then ordinary office workers read a book every week in their spare time, which is indeed a good transcript.

But I also saw Douban, knowing that there are a lot of reading madmen. Reading is just like eating and sleeping. Reading a book every day is not a rare thing.

When Yu Minhong studied at Peking University, he read more than 800 books in 4 years, with an average of more than 200 books per year.
Li Xinpin, a well-known Taiwanese advertiser, reads at least one book a day, and sometimes can read four or five books.

You may be curious, how many people are reading so fast, how much do you see it? I believe that they don't just watch fast, they also look good.

Reading is like this. The more you look, the faster you can digest. The faster you digest, the more you become addicted to reading. For a person who loves to read, reading a book in one day is not a rare thing.

Because of a lot of books, as long as they selectively look at what they need, most of the knowledge, they already understand, naturally do not need to take the time to digest.


You might say that compared to these great gods, I am like a waste. Well, Yang Feng is also the same feeling, crushed by strength.

But back to the example of the text, you will find that if you can read a book every week, you are already a leader among the people around you. Because most people, almost do not read.

Their daily activities are to play mobile phones. Boys are probably playing the king's glory and eating chicken games, and girls are generally visiting Taobao. Tell the truth, your "conscience", can't it hurt?

Valuable time is lost in the low-level entertainment again and again.

Luo Zhenyu once proposed the concept of total national time. Everyone's free time is a fixed amount. All businesses, their only goal is to grab your attention and time.

Do not believe you see, those online games, do one is more fun than one. The level that can't be finished, the end of the pass, the title and honor of one after another, it's just fun. A simple game like jumping and jumping, see how many people in the circle of friends are fighting day and night in order to enter the leaderboard.

Those dramas that are not finished are also killers who consume attention and continue to erode our time. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer conscience dramas, and the reason why more and more brain dramas are, is that those directors have become savvy businessmen.

They know what weaknesses and preferences each of us has. Like the high value, then the small meat; like the story of the ups and downs, that is the story of the dog blood. In short, what the average viewer likes, will magnify those preferences to the extreme.

What do ordinary people like? Still not eating, drinking, and having fun!

So it made an era of entertainment to death.

There are also those businesses, fancy promotions, love cards, and make the goods very ingenious. Anyway, as long as they can attract your attention and pay for your bags, use the ultimate.

When the overcapacity is over, our daily necessities have become an option, so we have the words "shopping around the supermarket" and "visiting Taobao". Shopping has become a consumable entertainment.

All these colorful things are all about dividing your time to the total cake. Therefore, the time left for many people to study is almost pitiful.

Conversely, if you can take time to read a book a week, you can go beyond most.


Can reading change the fate?

In the narrow sense of reading, it is to go to school to take the test. For many children in the depths of the mountains, I am afraid it is the only way out.

My tutor at the middle school was a high school student at the 985 college. At that time, he just entered the university and took time to do tutoring every weekend to make money. In 2 days, 4 students will be accepted, 2 hours for each student. At that time, the hourly fee for each hour was 50. In 1 week, the transportation fee was removed, and more than 300 pieces were earned.

I can spend more than 1,000 pieces of pocket money in one month. I think he is already very strong. But in fact, for him, this money is not enough to finish the four-year university.

His family is in rural Hubei, and I have been to his hometown during my summer vacation. Green leather train to Wuhan, then take a 2-hour van to the town, then take a half-hour motorcycle to the village head, and finally walk for 15 minutes before arriving at his home.

When he got to his house, he knew what was the real family. The earthen house repaired by kiln bricks, the only electrical appliance in the house, is the light bulb. Furniture is a simple table, chair, bed, wardrobe.

The toilet is a small earthen house on the roadside. Inside a bowl, put two pieces of wood, it is a pit. The flies are still trivial, and the skunk crawling everywhere on the ground is really disgusting to me.

That day, I was constipated.

Born in such a family, the only way out of the mountain village is to go to school, take the college entrance examination, and live in a big city. The good news is that he changed his destiny through reading.

However, there are so many children in the mountain villages, who may have lived for a lifetime, facing the loess and sweating. Or it is to mention the heavy luggage, to the Foxconn in Guangdong, this sweatshop is a general worker.

Reading, for the children at the bottom, is to change the life.


Reading in a broad sense is a "small book" other than reading textbooks. In my opinion, the role of reading has three aspects:

1, entertainment and pastime

Fictional works mostly carry the role of entertainment and entertainment. Especially in the current web, "The sweet wife, you are really naughty", "The overbearing president loves me" and other online novels, it is very cool to read. Sometimes even people can't stop.

There are millions of fans of the self-media people, and they have read the "People's Immortal Biography" without sleep, and are simply fascinated.

The novel for enjoyment, although it is very cool to read, but it is forgotten after reading, there is not much nutrition.

2, get new knowledge

Getting the knowledge and vision in the book is the most common benefit.

The circle of life for most of us is actually narrow. See the same people every day, do the same thing, say the same thing, live a life of repetition.

A person who doesn't love reading and doesn't go to see the world can hardly imagine that he can get a fun and higher level of life.

Although I have lived for decades, I have always been the same every day. There is no improvement in the realm of thought, and there is no improvement in the level of ability. Eat, drink, and eat.

Reading is the method of expanding the horizon and cognitive upgrading with the lowest cost.

Buffett Buffett is 84 years old and still insists on learning. The partner commented that he was "a book with two legs." Constantly absorbing nutrition from the book, maintaining an agile brain and a passion for life and work is one of his secrets of success.

3. Change your life

Reading changes life? It really is.

There used to be a best-selling book, "The book won't read, do you want to succeed?" The goal is to read in three stages: basic orientation reading, enhanced orientation reading, and deep directional reading.

Basic orientation reading, reading more than 100 books related to your business field, laying a solid foundation for reading;
strengthening directional reading, it is a one-year reading of 365 self-enlightened books, with an elite way of thinking.
Deep directional reading is to read classical books of humanities and make yourself a leader.

You said, is this not a nonsense? How can one read so many books?

Someone really did it. A cat from the media is a firm reading practitioner. He once wrote in the public number: "In 2016, I would interview 100 great-level cattle people, write 100 interviews with people; read 100 books and write 100 reading notes."

Then continue to practice, reading, writing, speaking, and doing community, nearly 600,000 powder in one year. Starting from scratch, relying on my own learning, I became a large media player, really amazing.

Reading can really change your life.

So, don't wait, give yourself a book plan and start reading.

You ask me where there is a miracle, but the secret is hidden in the book.

Yang Feng, second-tier city, working during the day, code at night, focusing on personal growth. Personal public number: Mr. Yang Feng (ID: misteryangfeng)