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The style of PPT is wrong, you are dead.

Mr. Lu Xun once said: PPT is divided into three ways.


Some time ago, in order to find investment in the project, I made a PPT to introduce the business plan.

Before I started writing, the most shining PPT king in my heart was like this:


When I wrote the results, I found that if the business plan PPT did this and then sent it directly to the investment institution using WeChat, it is estimated that no one can understand it. The probability of investing in cool is as high as 100%.

After careful research, I found that PPT is divided into three categories: reporting work, publishing products, and introducing projects.

1. What is the style of the work report class PPT?

Let us think about what the reporting scenario is and what the purpose is, and we can deduce what it should be.

Reporting scene: The direction and general content of your work is the boss's decision. No boss will ask you this way: "Give me something to do, completely free, let me be happy." So your work boss probably knows that he wants to know the result through PPT.

The purpose of the report: First, I have completed or over-completed your boss's instructions; second, my workload is very large; third, I have absolutely no mistakes; fourth, save the boss's review time.

Conclusion: Reporting the PPT of the work category should be concerned with the results, not the process; the number of pages should be small; the content should be more; the boss should not be found wrong.

Here's an example (the content is my mess):

The name of this PPT is called Concentration Phobia PPT. A page of the district, with a map, table, data, a complete introduction to their work. You don't need to introduce the background of these work, just hit the key. The boss saw a feeling: "There are so many jobs in the trough!! I am too cheap!" And the boss could not find the mistake. Inside this PPT, I wrote "The boss is stupid", have you found it?

Announce the answer below:







2. What is the style of the product release PPT?

The name of this PPT is called: a large number of white minimalist PPT.

To promote products, the most important thing is to brainwash consumers, let them pay attention to the advantages of the products, and engrave them in their minds. The attention of the human brain is a scarce resource. Too much content will cause the final audience to remember nothing. So the essence of this type of PPT is to do subtraction, not add. Readers who understand photography should be familiar with this sentence. The role of white space is to appear to be forced, literary. Such an artistic PPT shows that our products are also a work of art, and we must buy and buy.

Do not list the advantages, such as the following:

The advantages are all mentioned, but it seems that nothing can be remembered.

Should be concise, highlight the key points, and reduce the text:

3. What is the style of the project introduction class PPT?

If the report work class PPT and the release product class PPT are extremely complex and extremely simple representatives, then the project introduction class PPT is the representative of the golden mean. The text of each page must not be dense, and you should not just write a few words to force it.

The characteristics of the project introduction class PPT are: comprehensive content, logically fluent, not dense and not loaded.

Comprehensive content: Introducing the PPT of the class, you may not be able to explain to the audience on the spot, relying on the other party to read, so the focus must not be missed, too concise, others do not know what you are talking about. Especially the audience may not know anything about your industry. For example, the above PPT, xPhone can take the Galaxy out, whether you need a tripod, whether you need an external power supply, whether you need a flash.

Logical fluency: To talk about a project, it must be carried out in the order of human cognition, and cannot be reversed. For example, when introducing a business plan at the time of financing, it is necessary to say: 1. What is the pain point of the industry; 2. What should be done in order to solve this pain point; 3. How to do it; 4. Why can you do it (how to compete) 5. How to make money by doing it; 6. How much do you want? 7. How to get the money. When necessary, take a moment to introduce some background knowledge to facilitate the reader's understanding.


The main discussion is about what the styles of the three major types of PPT should look like. As for the other tips of PPT, such as "can not map, do not make a table, can do the table does not code words", here is not detailed.

In fact, when writing the style of the work report class PPT, my heart is contradictory. Because I feel that it is not the right way to do things that can show that I have a lot of work and are not easy to pick out mistakes. But the reason for the final decision was to read the results of the programs that Ma Wei had done before. In the first episode, Teacher Ma said: In the premise of not violating the law, it is the right choice.