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Wake up, no boss will give employees an active salary increase.


Tonight, I asked my girlfriend how much the salary was. She said that the salary is 3,000. I said that this is all in the fourth month of work. It is time to send a positive salary. You have to mention with the boss whether it is necessary to send a positive salary.

She said that when I did not talk about wages in the first place, why should I raise your salary? I said that every company has a trial period. The longest is three months. Shouldn’t it be paid in the fourth month? It’s just that you didn’t talk, but now you have to fight for it yourself.

She also said, why give you a raise? I said that the normal probationary salary is definitely lower than the positive salary. In addition, you have to work overtime for an hour every day. The salary is not even for four thousand. Who will give her the job.

She said that no one wants you to work overtime. You don't have to work overtime when you finish your work at work. I am very angry when I listen to this. I am obliged to work overtime. People are paid a high salary. Who is going to work overtime? You look at where your ass is doing, but it will be quite for the boss.

She was a little angry when she saw me, and she was angry. I didn't think my salary was not high. I am even more angry. Do you think you are not worthy of four thousand wages? She said that I don't want to say so ugly. I said that I am angry. If I don’t say such awkwardness, I will not wake you up. How many bosses will give employees an active salary increase?

I was very angry and wondered why she had such an idea? Why are some people afraid to talk to their boss about salary?

After graduating in 14 years, she went to Zhengzhou and followed a female boss. She started from a thousand-dollar internship accountant. After more than a year, her salary was close to 3,000. After another colleague resigned, almost all of her work was done by her. The boss didn’t come to the company for ten days and a half. It was an hour or so. She often worked overtime for an hour or so, sometimes she went to work overtime on weekends, and she continued to work this year. At the end of the month, the salary did not exceed 3,500.

Not only me, but also her friends, even she went to the Trade and Industry Bureau, the counterparts met by the tax office, said that her salary is low. She always said that the boss did not give it. Most of the peers have a account of about 60, and the boss gave her 80. It is not low. It is only that the company has fewer customers, so she takes it low.

I said that I can't count this. It depends on the workload. You are now working alone for two people. Even if your boss doesn't make much money, you have to give you a salary.

Anyway, she never talked to the boss about wages, and she has been doing this for a year and a half. Sometimes she complains that she is tired of work. I advise her to change jobs, and she doesn't change. Because this thing was too angry, after reconciliation, she said that I am a straight male thinking, girls complain to you just complain, not really want to change jobs. You look at my girlfriend, saying that Ctrip is not good every day, isn’t it always Ctrip?

There are quite a few undergraduate college graduates who often work so hard, starting from a few hundred dollars in wages, just to learn professional skills. Small companies can't afford accounting, and it's hard to learn things in the accounting of medium-sized companies. Big companies need professional accounting, and interns need professional qualifications. Many accountants in the small and medium-sized companies have not had the opportunity to learn more accounting skills for a year or two. Finally, they went to the finance company to get the salary of 900 yuan.

Just before the renovation of our new home, she said she would resign and let the boss recruit. Initially the boss did not recruit, said that she would consider it again, the distance after moving is a bit far, but there are still buses. Anyway, I didn’t say anything about raising wages. Because the boss told her that some financial companies' accounting is not available for three thousand dollars. The implication is that her wages are not low.

After moving, the work was almost the same as that of the new colleague. She resigned at the end of May this year. I found my current job at the end of June. At the time of the interview, she did not ask for salary. The interviewer asked her how much she used to pay. She said 3,500, the female boss said that our company is definitely not lower than your last salary. During the interview, her former boss made two calls. The first time she didn't pick up, the second time she told the interviewer that maybe a friend had an urgent call. It turned out that the former boss complained that the current staff could not do things, and she hoped that she would go back to work. The interviewer here probably heard the content. After the call, the interviewer said that you should tell her that you have come to work here. Then the boss asked her to come to work next Monday.

This company recruits accounting because the old accountant (the old qualifications) wants to have children. Because of her slow learning, the old accountant brought her more than a month. You must know that the old accountant was born less than a month after he left the company. After joining the job, my girlfriend often complained to me that it wouldn't be that. Let her resign and change jobs, but she said that the old accountants here are going to be born, and it is not easy for the company to recruit people. It is too late to train. After the old accountant left the company, almost every day from Monday to Friday, they were unable to work overtime for an hour. I often complain that I am too tired to go to work. In view of the previous experience, I asked her what to do? She said that when the old accountant returned after the child was weaned, I resigned.

I haven't thought about this before, but I have to think about it today. What is the reason for her not to talk to the boss about salary? I think that I will do my job, and the boss will give you the corresponding salary? Isn't this too naive? One does not dare to talk about wages, often because the ability is not good. Don't talk about talking to the boss about the salary, the boss does not secretly dismiss himself. Obviously she is not the case.

In fact, even if the ability is not good, people should have their own bottom line. It’s not that I can’t do it, I should be bullied unless there is no choice. I am an e-commerce operator. I have a late entry and limited ability. The operating shops have no bragging results. I haven't found a suitable job, but I have a bottom line for finding a job. The size of the company can be, the 3.5k basic salary can also go, the company can't, the basic salary is less than 4k, I will not go. Even if you think that my ability is not worth 4k, sorry, I can't do it, my time is worth 4k.

I have concluded that in Zhengzhou, looking for e-commerce operations, talking about remuneration, the ratio of the first commission is not reliable, and then it is even nonsense. The basic salary is the price set by the boss for you, and the performance bonus is the price that is set for your ability. A minimum salary of 3,000 means you are an operational assistant; 3.5k means you have some work experience; 4k is a primary operation; 5k, 6k is an intermediate operation; 8k is a high-level operation. The 10k calculation is arrogant, and the 20k is the industry. This is generally the case in other industries.

People can be wronged, but don't be arrogant.

Suddenly a word flashed in my mind: she has no career plans.

Think again, this is indeed the truth.

She did not think about going through the accounting profession for a lifetime, especially in the finance company's work, selling white powder, earning money for cabbage, which made her start to hate accounting work. Although she hates the job, she can do it. Some customers know that after she resigned, she also invited her to go to the company to do accounting, and the former boss has to stay again.

She once asked her what she wanted to do. She said that she could do anything, as long as she did not do accounting. She wants to try to make a sale, I think she is not suitable for sales. At the beginning, we were selling stalls and selling meat. She raised the flesh of the state. I want to sell more than 5 yuan. No matter what I say, I have spent so much time, and it is not expensive to sell 5 yuan. She always disagreed and thought no one would buy it. In fact, if you have five, you have to set up a stall for half a month, and no one really buys it. But I feel that it is good for no one to know the goods and raise them.

People who can only sell things with their own money are not suitable for sales. So I don't recommend her to do sales, and I don't recommend her to follow others to do business. She wants to be a personnel clerk. I said that you have no professional knowledge in personnel matters. The salary is definitely low. It is not easy to say that the work of the personnel clerk is not easy. She didn't know that she wanted to do it, and I never studied it.

It is only today that there is no career planning, which is a big problem. It is because there is no career planning, so she is not so sensitive to wages. All goals are about life, not about work. I have not thought through what I have been working for a few years, what level I want to achieve, and what level of salary I want to achieve.

Why do some people have no career planning?

People without career planning are due to poor subjective initiative.

People with poor subjective initiative do not have a strong change in themselves and control their own wishes and goals. I will not consciously, purposefully and systematically do things that are in the long-term interests.

Therefore, she is not enough for her own interests, how much is the salary boss to give; there is no strong idea to change the status quo, when can I get 5,6 thousand wages? Therefore, although the work does not like it, it is also capable; although the salary is not high, it is still accepted. Although the boyfriend is very frustrated, there is not much opinion.

You said that I am glad, or lucky?

Thinking of this, I know what I should do.