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What is the meaning of excellent packaging?


In a certain aspect, excellent packaging design has been integrated into life and soul. Although this packaging seems to be static, it is the result of the designer's painstaking thinking.

Such a static packaging gives people a feeling of being very lively and dynamic. People see such a package as if they have seen the real good side of the product behind the package. Excellent packaging is not a deadly thing, but a dynamic and live thing. Such packaging designers often use some special design techniques when designing, so that customers can see this packaging. Ability to convert between visual and spatial, so that people can see dynamic combinations that can form in the brain. This dynamic combination can be a series of products, or it can be a series of very special symbols, or it can be It is the formation of some special graphics in the human brain. This dynamic beauty often needs to be achieved in combination with the characteristics of the products contained in the packaging itself.

Excellent packaging should also have a certain amount of volume, which means that when consumers see this packaging, there may be a psychological hint that consumers will feel that this product is so perfect, if Not buying it yourself will be a very significant loss.