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Some small skills that will make you fly fast and improve your productivity.

01 finishing the computer desktop

The computer desktop is the first screen after we start the computer. Its aesthetic level can reflect the attitude of one's life. On the other hand, a clean, partitioned desktop will greatly increase productivity. I face the messy desktop every day. What we can do is to delete and move. Now how can I delete the problem? I saw that Nicole manages the desktop in a clever and simple way, and share it with everyone here.

  • The first step is to make a desktop . Here are a few simple and easy to make, you can also create a personalized desktop according to your needs.

  • The second step is to throw the file into the desktop category.

02 scientific file naming method

A lot of files are generated in our work waiting for us to process, including the smallest one to give it a name. In fact, anyone naming a file is for three purposes: one is to distinguish it from other files; the other is to facilitate the quick retrieval of this file from a complicated computer; the third is to facilitate yourself and others to understand Know the approximate content of the file. For these three purposes, the more detailed the better we ask for the file.

Give a chestnut, if you just casually named a manuscript that was written a few days ago as "a.doc", on the one hand, after a few days you want to find it may have to rummaging through large and small folders. It takes time and effort, of course, it may be impossible to find it again. On the other hand, if you don't open the document, you can hardly remember what a document is. If you name it "Reading Push.doc", then you know the general content; if you name it "2016 Good Reading Push.doc", then you know which year to push. Article; if you name it "20160511 Good Reading Pushing Effective Habits.doc", then you know which year, which month, which micro-signal pushed the article, Imagine, when you are one year later When looking for this manuscript, whether it is searching for "2016", "efficient", "good reading", or "pushing", you can find this document in any position, in a word, Good naming = detailed naming, detailed naming will cover the most keywords, good to find, easy to remember, good-looking. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you would rather spend some time on the naming when you save the file, preferring to play more words, and then bring you more convenience than you can imagine.

It is recommended to name the file with the "3W" nomenclature.

  • When: time

The last operation time of the file is an important piece of information, so that you can grasp the creation and modification time of the file. It is strongly recommended that the time naming rules be unified into 8 or 6 digits in the order of year, month, and day, instead of sometimes July 24. Sometimes 7\24, such as 20150724 or 150724, can completely cover the date and time. If there are multiple versions of the same content document in a day, you can add the letter "abcd" after the time to distinguish. As for why you should put the time information at the forefront, you must understand the clever, put the time information at the top of the file name, the system can automatically arrange the files in chronological order, which is more convenient to find.

  • Who: Who?

Pleasant goat Principal, lazy or beautiful, the name of the subject involved in the document must be in the file name, the subject and content are closely related, it should be noted that the name should use "full name + position" Pleasant goat principal is very good, don't like the principal for a while, and the headmaster of the sheep and goat for a while, you will not remember how you named it.

  • What: Content

What occasions, activities, and themes, whether they are manuscripts or planning plans, summaries or reports, must be reflected in this section.

  • For important files, you can add the prefix of [ ]

Such as [daily], [submission], [data analysis], [quotation form], etc., this way we can learn from the file naming. Adding a prefix has at least two advantages. First, when files are sorted by name, the file with the prefix is ​​ranked higher, which makes it more conspicuous and makes it easier to highlight key files.

03 timely WeChat top

Sometimes we may be too busy to reply to a friend's WeChat. After we are busy, it is very likely that the information of that friend has been squeezed into the following by our thousands of group information. In this way, we may forget to reply to this WeChat, or it will take a few days to remember to reply. In order to avoid these embarrassment, we can put it on top when we receive this friend's WeChat, so that we will not forget to reply when we are not busy.

04 Timely return to the original place

For example, sorting all small electronic products into the same drawer is the first step. The second step is to put it in the area every time it is used up. This way, even if it is a thousand miles away, I know my home and office clearly. Where is an item? Even if we are busy, it will take less than a minute to do this. Otherwise, if it is possible to find it for ten minutes or even half an hour, it will become overwhelming.

05 learn basic shortcuts

Copy, paste, undo, select all, save, find, close, print, take screenshots, go back to the desktop, and quickly remove unnecessary paragraphs and spaces from words. Learning these can make you ten times more efficient than those who don't. hundred times.

06 important documents can not only be deleted, but also a backup

Even if you think that you can't use it, you can't delete it immediately. People who have deleted obsessive-compulsive disorder have estimated that they have suffered a lot in this, but in my case, all the documents that pass my hand, as long as they are not confidential, I will save Down, anyway, storage does not take much space, but if you want to use it, you will want to die.

07 items and documents are exactly the opposite, please throw them away in time.

This will not turn your living and working environment into a garbage collection station, but also facilitate your organization and memory to improve efficiency.

08 reduce the choice of black holes, don't be greedy

We must control over-selection, focus only on energy and time on the most important options in life, and give up some unimportant choices. Don't pursue perfection too much. Consider the time cost and opportunity cost when making choices, and once you choose, don't waste your energy to regret other abandoned choices. Reduce comparisons with others. It is best to build a framework for making your own choices and to make better choices and trade-offs when faced with major problems in your life.

09 spend more money on time, instead of using time to exchange money

In this world, there are too many people who are willing to use time to exchange money. It is easy for us to ignore the value of time and always choose to do inefficient things. In fact, many times, it is often worthwhile to choose “expensive” things to save time.

For example: if you squeeze the bus for 2 yuan but it takes 1 hour; and for 15 yuan but only 10 minutes, I definitely choose the latter. This is not because I have money, but it is not worthwhile to change the 13 yuan with 50 minutes and a bad experience.

Similarly, some people like to walk a few miles to another market to buy food, just to make a few dollars cheaper; some people in order to wait for discounts, obviously need to buy a mobile phone in August, but wait until the "double eleven" to buy; These behaviors, in terms of economics, are actually worth the loss.

You may say: I don't have so much money to change time. What should I do? Then you spend most of your time in a place where you can improve yourself! (ps: Many people may not agree with me. I welcome your opinion to the WeChat background~~)

10 improve typing speed

Quick and skilled typing, this makes your work and life efficiency up to 100 times, lifelong use, the importance is self-evident, are you still neglecting?

First of all, don't blindly pursue speed, but ensure that you have to press the key accurately. You can get a Jinshan typing or fingering game. I think there are three points that affect the input: keystrokes, proficiency and accuracy, and three mutual influences. It is recommended to give up the pursuit of speed, first of all to be accurate and skilled. When typing, slower hits, ensuring accurate and correct keystrokes is the only way to improve.

In fact, the last thing you don't want to see is that everyone looks very useful and then collects it and doesn't act. Then this article doesn't make any sense. It's not a cold day, it doesn't repeat the application at work and you want to see it immediately. Impossible, do you have any tips for improving efficiency?

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