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What do you need to study in the United States? Other application conditions


The most basic condition for going to an American university is to meet a variety of hardware requirements, that is, exams, so what you need to study in the United States becomes a problem that comes one after another. On this issue, Xiao Biao prepares the American study abroad exams at different stages. Because of the high school in the United States, the undergraduate and master's exam categories are different.

What do you need to study in the United States? - Exam list

What do you need to study in the United States? Language test

Language exams: The most commonly used language exams are the TOEFL and IELTS exams. The TOEFL test is valid for 2 years and the TOEFL score is recognized by most American universities. American universities must have a score of 100 or higher for TOEFL scores of TOP10, and Princeton and Harvard University should even score 104 or more. The school recommendation for TOP50 is above 3.3. The IELTS test is valid for 2 years with a maximum of 9 points. For American universities, TOP10 schools are generally at 7.0+, and individual universities even have a minimum IELTS score of 7.5 points such as Columbia University. The IELTS score for the US TOP50 is IELTS minimum 6.5. There are specific requirements for some departments and majors in the school.

What do you need to study in the United States?

The SSAT has a total score of 2130. The main exams are divided into math, vocabulary, and reading, as well as non-scoring essays. There are two types of SSAT, one is for the 8th grade of the US private high school, and the low grade SSAT is suitable for the 5th and 7th grades of the private school.

What do you need to study in the United States? Undergraduate entrance exam

The SAT and ACT exams are called the American College Entrance Examination. They are the basic entrance exams and the basis for applying for scholarships. The SAT total score is 1600. The subjects are mathematics, reading, writing and language. The validity period is 2 years. For SAT scores, the TOP10 schools in the United States generally have a competitive SAT score of 1470-1520. Some schools have higher requirements for SAT scores than Yale University.

The ACT test mainly consists of four subjects, namely English, mathematics, reading, and science, as well as essays as an elective subject, with a total score of 36 points. Applicants who apply for ACT scores are 27-31 points who can apply for top US universities, 22-27 can apply for colleges and universities within TOP100 in the US, and if ACT is at 27+, the chances of getting a full scholarship for the school are great.

What do you need to study in the United States? Graduate Admission Test

The GRE exam is an entrance exam for most majors (management, extra-legal). The exam covers analytical writing, language and mathematics. GRE is an important basis for scholarships in addition to entrance exams. GRE General's total score is 1600 points and is valid for 5 years, but some universities only recognize GRE scores within 3 years. Some majors in American universities require GRE subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, and physics. The GRE subject test includes 7 mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, biochemistry, psychology, and English literature.

The GMAT is an entrance exam for management science majors, which is analytical writing, mathematics and language.

The LAST exam is a law school entrance exam with a total score of 180 points. It is to judge the applicant's language, reading and logical reasoning skills.

The MCAT exam is an entrance exam for students applying to the American College of Clinical Medicine. The total score is 528. The exam covers the chemical and physical foundations of biological systems, the biological and biochemical basis of life systems, critical analysis and reasoning skills, behavioral psychology, and society. And the biological basis of the four parts.

Other application conditions

If you want to study in the United States, you will need GPA scores, school grade reports (high school, university, etc.), graduate/degree certificate/reading certificate, 3 letters of recommendation, resume, in addition to the above-mentioned corresponding exams. Personal statement / eassy, ​​artwork (only for art majors), proof of US study deposits, etc.