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No longer starting a business, returning to the workplace, this is good, five suggestions to prepare you

Abandoning entrepreneurship and returning to the workplace have recently become the needs of many people. I don’t have much to say, but everyone knows.

The Chief Human Resources Officer has prepared nine key points and hopes that these key knowledge points will help you prepare for the return to the workplace.

First, the mentality changes, can be very powerful without being a boss, very successful

Entrepreneurship is a dream and a way of life. But entrepreneurship is also a high-risk lifestyle. Now that the business has failed, how to adjust the state to enter the workplace? We believe that the first step is to change the mindset. It’s not that entrepreneurship is strong, it’s not a business success. For example, the author believes that many happy families are equally enviable. Life is too short……

Therefore, anyone who wants to return to the workplace must change their prejudice against the workplace. Entrepreneurship does not mean that it goes beyond the workplace. Entering the workplace does not mean that it is easier than starting a business. Therefore, becoming an excellent working emperor is not necessarily a career victory. The great manager is equally respectful. Otherwise, Alfred P. Sloan, who used to be a GM manager, will not be promoted to such a position. . It is recommended to read his masterpiece "My Years at General Motors", with Henry Ford's "My Career and Life", to feel the difference in the concept and role of the two car people. It is important to know that Sloan-led General Motors eventually surpassed Ford's Ford and became the leader in the US auto market. The people who study Sloan today are far less than Henry Ford. In China, Dong Mingzhu’s fans are no less than Lei Jun.

The success of professional managers is also worthy of praise. The government encourages economic transformation in order to encourage employment. It is understandable that these years of promoting entrepreneurship and solving social employment problems, but we must understand that most of the population are still migrant workers. The concept of entrepreneurial success is lower than the probability of being admitted to Peking University Tsinghua. Since we have all understood through the case of Han Han and others, we do not need to squeeze into Peking University Tsinghua to prove that we are talents, then we naturally do not need to pass the business certificate. Your own value.

With the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of these years, many companies have learned from this great era and deeply realized that it is impossible to unify talents with traditional methods. Therefore, the necessary incubation has given many employees self-discipline. , cultivate the manager's big pool. Moreover, joining such companies and projects, for the founders, still have the opportunity to turn over and other opportunities, and even have the opportunity to stand alone. The product godfather Fu Sheng is a typical example. His project lacks stamina, is pressed by 360 steps, and even was sued by Zhou Hongyi. It is an excellent choice to merge and join Jinshan. It will eventually be listed as a manager. Company Cheetah moves.

Fu Shengniu was in the cow, he helped Lei Jun to do the Golden Mountain, and Lei Jun gave him the stage to show his ambition. Everyone needs and develops together. Every manager should consider the long-term for his employer and achieve a fiduciary responsibility through hard work. The company is an entity that condenses the dreams and happiness of thousands of employees. It is also a great and a kind of business to operate it.

What's more, after a few years, if you still have the ability, why not start another business? And big company managers are often the lp of major venture capital institutions. It has been a long time for investors to abuse, and it is not good to have accumulated investors. Give the world to young people, it is not better for the elderly to invest in the future!

Second, the failure of entrepreneurship gave the possibility of restarting career planning.

As the saying goes, men are most afraid of being unconscious, and girls are most afraid of vulgarity. I have seen too many boys, talking about goals, but they are busy with other things, playing lol, hehe...

Failure to start a business is a good time to adjust your career and life planning. The ancients were "dead to death", this time just to assess whether they are really ready to start a business, whether it was impulsive, underestimated the difficulty of entrepreneurship, and then embarked on the road to entrepreneurship.

I recommend re-planning your value points based on core skills and starting again after the assessment. Xu Xiaoping said that entrepreneurship is a person, the total outbreak of life resources. But entrepreneurship is no better than the workplace, everyone has a lot of versatile addiction, but now it is necessary to refine the skills for the needs of employers. Therefore, the most important thing at the moment is to pick up your skills and further accumulate a good opportunity to enhance and strengthen. All kinds of training that didn't come and go, the documents that didn't have time to test were the time to study.

Relying on the skills of new studies, it is easy to rely on skills to find the platform you need. In fact, at this stage, some background founders are more likely to find the right job, because the mentality is low, but the entrepreneurs who have a good background in the past are prone to huge gaps.

We think it is not easy to return to a big company. The first choice is naturally to join the leading company in your past business. You can do it right away, and you can continue your interest. The second category is excellent companies in the related industries. With these companies as a springboard, they will go back step by step. Of course, this cycle will be very long, even more than the time you spend on entrepreneurship, there is no way, this is the price. We are all mature individuals. Of course, we understand that entrepreneurship is risky. Now the challenges and gains we have suffered are not the result of entrepreneurship. I am watching, this is my suggestion. The third category is actually your old club. They are often very familiar with you. Knowing the truth is not necessarily a good choice. After an entrepreneur of an entrepreneur gave up his business, he returned to the entrepreneur and quickly regained his trust. He led the company's cash-making business and played very well, making a great contribution to the listing of the old club.

In addition, we often find that many founders are prone to catch up with hot companies and misunderstandings of hot industries when doing career planning. In fact, it is often the companies you used to serve that are most likely to attract you. However, hot companies often don't understand your situation and are often blind to you. In this case, even if you join, it is very difficult to succeed.

I am faced with many confused founders. My favorite suggestion is that you can pretend to be yourself five years later and write a letter to yourself. This process is very important. Since you don't know where to go from, then it's easier to push back from the end. For example, if you want to be an important player in the human resources industry, then you must have a strong team now. Team building is the most important issue at the moment. As for financing, compensation planning, service process and other issues, it is the link to achieve this goal. Step by step, there will always be a day to see the end.

Third, do not seek management positions, only seek opportunities. Many founders are accustomed to people. Once they encounter such opportunities, they are required to give their own subordinates and develop their management skills. But they overlook a core issue, that is, the assessment of management skills is a typical internal evaluation, and it is very dependent on your own team, the airborne soldiers are very easy to hang. Therefore, in the early days, it is recommended to start from the deputy, and the person who is the top leader is better to be a shareholder. In other words, he knows in his own heart that he is here to accompany your prince. If the company grows bigger, even if it replaces his position, It will cause him to suffer economic losses because he is also the boss. I once suggested to many companies that the CEOs can set up a secretariat. All the externally introduced talents are first attached to the secretariat, work with the boss, and gradually take over management positions. Of course, the situation in which you join a startup is quite special. There are many ways for a startup to bind you. That is another topic.

Fourth, pack your mood and take care of your family.

Entrepreneurship is very hard and there is no time to spend time with my family. It can be said that the achievements of many entrepreneurs are exchanged for the sacrifice of family happiness. Now when I return to the workplace, I have time to take care of my family. Before I helped a girl in a startup company to change jobs, her reason is that she wants to fall in love, the circle of entrepreneurship is too small, the people are horizontal and vertical, and there is no time to step out of her own. Circles, people who know better, now return to the workplace, and finally have time to face the true self.

A manager I know always wanted to learn to swim. Before the start-up and the five-year-old daughter said, Dad is a big turtle. When it is summer, I will take you to the beach for swimming. After three years, my daughter learned to swim. The manager is still a dry turtle... This is not the day that I have already set off for Hainan.

I believe that he and his daughter’s circle of friends will soon be seen.

Fifth, exercise and live for 500 years for family and colleagues.

The founders who have died in these years are not a few, and entrepreneurship oversees our health. Now that you have time, you are part of the company's assets, and it's time to adjust the state. Managers are not like founders. The founders bear the dreams of investors. They are often eager to go public within 7 years, and managers are not like this. It is enough to complete the board's goals. Therefore, there will be a lot of time, calm and healthy, so that you can continue to have a healthy body to create wealth.

These are some of my suggestions. I hope we can all go to the destination of life.

Finally, I would like to share the words of the Yijing: The gentleman does his work all day long, and he is innocent and innocent. mutual encouragement.