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Original: Dilemma between big cities and small cities (not recommended)


He woke up, it is now 2:56 in the morning, usually not sleeping at this point.

No, I can't sleep. I usually go to sleep at three or four o'clock. He has been like this for more than a month.

He is now in a small city in his hometown and has been back from the big city for more than two months.

In recent days, he has been fascinated with mobile games, and he is doing it at three or four in the morning.

However, tonight, he finally went to bed at eleven o'clock. The reason is very simple. He is very sleepy and has never been so sleepy. It may be a seasonal change, or it may be a day and night of more than a month, so that his body has reached the limit.

But no matter what, staying up late tonight is finally a blessing. However, he woke up at two o'clock in the morning and was about three o'clock. It was another nightmare.

Can't you really sleep? Is it really fatalism?

He got up and cooked some hot water, ready to drink a cup of tea.

This situation is not a case. In the big city, there are also three or four in the morning to sleep, but the number is relatively small, after all, he still has to go to work, although one lives.

After returning home, it should have been a slow pace of life in a small city that would make people more relaxed, but he couldn't sleep. Many times I went to bed at 12 o'clock, but I turned over and over in bed and could not sleep. Every time he can only get up and open the computer, browse his e-commerce background, look at the website data, that is what he is doing now.

When I look at the data, there is no change today, even zero, and his mood is a bit depressed.

He is already trying to drain.

Even if he didn't sleep at three or four in the morning, he still kept the habit of waking up at nine o'clock. After all, many of the big cities were working at 9 or 9:30, and he had to keep up with their rhythm.

He thinks that although he is in a small city in his hometown, his working condition is still very good. At least he has never had the habit of sleeping lately. Every day, the work to be completed is completed on time, but the time for commuting to and from work every day is saved. He can be late. Sleep, get up late.

However, now he is fighting alone. Although he used to live alone, in the big cities, he often meets with friends, talks about recent events, and talks about some changes in the industry. Usually I go out early in the morning, and I spend four or five hours a day on the road.

After returning home, he has fewer friends in a small city and is not in the same industry as him. Even if he is at most half an hour's drive, he is still unwilling to go out. He has been at home for a month and a half.

In addition to occasionally going downstairs to buy a bottle of drink, he basically did not go out.

I used to have a good fixed salary in a big city. I can go to the coffee shop to read a book every weekend, occasionally take part in activities, meet new friends, and visit major shopping malls. After returning to the small city, he was basically a otaku, and he did not have any activities. He kept on the Internet and did what he did.

But even with a much higher salary than in a small city, it is still a lot of money to buy a house in a big city.

He didn't even think about it. In a small city, a down payment of several hundred thousand, for the family, still barely can afford. But in big cities, there are not a few million, so don’t mention the matter of buying a house.

He was in a big city, and he was embarrassed every time he was asked by the woman.

For this reason, he went home. After returning home, I found that the pace of life in small cities is relatively slow, but people still accept a lot of things about the Internet, such as online shopping, online car or online point-out. He hasn't called a takeaway at home for a long time, basically the mother is cooking for him. Occasionally take a takeaway and find that there is nothing to choose from, as opposed to big cities.

He does not care about this either. After all, for him who is doing business now, where development can be the most important. But he is worried that he will not derail the world in a big city.

He drank a cup of tea, opened the backstage of the e-commerce, and habitually looked at the data.

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