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How can young people improve their horizons and get rid of the limitations of thinking?



People often say that the eye determines the height of a person, but what is the eye? The interpretation given by Du Niang is the scope of the eyesight, and the extension refers to the breadth of knowledge.

But in my opinion, compared with the breadth of insight, the horizon is more about the depth of the world. A person's vision has nothing to do with age, and is related to knowledge.

It's not that one's eyes open up with age, and the depth of an old man who is deep in the mountains is naturally wider than that of a big city.

The deepest reason for the generation to be stronger than the first generation is that the information resources are becoming more and more abundant. Standing on the shoulders of the predecessors, the younger generations can avoid the detours they have traveled as much as possible, and continue to open in the known fields. Innovative world.


Family education plays a vital role in the process of cultivating the eye. It is also the basis for cultivating the pyramid.

In the professional class, the teacher told the story of her son's investment story. At that time, the little guy was still a primary school student. Because of the family environment, the mother was a university professor of investment science. She was very familiar with stocks since she was a child. She earned a lot of money from her mother’s observations in her primary school.

In fact, the idea of ​​a child is very simple. He does not understand the incomprehensible K-line chart and various technical elements, that is, what is the toy that students around him are keen on.

At that time, the yo-yo (a kind of toy) was hot. Every little partner in the class was one by one. When the little guy learned that the company was a listed company, he let the mother buy a certain amount of stock. If not, the company’s stock will be next. It has risen steadily for a while.

After a while, the little guy hurriedly asked the teacher to sell the stock and asked him why?

The little guy has an eye-catching analysis: "The last time I bought it because our classmates are playing, now everyone is no longer playing yo-yo, then no one buys, the stock will definitely fall."

The teacher threw the stock when listening to the child. As the little guy predicted, the company's stock began to decline shortly after the sell-off.

Of course, there are many examples of failure. But it is rare to have a sense of investment from an early age. This is the impact of family education on the development of a child's vision.

This is a difficult face for parents who face the loess to give their children a cognition. Of course, it is not that the rural areas are absolutely not good. Similarly, it is difficult for professional teachers to intuitively describe the children in the fields and the stars at night. scene.

Different giving ability gives a child a different width of the eye. The childhood vision may not determine the height of a person, but it can definitely extend the width of a person.

If you are a mother and a husband, you must work hard to improve your knowledge. Don't be completely crushed by your work and neglect your family education. It is a model education for your child while you are getting better.


Knowing that there is a classic question: What is the biggest harm that poverty brings to a person?

In my opinion, spiritual deprivation deserves more attention than physical maturity.

The Matthew effect says that the rich are richer and the poor are poorer. The children of the rich are more likely to become rich, and the children of the poor are more likely to be poor. This cycle is hard to break.

Poverty leads to the low ability of most people to bear risks, shrinking and shrinking. More importantly, because of poverty, the vision is too narrow, it is difficult to have a long-term vision, let alone planning, and will only take a small fly for the eyes. Turn around.

The importance of education is self-evident, but there are still many people who are bound by the inherent conception and think that everything they say is right, and they cannot listen to the opinions of others.

A distant relative's child was admitted to the university last year. Because it was a girl, the relative was unwilling to pay tuition for only a few thousand yuan a year. It was not that the family did not have the money. It was only in their cognition that the female university did not stay. It is a waste to spend money for girls. Girls should be acquainted with each other. The book is divided into two parts. The woman’s incompetence is that such a big chicken soup has such a loyal supporter. This is a terrible existence.

The final outcome is that the bedroom only allows the child to attend a tuition-free school, and the summer is not allowed to go home, saying that the toll is too expensive, and working outside can also subsidize the family.

Everyone has heard the story of sitting in the sky. The narrow-eyed people are like the frog. They think that the world is as big as a wellhead. Anything that transcends their cognition will instinctively resist. It is really a summer insect ice. .

If you meet such a parent and complain that it is useless, I am glad that her parents will not let her go home during the summer vacation and let them work outside. If you are studying abroad, don't forget to take your dreams out. If you like design, you can learn. If you like writing, you should pick up the pen. You should stick to the correct cognition rather than listening to your mother.

When you give up your self-education, the world will really give up on you. When it comes to self-education, you have to talk about the typical trap of our self-investment because of poverty - "everything for money."


Since speaking the world, I can't help but think of another question: How should a poor person improve his horizons? 

Answering the main Qu Xinjian provides an inspiring answer. Murrayson, a lifelong professor at Harvard University, found that the mindset of the poor and the inner thinking mode of the lack of time are close. 

In "Scarcity: Why are there too few consequences that can be serious? In this book, Mullinson said that when people's attention is over-occupied by scarce resources, it will lead to an overall decline in the quality of human cognition and judgment.

When we are too poor, it is very difficult to plan again in order to survive day and night. There is only one thing left in the subconscious: making money.

All the disappointment is attributed to the lack of money. When the work encounters a bottleneck, the first thing that comes to mind is not to find a breakthrough, to learn related skills, to fight the bottleneck as soon as possible, but only to think that it is caused by lack of money.

Slowly, people’s fear of no money will monopolize the limited attention of these people, so that they ignore the more important and valuable factors, causing psychological anxiety and resource management simplification, which further leads to personal intelligence and judgment. It is more difficult to jump out of the dilemma.

I don't want to tell you that the world is fair and that efforts can break the limits of the class. The reality is that from the moment you were born, there will be advantages and disadvantages, both physical and spiritual.

Of course, material fertility or barrenness is related to spiritual level, but it does not mean that it is an absolute positive correlation. That is to say, rich people do not necessarily have wider horizons, and poor people’s eyes are destined to be narrow, just At the relative level, money can really help us improve our horizons.

At the university, if you have the opportunity, go out and check out, stay in a youth trip, and participate in some offline activities. Even if you are traveling poorly, you will have a different vision when you read the mountains and rivers.


I have written a part-time article. When I mentioned junior high school, I succeeded in earning the first pot of gold by relying on the three-legged cat's Ps. It was originally just to prove that hobbies can be an example of how we can make a living and improve the quality of life.

The words in the comments made me unforgettable: " Wine, when you were in junior high school, you already knew what PS was. I didn't even see the computer at that time. "

I don’t know how to deal with it at the moment. The impact of family environment on a child is far more profound than we think.

I hope that the children of distant relatives will work in the summer vacation and experience their experiences. Chat with Hammer, and learn that I am going to postgraduate. He said a word: Have the opportunity to go to the first-tier cities to see, the vision is different.

Yes, in this era when everyone wants to escape from the North, the audience is still full of expectations.

After I went to college, I have to admit that the comprehensive strength of children in big cities is more prominent. Even if the overall performance of roommates is a lot worse than myself, the gap between myself and him is a gap.

It is increasingly difficult for poor people to escape the fate of poverty, not because they do not work hard, but because of their limited resources, education, medical care, and so on.

When the upper class relies on reselling information and building platforms to earn high fees, the bottom people can only use time to exchange cheap rewards.

In the same thing, people with short-sighted eyes will not hesitate to rip their skins in order to make a small profit, but turn a blind eye to things that are important to them but do not see actual interest in the short term.

The long-term wise man will surely look at everything in sight in the long run.


When you see this, don't feel that this life is over, and you don't have to be pessimistic. If you say so much, it is not that the poverty of childhood is doomed to be difficult to change in our whole life.

Just want to tell you a reality, there is no reason to escape, the moment you accept it, it is the prelude of you and me.

Family education is the foundation, and self-education is the key. When the former is insufficient, it is necessary to increase investment in self.

Nowadays, the Internet is so developed that you can learn the latest news with a mouse click. You can hear the lectures of famous teachers after spending hundreds of hundreds of dollars. As long as you are willing to change, there is a way to go.

Reading has also become civilian, as long as you are willing, dozens of pieces can be used to pick up a classic book. Your body is filled with the books you have read, the roads you have traveled, the people you have read.

The book read more than the heart naturally more than a calm, less a trace of anxiety. More insights, naturally more than a calm, less lost.

In addition to reading, traveling, and chatting with people from different fields is also a good choice. In fact, there are many ways to broaden your horizons. When you open your heart, start to look at everything in this world with an inclusive attitude, not blindly defined, not arrogant I don’t feel inferior. I understand that after the gloom of the world, I can still shake hands with the whole world.

Wait until then, look back, your vision has already improved a lot, I hope you and I can become better.