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Participate in three workplace rules for company group building activities!


Many people do not understand this group.

I feel that HR is full of support, get an autumn tour, make an expansion, drink and sing, the so-called TeamBuliding, most of which take up the weekend or evening time, labor and wealth, and mobilize the public, do not understand why BOSS is not tired. I want to get the community to send warm projects, and I will pay off the bonuses for the employees.

If you are a manager, stupid and sweet think that the group is to go out for a wave, easy and happy, the departmental dinner is to eat, the mountain to play with water is just play, the group built from the waves of the self to fly.

I am afraid that you have not yet entered the role.

The meaning of drunkenness is not in wine.

Some group construction may be pure corruption, the performance target is over-completed, the boss has a big bleeding and welfare, and the group is on a cruise to go to Japan to watch movies; some group construction is not just as simple as employee benefits.

In a relaxed and free environment, people are more likely to expose themselves. Group building is the sideline for the boss to evaluate employees. Whoever has the potential to cultivate, who is the "thorn" in the team, is often clear at a glance.

Another important significance of the group building is to promote the building of spiritual civilization.

Increase centripetal force and cohesiveness, cultivate a sense of collective honor, narrow the distance of new people, and enhance the confidence of the elderly. There are unsatisfactory words, there is a consensus to fall, and finally shouting slogans, the big guys want to go to the next piece, "our company, the magic is boundless, the battle is invincible, the attack is inevitable", perfect ~

For participating in the group building, Ming Ge’s suggestion is:

Do not complain, do not passively resist.

If you can participate, you should be active and you must do your best!

When young people enter the workplace, they must be alert to the six words, "I think" and "I think."

"I don't think it makes sense to build a group."
"I thought I couldn't go."

It takes strength to force it, but it takes courage to die...

The way in which the house survives increases the need for self-recognition, while the ability to express itself is deteriorating.

Don't be invisible when you show the dew, the action on the scene should be done, you have the responsibility and obligation to support, unless you do not want world peace. Don't treat the interpersonal relationship as a principle of persistence; don't take it as you don't want to change yourself.

I get along with my favorite people for socializing, and getting along with people I don't like is for socializing. Whether it is life or work, we like to get along with people we don't like, communication is to survive, and communication is to live.

People floating in the rivers and lakes, a word can protect the body:

When you feel that others are ignorant, the unlucky one is often yourself.

Group building three treasures: product, heart, and material

Have a good, well-regulated professional

To organize such a thing, if you don’t participate, you must have a reason to say it. If you participate, it will be like that.

You don't need to pretend to be excited, you deliberately express yourself too much, and you have not seen the world's acting skills with the chicken blood, but you must be at least active and serious, otherwise you may be labeled as "too self," "not enough professional," Labels that do not obey organizational arrangements. If you can say it, you can run and run. If you can do things, don’t be idle. You can help you with the snacks, and the proper performance will add points.

When I was eating, I played one or two wood people. In KTV, I played with the mobile phone show crowds. Pro, can you enter the show to give you a professional spirit. I am at the company, I am engaged in an indoor sports meeting. A colleague is wearing a casual suit. The big guy thinks it is coming to the market...

The organization of the activity is not easy. Zhang San feels that walking is very boring. Li Si believes that the expansion of pediatrics, Wang Ermazi will not be able to go to the seaside to build a group, and his preferences are different. Respect for the organizers, courtesy and upbringing are not just dry and thin, but also the thoughtfulness and volume of others. This test is not only emotional intelligence, but also your kindness.

2. Have a heart, help the weak, and strengthen the relationship

A good man and three gangs, the staff is neat during the event, and it is time for you to unite your comrades!

One is weak.

It is true that people are gathered together and people who are familiar with each other are willing to be together. But the original intention of the group is to integrate teams and promote collaboration between people who are unfamiliar or even frictional. If there are new people in the team, or people you are not familiar with, or even people who don't like them very much, professionally, in order to cooperate smoothly in the future, take the initiative to say hello chat, care more, and interact more, which will help you build your network.

Helping the weak is to be good with others.

The second is strong.

No matter how good the scenery is, you don’t climb the top of the mountain, you will never appreciate it; the stage is big, you don’t go to the stage to speak, it’s always a supporting role. In the group activities, not only must you actively participate, you can take the initiative to ask for the job, let the boss see the ability and courage of your leadership team. Remember to keep the sense of the scene, don't just think about winning or losing the game, forget the bonding team, ignore the feelings of others, it will be counterproductive.

Showing strength is worth relying on.

3. In fact, may wish to be a bird

Brush the sense of existence, take a little thought, know the schedule of the group building in advance, and prepare for the targeted.

You are a fitness expert. You can express yourself more when you are expanding, take care of your colleagues; engage in group discussions, make records on the whiteboard paper, and take the initiative to ask for your words. At the company's annual meeting, you are good at blowing and singing, and actively registering, let More people know you...

If you have a chance to show off, you can't ask for it. If you catch it, don't let it go. Don't be too modest to push and miss the opportunity.

"Xiao Zhao, Outward Bound first guy on the bridge?"
"Mites, which make the annual jump dance girl, right?"
"Sun, basketball is not a person that took 40 minutes cargo?"
"Little Li, I remembered it. The last time the project department had a dinner, he killed one bottle of Erguotou..."

No one has the obligation to dig into your show, so it is necessary for everyone to know and remember you as soon as possible.

Mission built three treasures:

1. Have a product, do not make mistakes, professional mentality
2. Have a heart, will come, business contacts
3. Ingredients, is a mind, be a smart bird

The form of group formation is different. Mingge takes the most common departmental dinner as an example, and introduces jade through two small problems.

Why do old employees like to sip new wine when they meet?

A party is a form, drinking, is a tool.

The group is built to promote exchanges between members. Newcomers are recruited. It is like getting a new class at the school. How can old employees help you integrate as soon as possible? Drinking alcohol is a way. It’s not that the old employees are sadistic, and you can’t take care of yourself if you can’t take care of yourself.

Whoever fills, whoever becomes the focus of the wine table, increases the exposure, and pushes the cup for change, people are familiar with it.

On the wine table, wine is a kind of interpersonal prop.

In most cases, the pure bad guys and old fritters are the ones who want to give new people a look at the color. In fact, there are not many.

The amount of alcohol is limited. You don't have to drink hard on the scalp. In the end, you don't want to spit out the faintness of the day. It is not the intention of the drinker. You can drink it and drink it. If you can't drink it, you can make it.

I personally feel that a little more, no harm, and every time I talk about it, I talk about it.

As a newcomer, you don't have to be too stubborn, spit the colorful, you have to be a good person, the wine can't say anything more, affecting your image in the eyes of colleagues.

Second, don't be too emotional, I don't drink, just don't drink, kill or drink, who's face doesn't give it... This is a bit too much, even if someone toasted a glass of wine, dry a cup of tea, yes So what it means, come and not be indecent.

On the table, the newcomers should respect the mountain, and the number of gifts should not be lacking. Please tell me if you want to take care of the scenes.

The wine shop in the workplace is never just for drinking.

Please ask the subordinates to eat, do you want to call the leader?

Ming’s general approach is to greet the leader. As for coming or not, it’s his business, and my heart is up.

Why do you want to know?

One, respect, he is willing to participate, a few words, is the attention to your team, not a bad thing;

Second, let them know that the group building is very important, you have not kept the sound, you are sure that the leader did not think that you did not do the building.

If you pay for the bills personally, you have to take the opportunity to let the leaders know. This is a matter of careful thinking; if the company pays the bill, the leader participates, and the reimbursement signature is even more pleasant, even if it is slightly over-standard, he is informed.

Therefore, it is necessary to call the leader.

What's more, the establishment of this kind of thing is not simply eating, drinking and drinking.

The leader has come, and you personally, you always have to host it, always speak, and it is time to reflect your management ability.

After three rounds of wine, the dishes have passed five flavors, and the team has any requirements. With the spirit of alcohol, you can mention, what do you personally think, and you can talk about it. Things that are not easy to say during weekday work, can be on the wine table.

People can only tell the truth in three situations: before leaving, when they are desperate, after being drunk.

You and the leader are drinking too much, helping each other to go to the toilet to spit a sneak peek, each seeing each other's wolf, the experience of fighting on this wine field, everyone's feelings are different...

There is a big difference between talking about sitting in the office and eating and drinking at the wine table.

The way to get along in the workplace:

When everyone does not take you seriously, you must be able to win yourself; when everyone takes you seriously, you can't take yourself too seriously.

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