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Forensic daily ● March 12-13


● When I brush my teeth in the morning, I suddenly received a call and picked it up in a hurry.

"Oh... will you? (Who?)"

"..." After a few seconds of silence on the phone, I hung up.

I somehow put down my mobile phone, licked my mouth, and the phone rang again. I looked at it, lawyer D.

"Spie mirror?"

"It's me, what's wrong?" I looked at the time, only seven o'clock.

"Oh...just was you taking the call? I thought it was wrong. I am downstairs in your house, hurry up."

"..." I was silent for a while, rolled my eyes and tried to ask: "What are you doing..."?

There was no answer on the opposite side and I hang up the phone directly.

I was confused, changed my clothes, and took photos in the mirror. The hair that had just been washed was messy, and I grabbed a few more, which made the hair more messy.

● "What?" I knocked on the glass of lawyer D.

Lawyer D lowered the glass and looked at me: "Get on the bus, I will send you... Is your gas pipeline exploding?"

"No, I don't like to comb my hair." I calmly said: "I can call my own car."

"Get on the bus yourself, or I invite you to come up." Lawyer D raised his face with a blank expression.

"..." I sat down on the co-pilot and saw that she had pulled the comb out of the bag.

"What are you doing..." I haven't finished yet. She handed me a kfc paper bag and interrupted me: "Don't have breakfast? Give you the meal, hurry up and eat." Start with a comb and start to comb my hair.

"Oh... no, what are you doing, I come by myself, come by myself." This is what to sing! I have heard about combing my girlfriend's hair. What kind of trouble is it for girls to comb their boys? ! Haven't heard of a man's head and a woman's waist, can only see it?

"Be honest! Eat!" Lawyer D squinted at me, but thought about it, or handed the comb to me.

I rolled my eyes, put the breakfast aside, and handed the wooden comb to her with a few combs.

I saw that she smiled secretly when she took the comb... laugh at your sister-_-||

● Not to mention, her driving technology is not bad, walking through the traffic, and soon arrived at our unit.

"Oh... thank you." I said a little embarrassed.

"Nothing, go to work, I am going to work, bye." She waved at me and then said: "Don't forget your breakfast."

I picked up the breakfast, got out of the car, I felt relieved, then turned my head...

MD... I suddenly realized that things are not that simple -_-||

At this time, it was the morning peak of work. When there were many people at the door, several colleagues were pointing at me.

WTF! Is this a conspiracy? !

● "Early! Hey? How do you have time to buy KFC today?" Miss X pretended to be surprised to see the paper bag in my hand. (My route to work does not go through KFC)

What stupid! Still not your traitor, or how does lawyer D know that I don't eat breakfast!

I threw the paper bag on the table of Miss A who was licking the bread: "Don't lick the bread, eat this."

"Wow, the team leader, you are very kind to me!" Miss A threw the bread aside, opened the bag, and thought about turning her head again and asking me: "What do you eat!"

"I have already quit breakfast." I picked up the kettle, went to the corridor to pick up a pot of water, put it on the table and burned it, then began to comb the hair in the mirror.

After a while, the water opened, and I rushed a pot of coffee. Before I fell into the cup, I saw the S leader standing at the door holding the cup.

"Give him a cup of coffee." I rolled my eyes and knocked on Miss A's desk.

"Well, you will make people, a little bit of a leader's shelf?" S led a face and then handed Miss A two kraft paper bags. "Your life, this week, this morning, morning and morning."

● After the S leader left, Miss A handed the bag to me. She said with excitement: "This week is a good time! Can I take time off in the afternoon!"

"What? You are too naive, I bet you, and the two bags are guaranteed to last two weeks of work." As I said, I was about to unpack the bag.

"Okay, okay! What are you gambling?" Miss A’s face was so excited that she didn’t even see Miss X’s eyes on her.

"I lost, you cleaned up the house for me, you lost, everything will do." I calmly took the first bag apart and took out the ... file.

Miss A is very excited: "The deal! I want to..." I waved her hand and interrupted her: "Change the police uniform, X go to the guy, appear, immediately."

● Busy for one day, it is already seven o'clock in the evening when I am ready to go off work.

I recalled the expression of S's leadership in the morning... This treacherous old fox... also lost his suffocation, such a big thing is loaded with Sunday.

I turned my head and looked at Miss A, who was in love with her face. She was kneeling in the chair, completely absent from the excitement of betting with me in the morning.

I smiled and shook my head and said to her: "Come on and change clothes to work, rest early, do you want to make another bet? Our hard days have just begun." I picked up the phone, turned over WeChat, lawyer D was in four When I sent it, I sent a message: When are you going to work? I'll pick you up.

I smiled and didn't expect to work overtime to help me escape. I moved my finger and replied: I am sorry, just got off work, didn't see it, thank you for your kindness, change the day.

I put down my mobile phone, changed clothes slowly, and the phone rang again. I picked up the phone and looked at it, or lawyer D.

"Nothing, I am at your door."

Uh huh? ? ?

I looked so hard and looked at the watch, it was already more than seven o'clock!

"..." I put the phone in my pocket with a black line and walked out of the door of the unit.

● "Hey... are you really there? How long have you been waiting?"

I am a little embarrassed, after all, let a girl wait for so long.

"Not long after, get on the bus." Lawyer D licked his face, I looked at the phone she put down, and plugged in the charging line.

"Yeah." I nodded.

● Not far from the unit to my home, there are not many cars on this road, we soon arrived at the door of my home.

I opened my mouth several times along the way, but eventually did not say anything.

"What's wrong? I want to ask me to go upstairs?" The car stopped for a while, and the lawyer D finally spoke up, and the tone was very relaxed.

"Well? No... Hey... Thank you. Sorry, let you wait so long." I picked up the bag and got ready to get off.

"Do you really invite me to go up?" Lawyer D smiled and reached out to my face.

I ran off the car like a flight, and the laughter of lawyer D came behind him.

● Going home, I licked my forehead. This week's workload is very big. I want to make a phone call with my friends to get the scriptures. I thought about it... or forget it. These two cases are not types that can be leaked. Going out will only ask for trouble.

I washed my face and turned a few professional books from the box under the bed. Some of the knowledge was rarely used after graduation. Although it was not forgotten, it was somewhat unfamiliar.

I made a latte and ordered a cigarette. I picked up the book and flipped it. When I came back, the phone alarm had ringed...

Your uncle... It’s seven o'clock in the morning...

I stretched out, and the spine made a sound of "squeaky" and went to the window to open the curtains.

Bright sunshine... forget it, I don’t blow it... today is cloudy.

Washing your face and brushing your teeth doesn't take up too much of my time. Instead, it is time-consuming to wash your hair. Since I have had long hair, it is a nuisance to wash my hair and comb my hair every day.

I was combing my head, the phone rang, I took it and looked at it... um... still lawyer D.

"Hello, who are you?" I hesitated for a while, or picked up the phone.

"I am waiting for you downstairs in your home." Attorney D said that he simply hanged up the phone.

I put down my mobile phone and snorted in the mirror: "If she is not a woman, she will be able to get along with me."

Going downstairs, she is already waiting for me.

"Early." I sneered and greeted her.

"Breakfast." She handed me a paper bag and asked me, "I didn't have a rest last night?"

"I didn't sleep at all, reading a book." I took the paper bag.

"Hurry up for a while, you have to go to work in a while." Lawyer D glanced at me and shut the music in the car.

"Yeah." I nodded and closed my eyes.

It’s interesting to say that I have a genetic autonomic disorder and I don’t like sleeping when I was young, but there is one exception – whether it’s a train or a car, as long as it’s in the car, and the noise is not too serious, I almost close my eyes. I can fall asleep.

When lawyer D woke me up, it was almost eight o'clock.

"You are so cute to sleep, like a kitten." Lawyer D smiled at me.

A man is like a cat... It’s probably not cute, it’s called a gun.

I looked at it and the car might have stopped at the gate of our unit for a while.

"Oh... thank you, time is too late, I am leaving." I picked up the bag and breakfast and hurriedly got out of the car.

●The two assistants arrived earlier than me. I changed clothes when I arrived.

"First eat, eat and work, don't worry about these few minutes." I threw the breakfast bag to Miss A.

"How come without me?" Miss X complained.

"Are you not eating at home?" I rolled my eyes.

"You are so handsome when you are the leader!" Miss A ate with joy and joy.

● The time of day passed quickly. I looked at my watch and it was already five o'clock in the afternoon.

"Okay, come here today, clean up, do it tomorrow." I took off my gloves and looked up at the phone. Lawyer D left me a message in WeChat: "I am at the door of your unit. "Time is 4:25 pm.

I flipped over her yesterday's message and it was sent at four in the afternoon.

In other words, she can get off work at four o'clock, and she can go to our unit in less than half an hour.

Excluding the traffic jam caused by the traffic at night, the location of her work is probably only about 5-10 kilometers away from our unit.

Speaking of it, except for her name, age, and occupation, I don’t know anything about it, but she knows me very well. Miss X’s traitor is probably ignorant, inexhaustible, and does not know lawyer D. What enchanted soup was given to her, so that she would be dismissed so quickly.

I put down my phone and looked at the two assistants who were dragging the gloves: "Would you like to have a meal together at night?"

● Out of the unit, the lawyer D’s car is not far from the door.

"Hey! How about going to eat with me?" I knocked on the glass of her car.

● The place to eat is my choice, a Chinese restaurant.

I didn't dare to let the lawyer D choose because I was really ignorant of the last meal. I really have no interest in foreign dishes. Apart from French and Japanese cuisine, the taste of other national dishes is really... I can only describe it with huh, but maybe my taste bud is broken.

This traditional Chinese food is very well-known in this city. It often queues up at the door before opening the branch. After opening several branches in recent years, it is a lot better. Lawyer D used the reason of driving, and ordered a juice to drink with me. The two assistants had a big beer. (In our case, there are 6 bottles in a dozen, I don’t know how it counts.)

I smiled a bit and said to lawyer D: "I am afraid you will send them back later." These two gadgets are more limited than me. Drinking beer is probably the amount of three or four bottles, but they are better than me. I can't let go, I don't know what I did the day before.

In view of the work to be done tomorrow, under the dissuasion of my righteous words, they only drank four bottles of beer. However, even so, the two people looked dizzy, Miss X was better, Miss A was holding my shoulder directly, and started to brag like a man...

● When I sent the two assistants back, it was almost eight o'clock. It is quite good today. I don't have to worry about the driver driving directly.

When Miss A was sent to the hotel, she was a little embarrassed. The ghost knew that her father was living next door. He heard the sound coming out and saw that I and the lawyer D were holding the slanting A lady to enter the room. I am so good.

Fortunately, his father is a reasonable person, and together with us to settle Miss A, let us leave together.

● Missed Miss A, lawyer D sent me home. There was no such a little drunkard in the car, and the atmosphere became awkward again.

When I got to my house downstairs, lawyer D looked at me and asked, "Why, I want to invite me to the stairs?"

"No...not...that..." I hesitated for a while, and said something awkwardly: " won’t pick me up see that we are not quite good... ... strange embarrassed... um... very troublesome for you, these two days... thank you..."

"Oh, you are arrogant, is this?" Lawyer D chuckled at me.

"Well... um..." Your sister, how can I feel that it is not right! Generally, it should not be a girl, the entanglement of a man’s dead skin! This position is not quite right!

"I thought how big a thing is, go upstairs, take a break early today." Lawyer D waved at me.

"Oh." I got out of the car and just walked a few steps, I heard a short bang from behind the car horn.

"By the way!" Lawyer D made a kiss and made me a kiss, then drove away...

Nima, what kind of blush I am! Is this a trick for me? What am I shy about!

"Hey..." Long sighed and turned to open the electronic lock of the community.

● When I got home, I washed my face, picked up the book that hadn’t been closed on the table, and looked at it again. I looked at the phone, it’s almost twelve o’clock, took a shower, and sent a text message to the two assistants. (Please tell me that this is not the only one in the world who is still using this thing.) Remind them not to be late the next day, and take a nap after taking the medicine.