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After the naked remark, I have really bad!


According to the doctor's report: In 2016, the overall turnover rate of pharmaceutical representatives was 29.45%, of which the domestic enterprise turnover rate was 37.9%, and the foreign company turnover rate was 23%. Among the resigned staff, 67.3% were men and 32.6% were women (forgive me for asking, is that 0.1% representative from Thailand?)

According to Aon Hewitt's 2017 Human Health Capital Research in Healthcare Industry, pharmaceutical representatives are still one of the top three functions of pharmaceutical companies with the highest turnover rate. In 2017, the turnover rate was 27.1%. Among them, the active turnover rate is 17.0%, and the passive turnover rate is 10.1%, which is higher than the industry average. In 2017, the pharmaceutical industry turnover rate was 25.1%, of which the active turnover rate was 16.1% and the passive turnover rate was 9.0%.

It seems that the medical representative turnover rate seems to have dropped a little, but because of the sample taken, the number of people drawn, the statistical criteria may be different, so the contrast between the two data is not very significant. But the only certainty is that the industry's turnover rate has been rising and has been running at a high level.

Since 2013, the turnover rate of the pharmaceutical industry has been higher than 20%. In fact, some teams have 50% turnover rate. The high turnover rate is also consistent with the high-pressure unstable environment in which the medical representative is now. According to the doctor's data, 53% of the medical representatives who left the company in 2016 were naked, meaning that half of the representatives who left the company said they would leave. Confirmed your eyes, this is not the person I want!

The representative of the naked remark, are you doing well?

38-year-old female representative

I have known this sister for some years. I have been working in a foreign company before, and my performance is very good. I am also very nice and have very good customer resources. However, many years have been sacrificed for the family. In order to take care of the children, in order to stay with my family, I have given up several opportunities for promotion, so I have not been a regional manager until this age. But there is room for it, and the happiness of the family also offsets the regret of not getting promoted. Maybe she does not care about the promotion. Last year, I changed my boss. The style of the new boss is not very consistent with her. I don’t get along very well. Two people often get friction because some things can’t reach consensus, and even have a fierce verbal confrontation in front of colleagues.

This sister later slowly developed the idea of ​​leaving. Of course, she has been working for so many years and naturally understands that it is best not to be naked, so she occasionally goes out for an interview, although some companies do not satisfy her, but she feels that it is not too difficult to find a job.

So after another fierce debate with the boss, she proposed to leave, the aging mother is fed up, not waiting for you! At that time, I also said that she was impulsive. She said that she has been working for so many years, and she wants to have a good rest, and adjust (good) to the whole (good) (out) (de) state (wave) to start again.

Later, the painting style was abrupt, and the resume was either not responded, or there was no news after the interview, or it was selected through layers, and was eliminated in the final round. The opponents were all young people under the age of 30 without exception. Later, a kind-hearted supervisor said to her: "I can't quite understand that you are naked at this age. It is reasonable to say that the winds of this industry have already experienced this age. What else can force you to die? We At present, recruiting representatives are basically under 30 years old. Although you are very good, the age is really too big."

In fact, it is no secret that this industry does not like the older representatives. Many corporate recruitments are written directly under the age of 30, and euphemistically written after 88 years (it is also difficult for the boss to edit the recruitment information), revealing the age in this industry. The importance of it. We also understand that the company is worried that older medical representatives have limited energy and cannot be as hard-working as young people, without the involvement of families and children. In fact, it is not only the medical industry that does not like the older employees, but also the IT industry. Before that, Huawei also cut the news of employees over the age of 35.

The elders who are looking for a job at an older age are really only able to understand the pain when you face it personally. It is not a phrase "I understand you, I understand you" can really feel it. This society is full of malicious people over the age of 35!

Naked resignation of 31-year-old unmarried woman

My friend is 31 years old, single, and the condition is really beautiful and white. The legs are all legs and the card is straight and the Guanyin Bodhisattva! Nothing to learn a foreign language, temperament did not have to learn. It may be because it is too good, and the result is left.

Chinese men sometimes have low self-esteem in their bones and cannot accept women who are too good. Therefore, it is only after the woman’s incompetence is the ancient training of Germany, and there is also a third group of people like the female doctor.

The first part of the good-looking skin is the same, the interesting soul picks one! My friend, as a walking hormone, a perpetual motion of the kidney, is naturally a debauchery and loves freedom. One day, I said that I want to go to the outside world to see, I said that you can take annual leave, but when you say it, it is already a documentary (a certificate of separation).

Hey....I went.....I am tempered! ....... I wish you a safe journey!

Two months later, my sister bought a rewinding scroll and came back to work! I didn't expect to be a river. The interviewer didn't ask her why she was naked. She didn't believe in the reason for her naked remarks. She just thought that her naked resignation was unreasonable and did not meet the requirements of the post. Whatever more, she worried about making small things. People, I am afraid that she will marry and have a baby soon after she gets to work. My friend said that even a boyfriend didn't, and who played the applause of love, but the interviewer insisted that this age of girls is a minute!

I had no choice but to find a job for a long time. During that time, she really felt the cruelty of the young unmarried young woman looking for a job for the first time. The long-time unemployed people also made her become anxious and unconfident, and she gave her naked words. A heavy lesson!

So, everyone, what conditions, still play naked words!

Therefore, Joe Ge suggested that colleagues in the workplace, naked sleep can be, naked words do not!

For older medical representatives, my advice is:

One. Never be naked. Things will become more difficult and people will become more confused after the naked words!

2. When you want to be naked, talk to your friends. Maybe you are just impulsive, maybe you are thinking about it, but after a person has limited experience, chatting with friends, listening to other people's ideas, may help you change the current situation.

3. When you are older, choose a gentle boss. Some friends like to have an aggressive, aggressive boss, this personal taste is different. But when we are old, try to choose a moderate boss. People often go through a lot of things to be calm, to converce their edge, and to put themselves in the shoes of others. It is very comfortable to get along with such a boss. Some bosses seem to be very strong and aggressive, but sometimes it is an immature performance.

After 30 years old, choosing a boss and a team is much more important than earning 2,000 yuan a month!

In the end, it’s the same thing, naked sleep, naked running, it’s just naked!