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Selected to be transferred to the grassroots - 17, 18


This year is probably the biggest year of change. I can no longer comfortably stay on campus and chat, imagining that one day will win Bai Fumei and go to life to win. The rest are realities. What is shattered is the frivolity of youth. It is the youth’s down-to-earth.

After graduating from college in 2017, various reasons have made me embark on this road that I like and yearn for. After all the way, I finally entered the ranks. It sounds very enviable career and eats royal food. Half a year later, I feel a lot of emotion.

Life is full of voice, a little boring. Half a year of life has formed a regular, some habits, parents living alone after work, have their own deposits, although thin; have their own nest, although too small; have their own work, although remote; More than these, although they are just getting started, these are the first steps of the Long March and they have gone out step by step. But life is really boring, there is no cinema, no hot pot, no good internet cafe, no tea shop, no star dad (a friend called Starbucks), no friends, no day chat, no news, etc. Let me be desperate in this half of the city. In the first 3 months, I walked out of the dormitory in the middle of the night, watching the glory of the moon and the stars in the sky, how good the mentality is, but I have to show up in the morning to show my spirits and face. Smile, my heart MMP, probably the best portrayal. After half a year, I became familiar with it, got used to such a day, doing my own work, looking at my own book, watching the favorite drama, silently counting the days of going home, and the time passed. Life is like this too. In my heart, this is not the life I want, I don’t belong here. It’s been a quarter of 24 months. Time flies so fast. How can the other half not appear as fast as time? Even if you think about not falling in love for two years, you can get it. This sentence can be used as a sentence. Didn't say it, it is impossible to take the initiative to attack, I hope that a young lady will save me this year.

The work is complicated and goes to formality. Work can never be done, never know that there will be waiting for you tomorrow, open my work folder, there are already more than a dozen job classifications, agriculture, environmental protection, construction, etc. Take a copy of the mobile hard drive and see how big it is. It is very headachesome that there are several jobs that are new, and the materials must be prepared by themselves. There is no chance that a material can be used for a few years. I always suspect that I am bald, I am afraid of thinking about it. I don’t want to be a Mediterranean, it’s terrible, so I eat walnuts silently. Going to the countryside is always going to doubt life. Every week at least twice in the village, when it is not over, the most embarrassing one day ran over 40 villages in the town. In this way, I still did not recognize each village. The road, the more you can go without the leadership to guide, some even if it is, really far and partial. Drinking grain wine, I am a dog! The kind of dog that really called, commemorate the comrades who went to the countryside, don’t drink the stuffed wine, which will make you feel the weight of the two wines. I can't avoid drinking at work, no matter how the alcohol is banned. Some jobs are really not working now, just like Bergzhnev said Russians: "The Russians can't do anything from this stuff." "The old secretaries in the village started their work like this, and they did a good job. Please drink me. If you don't do well, please drink me." The former is a rewarding nature, while the latter belongs to pushing you to do it, especially the latter. If they are invited to drink, they will take people short and promote work. This is probably the status quo of rural work, no evaluation, because of personal experience, it is very difficult to get away from this stuff.

I have been working in 2018 for half a year. I have thought about how to achieve the best in the scope of my ability. I don’t want to be mixed. I don’t think there is anything wrong with me. I just want the staff to go to the department and go to Zhengke, the deputy is better, the rest is the fate, this is the goal of this life. This road is not easy to go, how many people have only mixed treatment for a lifetime, how many people have been stuck for a lifetime, how many people are depressed, I don't want to be such a person. After 18 years in 18 years, read more books, write more articles, write more, learn more; play less mobile phones, think less, use less Internet, and spend less. This is the case this year. (Monday, January 1, 2008)