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Taiwan’s first comfort women’s statue was completed and the Kuomintang’s Tainan Party’s Democratic Progressive Party’s authorities were silent.


According to Taiwan media reports, on August 14th, the International Women's Memorial Day, the first statue of Taiwan's comfort women was set up next to the Kuomintang Party of Tainan City. This morning, Ma Ying-jeou, the former leader of the Taiwan authorities, was unveiled. Ma Ying-jeou said that it is a pity that the Democratic Progressive Party has never mentioned the issue of comfort women after the ruling party. The DPP government is committed to transforming justice. It should make a sound for this issue and let the historical pains be healed. The Tainan City Women's Human Rights Equality Promotion Association said that it hopes that this event will also enable Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the Taiwanese government as a woman, to look forward to the opening of the bronze statue on August 14 and to respond to international comfort women-related activities. We will receive an apology and compensation from the Japanese government for the rest of our lives.

The bronze statue of the comfort woman is a Taiwanese girl who resists with both hands. It symbolizes the helplessness and resistance of the victim who cannot change the status quo, and the expectation that the inner desire for justice can be extended. The backboard has Chinese, English and Japanese and Japanese commentary. The statue of the comfort women was set up in the land of the Kuomintang Party Committee of Tainan City. The road was built by the Japanese in the Japanese occupation period. There were also many Japanese media concerned about the interview.

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