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When interviewing, how do you judge whether future leadership is reliable?


All the people in the workplace want to follow a good and reliable leader, so as to realize their own leap in life at an early date. But I don't know how to judge whether my future leadership is a good leader or not.

Yesterday, a workplace friend consulted Lao Wang, saying that he did not like and could not understand his own direct leadership, and then chose the naked remarks. This time, when choosing a job, you must be careful and choose a good leader.

This made Lao Wang think of Li Wei in the "Yongzheng Dynasty". He chose the right leader and finally made the governor of Jiangsu. Many people will say that looking for a job now is not because we choose leadership, but because leaders choose us. Lao Wang believes that this is half right. The real workplace people should choose each other, not always being chosen by others .

Lao Wang has always said that the interview is not a unilateral choice, but a process of mutual choice and mutual elimination . When people are in the workplace, they want to be proactive in choosing others. They must first be reliable and level. When choosing an interview, how do you choose a reliable leader? According to Lao Wang’s observation of the workplace and the experience of headhunting for more than a decade, Lao Wang believes that:

1, before the interview, be sure to Soso site about his new company, the new company on the Internet to see if there is negative news, what are the negative news and so on . If a company is not reliable, you don't need to choose and think about whether future leadership is reliable. Because this is wasting your time. In the concept of Pharaoh, if a company is not reliable, flicker, this company will not have any good talent. Because things are grouped together by people.

During the May Day holiday, Pharaoh received a phone call from a consultant saying that he saw a lot of negative news on the Internet, most of which were sent by the company's departing employees. The opportunity for such a company should not be considered. Pharaoh told the consultant that it is not a bad thing to have negative news, but if it is the news of his own employee and his real name, such a company should not choose. Don't forget, one day, you will also become a retired employee. Based on these thoughts, it is best not to choose.

2. At the time of the interview, you must be able to judge whether your future departmental leadership is professional and reliable . A few days ago, a consultant said that he went to a company for an interview and also passed an interview. Since the time of the meal was over, the department leaders arranged for the two of them to eat a light meal. When the future department leader drank a bottle of beer, he began to say that the company was not good, that was not good. Many of the company’s bad things about employees are shaken out. Finally, I am about to leave, I suggest you not to join the job.

Lao Wang believes that the leader of this department may be wronged in his heart, and then he will start to vomit and vent, otherwise he will not talk. In this case, don't choose this company. Regardless of whether the leader is right or wrong, the company must have problems, or a very serious management problem. Don't forget, things are grouped together to group!

Also, during the interview, you should observe the changes in the eyes of future department leaders, hear the logic and professionalism of the leader's speech, and judge the future leadership from the details of the speech .

If the future department leader is interviewing you, the eyes are not observing you, but are observing other or conflicting with the HR description; or speaking without logic, thinking about where to say; or speaking to people Rely on, etc., in this case, don't talk about it.

Before the May Day holiday, a headhunter told Lao Wang that she took a candidate to the company for an interview. When the interview went on for about 30 minutes, the candidate suddenly said that today's interview is here, and there will be opportunities to communicate later. The scene is very embarrassing. After that, the headhunter asked the candidate what was the reason for ending the interview without the end of the interview. The candidate said: The head of the department has been saying, but contrary to the views expressed by HR, at the same time, at the time of the interview, the head of the department and HR also engaged in disputes and so on. These are not core, the core lies in the head of the department:

a. The logic of speech is too bad, and it is also a special bureaucrat.

b. As an interview with the department head, you should understand the professionalism of the candidate, rather than always paying attention to the candidate's salary.

c. The head of the department is very strong, but judging from the logic of his speech, he is strong, but the level is too general. Subordinates who do such leadership will only let themselves go to the black pot and so on.

3. When you are interviewing the person in charge of the department, I am listening to you or you are listening to him. Many people in the workplace interviewed others, and they have already practiced a mouthful of "speakable and eloquent". They just want to speak for themselves and are not willing to listen to others. Just like last night, a job seeker told Lao Wang that he went to a company interview yesterday afternoon. The entire interview time was more than one hour. He felt that he was listening to the department's leadership training and he was less than 10 minutes. Pharaoh jokingly said, who is this interviewer? Lao Wang suggested that you should not join a company like this.

There is also a more interesting story. A job seeker tells him that he went to a company for an interview and interviewed for 45 minutes. He has been listening to a leader of the company who has been bragging about their bosses and cattle, and then began to say What was wrong with the two candidates who had left the job in the past, how bad the work was done, and so on. The candidate refused to re-examine on the spot, and then said a sentence: If I leave this position one day, is it the same as the previous two, it is worthless.

Written at the end

In the workplace, there is a kind of success that is to hold the thigh. The so-called thigh is to follow the leader. Many people know that they want to follow the leadership, but they don't know how to judge whether they have a good leader or a reliable leader . This article by Pharaoh hopes to help friends who are looking for a job in the workplace.

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