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[Slimming dry goods] 145-115 kg, large base diet + sports


Weight loss dry goods No. 254

Let me talk about how I slimmed down in the end. I hope that after reading this article, you will gain something and forward it to those in need.

Weight change

145 kg - 115 kg

Dimensional change

Bust 90cm-85cm

Waist 78cm-60.5cm

Hip circumference 105cm-91cm

Thigh 62cm-52cm

Calf 39cm-34.5cm

Arm 29cm-24.5cm


The first stage of fat reduction: 145 kg - 126 kg

June 16, 2015 - September 2015

In the first stage, I learned a little about fat loss and started to act directly. I firmly believe that as long as my intake is less than consumption, I can lose weight.

This time, I made up my mind from the very beginning to seriously lose weight, and I have a long-term plan to fight against the war. I also know that I must eat enough of my own basal metabolism every day. Dieting can lead to menstrual disorders and even menopause, so I plan to use exercise + science. The way of eating is reduced, and you will never diet.

First, get rid of all junk food! Usually, if you drink it, drink water every day. About 3L per day. After reading the book, you know that you should drink plenty of water during the fat loss. Because the metabolism of fat requires water to participate, and the skin will be good~

The software measures the basal metabolic rate of 1350 kcal, and insists on controlling the food intake within 1350 kcal per day. The exercise consumes 300 kcal, and the daily calorie difference is 300 calories. One theory is that “consuming 3,500 cards can alleviate one. The weight of pounds (about 0.9kg), then I can lose 1kg in 12 days. I think it's especially beautiful~ (In fact, the body is not a precision instrument, you can get the results you want by calculation. If you take too little time, your body will default to the famine mode to reduce consumption, and the weight loss will be less than expected. This is also the reason why so many people are very likely to encounter a plateau during a diet.

Use software mint to calculate food calories, to the extent that 10g of olive oil is 90 calories, such as tomato scrambled eggs, I must calculate in five parts: tomato, egg, olive oil, salt, sugar.

I will calculate all the food I want to eat every day for the next week, do three meals a day, eat at home, and take lunch with lunch. I don't know how to cook, so this stage is basically to use boiled + steamed way to eat, may be too strong, and did not eat spit.

This is the diet at the time, eating four meals a day, breakfast, lunch, afternoon meals, dinner (sometimes you can choose to eat Starbucks smoked chicken salad at night).

Sports: Jumping it up2004, 77 minutes, jumping for two days to rest a day, to the date of writing the article, I have recorded a full jump 100 times!

When I first jumped, I couldn't hold on for 20 minutes. At that time, my physical strength was really bad, but I still stuck my teeth.

You asked me if aerobics is better than running? Not! I chose aerobics because the sport can be carried out at home. It was too fat at the time. Whether it was going to the gym or the playground, or running around the group, I was embarrassed to go, afraid of shame.

During the period, I bought a Xiangshan electronic scale, a Hatha Yoga mat (the yoga mat should not buy too thin, it will hurt), sports underwear (very very important, will be detailed later) and clothing, foam shaft (buy it useless) After), the early body shaping 100-day form (applied to the refrigerator, the feeling of filling is still very fulfilling).

However, strict control at this stage is very effective. Although I have basically not calculated calories for eating now, because I can basically get a good look at healthy ingredients, I know how much heat there is.

But I still recommend newcomers to adopt this method. This method is very scientific, because most people don't know how much weight they should eat, and they concentrate on eating too little vegetables and too much fat. People who do not have exercise habits, once they start using the adjusted diet to reduce fat, the effect is very obvious, far faster than exercise.

PS: A lot of people will say that you are tired or tired, but I think that if you want to do something, you have to pay a price. No one can succeed casually. There are still many people who will say how much time you have to do these things. You must be especially empty. What I want to say is that people's time allocation is the same as money distribution. There are successive priorities. I work very busy, but at this stage, I put fat reduction on the most important things besides work. No time will take the time to do it!


The second stage of fat loss: 126 kg - 120 kg

September 2015 - February 2016

In September, I read more articles about healthy fat loss.

First, I know that it is not enough to eat basal metabolism , and should eat 1.1-1.3 times of basal metabolism. The second is to know the importance of strength training and the importance of muscle.

So some changes were made:

1 increase dietary intake;

2, four meals a day into five meals a day, eat a piece of whole wheat bread at 10:30 in the morning, eat a fruit at 3:30 in the afternoon;

3 Add strength training before aerobic training, practice Qu Ying's "Strong Slimming Dumbbell Exercise", practice two parts every day, then the first day is the arm + back, the next day is the chest + abdomen, the third The sky is the hip + leg.

Because I made a change, I still haven't encountered the platform period, and my weight has steadily declined. However, because of the low intake of oil and fat, my face is a little bit bad.


The third stage of fat loss: 120 kg - 117 kg

February 2016 - April 2016

In the third stage, I read more books and articles, and I have more knowledge.

At this stage, I have actually not calculated the calories of food, but I still weigh it, especially vegetables, mainly because I am afraid that I will not eat enough.

This stage is not aerobic, mainly running.


Fat reduction fourth stage: 117 kg - 115 kg

April 2016 to present

Read a much more book and realize that the human body is a very sophisticated instrument. Adjusting the key turning point of the diet structure, increasing the daily protein intake (2g protein per kilogram of body weight per day), reducing carbohydrate intake, ingesting high-quality fat (olive oil + no seasoning mixed nuts), knowing food More detailed classification.

Eat a lot of protein + a small amount of carbon water + high-fiber fruits and vegetables for breakfast

So halve the breakfast staples (such as two pieces of whole wheat bread reduced to one), double the protein (such as a cup of hot milk into a cup of hot milk + two eggs), fruits and vegetables unchanged.

Know that you want to enrich your food

For example, the protein of breakfast is not necessarily milk eggs, but also steak, chicken breast, and salmon.

Plant protein absorption rate is low and amino acids are not comprehensive, far less than animal protein

The soy products that must be eaten every day of dinner (originally intended to supplement protein by soy products) are replaced with other proteins. I was surprised to see that the diet was adjusted to the 12th day and the weight dropped by 2.4kg. Keep on looking.

Physiological adjustment

On the one hand, due to the small decrease in body temperature during the physiological period, the metabolism is slowed down, and at the same time, the calorie expenditure is reduced due to the decrease in exercise volume. In the physiological period, I will cancel the morning meal and increase the intake of red meat. The physiological period is not an indulgence period. It is necessary to increase the intake of nutrients instead of the intake of junk food. It is better to eat rather than eat more. If the physiological period is well controlled, it can achieve a steady decline in body weight.

On the other hand, in the first three days of the physiological period, I will maintain my physical exercise habits after a walk after dinner. I will go for a few days and do some yoga training. Pause hula hoops, spinning bicycles, etc. to squeeze the high-intensity movement of the abdominal cavity, and the vertical leg, sit-ups and other sports also stop.

Looking back at my weight loss process, I didn't know a lot about nutrition and sports knowledge from the beginning. I have been groping my way forward. My method may not be the most scientific and perfect, but at least, I have been learning. Improve your knowledge structure and progress.


I also died

When I was a child, I liked to eat potato chips and junk food. I have been slightly fat in elementary school since I was a junior high school, but I can still accept it. It is not too exaggerated.

What is really terrible is high school, learning stress is heavy, and it is adolescence. Every day, I eat sea and drink. Every night, I go home from school and go home to eat the whole Chinese hamburger that my mother made. It is big steamed bun + beef + various vegetables. So I began to lose weight.

Later, I used a variety of methods, fat and thin, thin and fat, like a balloon, suddenly fat and thin, everyone appreciate me at various stages.

2. You need a lighthouse and then move forward without fear

If you are not a person with strong inner and willpower support, I hope you can find a spiritual beacon, or a partner on the road. The lighthouse can't be too far away. To be grounded, Wang Hao's (the founder of the brand) makes me suddenly understand that there is another possibility for a woman to live. Although I am not a feminist, I am more beautiful and stronger. More money should be the universal value of the world.

Your spiritual beacon can't be a chicken soup player. She has to provide you with a methodology. The partner can't drag your hind legs. If you can't hold you and discourage you when you want to indulge or be lazy, then he can't be a qualified one. Partner, and vice versa.

I hope that you have a lighthouse in the distance, a qualified partner, and the courage to run in the dark.

3. The sea sails by the helmsman, science changes life

1) Muscle vs fat

Before everyone starts to lose fat, I hope that everyone can make a clear idea: body size is more important than weight, don't pay too much attention to weight, you should change the body composition and internal body composition.

Equal weight of fat and muscle, the mention of fat is three times larger than muscle.

Many girls are afraid of getting muscles when they are exercising, but in fact women are relatively low in testosterone levels compared to men. They can't grow muscles that are as well-defined as men, so don't worry. The female muscle's rising limit is basically about 5kg (冉苒 coach said).

Women lose an average of 5% of their muscles every year after age 30. After 40 years of age, women who do not love sports will lose twice as much muscle as men. If you don't exercise, the muscle loss will make your body loose, and your metabolism will decrease. This will cause you to increase your weight by 1kg per year even if you eat as much as you used to.

In addition, muscle is a very good thing, its ability to consume heat is much stronger than fat, and it is also an important support for the body's basal metabolism. But muscle is a super-derogatory thing, growing slowly, leaving good things to fat, and consuming quickly. When you diet, the first thing that is lost is it. So we lose weight, it is important to lose fat and retain muscle.

2) basal metabolic rate

Basic metabolism refers to the minimum energy needed to maintain a normal life activity in a person's life. The popular point is that the energy consumed by a "vegetative person" in one day (do not eat or drink the energy consumed in bed for a day).

The measurement of basal metabolism can be determined by formula, software, body fat scale, hospital instrument, but I personally think that this is the same as the body fat rate, except for the measurement of hospital instruments. The basic metabolism of adult women is about 1300, so remember this approximate data.

If you have already ruined your basal metabolism by dieting many times, then you have to restore basal metabolism instead of paying too much attention to weight. This process can be lengthy, but please be patient.

30% of the daily consumption of the human body comes from the thermal effects and exercise of food, and the other 70% comes from basal metabolism, in which brain and digestive organs consume 60% of the body and muscles account for 40%.

You have to know that you only need 300 calories per hour for a day of aerobics or an hour of jogging, so basal metabolism is the most important for fat loss.

Then what we have to do is four things:

Eat less and eat more, so your digestive organs are always working.

Read more and think more. If you look at those physics and mathematics scientists, there is basically no fat. What do people think?

Do resistance training and increase muscle mass.

"Sit and correct, stand but straight, take the heavens and the earth as your gym", take a few more steps, do more work, and increase the amount of exercise.

3) Body fat rate and how do I visually measure body fat percentage

I actually bought a body fat scale called "Yunmai is light", but I bought it not because it can measure body fat, because it can connect to the phone to automatically record weighing data, and can add several family members. And automatically recognized, very convenient.

I think these so-called instruments for measuring body fat are not allowed on the market. The most accurate one should be the mirror and your own eyes.

This picture is the size of the person with various body fat rates. I am using this picture to estimate my body fat. I am currently about 22%.

4) Partial slimming

As far as the knowledge I have learned, there is no local slimming method. Our digestion of fat can not reach the targeted point. The fat loss is all systemic. Because each person's genes are different, the speed of the thin part is also different. For example, I am the waist and the belly is particularly obvious, the calf is particularly stubborn, and it is tears.

My view of sports

1) Strength training

The importance of muscle and strength training has already been mentioned.

At present, I divide the body into 6 large pieces: the chest and triceps, the back and the biceps, the shoulders and the hips, training a group every day, and training the abdomen every day.

Regarding strength training, I generally recommend doing it before aerobic training, because we do strength training is to consume sugar, when we carry out 20-30 minutes of strength training, after the consumption of sugar is completed, then aerobic training can be directly It is very efficient to consume fat.

Novices I still recommend following the video or software, such as the above mentioned powerful slimming dumbbell exercise (select dumbbell weight according to your own situation), fittime and keep two apps, I recommend Kathy Smith's thin buttocks for hip training. Stovepipe exercise, low intensity, but easy to understand and study.

Strength training must be destined for safety, because strength training is not the same as aerobics. You don't understand the principle of this movement, and you don't know where to force it. For example, the support of the plate is a good way to practice the core, but many girls have collapsed and continue to hold on, which is very painful to the lumbar vertebrae. The belly is forced to hurt the neck, and the injury is irreversible.

I have to think more and use more search engines. There are also a lot of fitness V on Weibo, such as: sushi-queen, Wu Qingqing - balance beauty, coach, Xie Ning, Wang Yan, fitness, etc., knowing that there is also a fitness Column. I hope everyone can study hard!

Books recommended "No Device Fitness", "Hard Fitness", "Prisoner Fitness" and so on.

I agree with the coach's point of view. Although we pursue visual beauty, training should serve the life. We should do strength training. We should not focus on the swelling of the biceps or the highlight of the vest line. Instead, we should pay attention to the improvement of athletic ability. We must be able to open the heavy door of the mall and take the bag to the luggage rack independently.

2) Aerobic training

When it comes to aerobic training, the first thing to mention is the heart rate of burning fat.

First turn to Gu Shenyu's words: unless it enters the anaerobic threshold, the metabolism is completely free of oxygen, otherwise the intensity is higher, even if it exceeds the aerobic heart rate, the fat β oxidation rate decreases but still participates in the tricarboxylic acid energy supply, and the overall demand is larger. .

For example, a comparison of the capacity of 10 taxis and a large bus passenger capacity. Therefore, unless it is a special training, the use of medium and high intensity training for fat reduction will be more efficient than low-temperature aerobic for a long time.

So I don't think you have to care too much about the so-called aerobic heart rate interval. For aerobics, our goal should be farther, faster and higher. The pursuit should be more powerful cardio and exercise capacity.

Common aerobic training includes running, swimming, cycling, brisk walking, aerobics, etc. There are no advantages and disadvantages, as long as it can last for a long time, it is good for you.

As far as running is concerned, you can follow the running guide, running mood, read some running books, such as running guides, and how to run.

3) Stretch training

It is very important to stretch in time after exercise, which is of great significance for relieving lactic acid accumulation and preventing pain. I think that strength, aerobic, and stretching should be three-point sports. There is no primary or secondary. Softness is also an important measure of personal physical fitness. It is not only good for exercise, but also for preventing cervical spine disease. Back pain is also a good preventive effect.

I personally recommend the sore lacing anatomy book. The movements in the book all indicate the action steps, squats and the muscle problems that are targeted. It is very convenient to practice.

If you are too tired to read a book, you can also refer to the post-run stretching course in fittime.

4) Personal hobbies

I usually like to play badminton, table tennis, skating and other sports in addition to training. I want to learn classical dance and free fight recently. I am a girl with wide interests and contradictions. Haha.

I think there are some hobbies outside of training that are more important, and life can be more fun.

Three points to practice seven points to eat in the end how to eat

1) Nutrition book recommendation

2015-2020 American Dietary Guidelines

Chinese Diet Pagoda

Fan Zhihong's series on nutrition

Weibo Daren: Fan Zhihong, Gu Zhongyi, Gu Shenyu, Bin Ka

2) Three macro nutrients and recommendations

1 carbohydrate (refer to the knowledge of carbohydrate posts, Xie Ning coach's course, sports nutrition)

Carbohydrates are the general term for sugar. The various types of food we eat, potato beans, including fruits and vegetables, are mostly carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are macronutrients and are one of the three major energizing substances in the human body. They are indispensable.

What is GI?

GI glycemic index refers to the ability of food to cause the body's glycemic index to rise. High GI foods, fast into the gastrointestinal tract, high absorption rate, fast glucose release, high peak after glucose enters the blood; low GI food, in the gastrointestinal The residence time is long, the absorption rate is low, the glucose release is slow, and the peak value of glucose after entering the blood is low, and the rate of decline is slow.

After the intake of carbon water, insulin is secreted, and carbon water is absorbed in the small intestine. The liver enters the liver through the portal vein to preferentially synthesize hepatic glycogen, and then the muscle glycogen is synthesized, and finally the fat. Usually, during the fat loss period, we recommend eating low-to-medium GI carbon water, because the exercise happens to be the most needed glycolysis or aerobic oxidation of muscle glycogen, but if you do not control too much intake, it will cause fat accumulation.

Medium GI Carbohydrate: Brown Rice, Oats, Whole Wheat Food

Low GI Carbohydrates: Various Beans, Potatoes, Whole Grains

High GI Carbohydrates: A variety of polished rice noodles, cakes and other foods you know inside.

The major dietitians generally recommend that the daily coarse grains account for half of the staple food. In addition to the low GI index, the coarse grains are also rich in dietary fiber, which is strong enough to help lose weight.

2 protein (reference books: high school biology textbooks, sports nutrition, binka knows the column)

During the fat loss period, it is recommended to consume 2G protein per kilogram of body weight. It is recommended to consume a large amount of high-quality protein. Among the three macro-nutrients, protein is the most special. After ingesting from food, it is mainly stored in skeletal muscle and is responsible for muscle contraction. Immune function, activation of biochemical reactions and other important functions, it is a building material for muscle building, its fullness is far stronger than carbon water and fat, protein deficiency will make your immunity decline, mood depressed, hair and nail gloss reduced . At the same time, it is very energy intensive and can help you lie down and lean.

High-quality protein recommendations: eggs, chicken breast, peeled chicken legs, salmon, shrimp and all kinds of seafood, beef, lamb, pork tenderloin, soy and soy products, milk and sugar-free yogurt.

3 fat

The three major functions of fat are: keeping warm and energizing, helping to synthesize certain hormones (when the fat intake is too small will affect the holiday), and protecting the internal organs (girls with body fat below 18% may cause menopause or even infertility, because At this point, the body will think that you are entering the famine mode again, so a thin body can not breed future generations).

Too high or too low body fat is problematic, don't blindly pursue low body fat (specifically, girl)

Sources of high quality fat: olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, avocado, no seasoning nuts, etc.

3) Recommended vegetables and fruits

1 Chinese diet guide recommends 1 kg of vegetables per day, most people can not eat.

2 During the fat loss period, please take a large amount of high-fiber vegetables and eat more green leafy vegetables. Such as: spinach, green vegetables, asparagus, oil wheat vegetables, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, broccoli, purple cabbage, onions, tomatoes, peppers, etc. (basically unlimited)

3 eating fruit diet is a pothole, many fruits are very sweet, fructose content is too high. The fruits I like are: cherries, blueberries, various berry fruits, dragon fruit, bananas, cherries, apples, grapefruits, and oranges; super sweet fruits such as lychee, longan, watermelon, and sugar cane are not recommended.

4) Food heat effect and negative energy food

The food heat effect is due to the increase in energy consumption caused by eating. We need to consume extra energy to chew food and digest and absorb nutrients in food. The fat food heat effect is between 4% and 5%, the carbohydrate is between 5% and 6%, and the protein can reach 30% to 40%.

Therefore, increasing the proportion and intake of protein in the whole-day dietary intake during fat loss is beneficial to fat loss.

5) cheat day and food considerations

Deception is good for me, but the weight loss community generally does not recommend deception, because many people are often very indulgent in deception, directly turning the deception into a scam, and then turning the fraud into a fraud day. The weight of the next day, a sharp increase of 5 pounds, and then disappointing, and then there is no more.

But I have lost weight from last year to the present, but I still basically keep a weekly deception meal. This may be based on my own psychological construction. I am a person who loves food very much. If I stop eating everything for weight loss, I am unacceptable. .

Therefore, the balance I find between weight loss and food is to deceive the meal. It should be noted that although the deceitful meal does not calculate calories and eats food, it also tries not to eat sweet drinks and puts limited calories on the best food. Everyone depends on the situation.

My recent dietary arrangements

1) Sports Day


Hot milk 200ml, fried egg one

One boiled egg, one whole wheat bread

Half a dragon fruit

Morning meal

No seasoning mixed nuts 15


Brown rice, black rice, oatmeal, wheat, wheat, hazelnut, red beans

a bowl of miscellaneous rice made from mung bean black bean and soy bean 75g

Garlic Spinach 200g, Fried Carrot 100g

Pan-fried chicken breast 100g

Afternoon meal

Half a dragon fruit


Fried old tofu 100g, steamed eggplant 100g

1 tomato, 2 purple potatoes

After dinner in the evening

Meiji sugar-free yogurt in a box, banana one

All similar substances can be replaced

2) Rest day


A cup of hot milk, fried Australian eye steak 150g

Spaghetti 50g, apple one

Morning meal

15 nuts


Brown rice, black rice, oatmeal, wheat, wheat, hazelnut, red beans

a bowl of multigrain porridge made of mung bean black bean and soy bean 50g

Oil-sprayed asparagus 200g, steamed broccoli 100g

30 boiled shrimps

Afternoon meal

Grapefruit 4 petals


Soymilk 800ml, oyster sauce lettuce 200g

Steamed Pumpkin 100g

All similar items can be replaced


Life is not full, and I am worried about Chitose. Different people have different value judgments and lifestyles. I am not willing to make subjective judgments on the behavior of others. I respect the self-selection of each individual.

Admittedly, I have said so much, I hope that you can recognize how fat is going and how to reduce fat, but if you lose your life in order to reduce fat, it is not worth the candle. Instead of being a dieter who is struggling with egg pain, it is better to be a fat man who lives happily.

I pursue a healthy life, but my dad smokes and drinks. I advise him to drink less and smoke less. He said that life still has any meaning. Lao Du likes to eat beef. I told him that WHO sent an article saying that “processed meat is a primary carcinogen and red meat is a secondary carcinogen.” He said, “But I have to eat meat for three meals.” I can't help it either.

I want to tell you that whether you are losing weight, learning to play, bravely advancing or eating and eating, you should be a person who follows your inner will, keep your mood and remain independent.

You must be completely independent. Only you know what you need, when you need it, and only you can make yourself better.

If you are resonating with my article, I am very happy. If you sneer at it, I feel that my paranoia is hard and I accept it.

In short, you are happy.

I hope that when I reach the end of my life, I can say, "I have done all the things I can do." I hope that you too.

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