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Baby safety education must know, hurry to collect!

Author: Cat Jun Source: Cuiyu Tao of Sports Institute

Today I finally found a good way to make bear children obedient and can't wait to share it with everyone.

In other words, it seems that it is the first period of rebellion, and the typical "symptoms" are basically occupied.

It is a small matter to refuse to cooperate every day with "don't".

The most terrible thing is that the more things that are blocked, the more she has to do.

And for the obstruction of the parents, she is soft (distracted) hard (forcibly stopped) not eating,

If you are in a hurry, you will be guilty of grievances, red eyes, and heavy slogans, and then continue to remember "crime"~


This is a headache!

Because, generally, I am taking a hand to stop her, it is a dangerous thing.

For example, what to climb TV cabinets, cross fences, 捅 sockets, run wild at home, want to eat peanuts, put plastic bags on the head...

Although I can avoid some of the dangers by prior protection, such as putting up small snacks and plastic bags, putting protective covers on the sockets, installing safety locks on the drawers, and sticking anti-collision strips at the corners of the walls...

But as the saying goes: You can block the socket at home, but you can't block the socket in the world.

In the matter of safety education, it is not a good idea to strictly guard against it. It is certainly not a good idea to order it. One day, one day, the little guy will be out of your sight. The dangerous behavior that has been banned at that time is likely to be He tried it all over.

Therefore, the cure for the problem is to let the child feel that this thing can't be done.

However, it is not yet the age at which it can simply behave by reason.

So, how is it done?

Until Monday, I was inspired to find a way to make "bear children" obedient.

On Monday night, there were only two people in the family and two of them. When she played in the fence, I took the opportunity to wash my clothes.

At first, I had nothing to worry about. Later I felt that the living room was very quiet and I felt a bit wrong.

Looking around, I was tempted to climb out of the fence!

It’s not far from the door, but she has to play with obstacles.

The fence is 60cm high, and it is rare to be 86cm tall. It is not easy to turn it out, but it is not impossible.

And she seems to be happy with this activity, one leg is placed on the fence, the arm is forced to support, failed to come again, not discouraged.

I saw that I wanted to slam the slogan and talk about safety common sense, but somehow suddenly I was stunned.

I rushed to the face with an anxious appearance, and whispered in my mouth: "Oh, how dangerous!"

Rarely, staring at an uncharacteristically, I was wondering what kind of medicine my mother had eaten wrong.

I saw that the effect is good, continue to play: "That, when you turn it out, it will fall. It falls, hurts, but fortunately nothing, you can scare your mother."

Then I picked her up and took it very tight, trying to exude a feeling of fear.

Rarely seems to be infected, but also hard to hold my neck, my face on my shoulder, after a moment, she cried in fear.

It seems that my exaggerated performance has worked...

I took the opportunity to "comfort" and said: "It's okay, it's okay, just scared my mother. It's dangerous to turn it out from there. If you don't climb the fence in the future, you can't climb it."

Rarely, I whimpered on my shoulder and agreed, then I observed for a week, she really did not turn over the fence, and did not attempt to climb the TV cabinet.


Later, I also summed up that this practice will work for you.

I don’t remember, when I talked about the child’s fall and helpless, I said that I was listening to Professor Zhang Meiling’s Educational Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Zhang mentioned that many times when a child falls, he will cry. It is not necessarily because of pain, but more because of the over-stressed reaction of parents, which is infected by this anxiety, so it is necessary to release emotions.

Now this practice is actually the same.
In the past, when we saw the dangerous behavior of our children, we turned our fears into anger, and expressed anger.
Then, in this case, it is likely to cause the child's rebellious mentality. He does not realize how dangerous the incident itself is. Instead, he will deliberately test the parents' bottom line.
The situation is that the more parents stop, the more children try, the vicious circle.
And if you directly turn fear into fear, it will be different. It will make the child afraid of it from the psychological, and he will stay away if you don't want to stop it later.

Ok, after you have finished the method, then remind you of two things to note -

Don't move, fear

The method of expressing fear is not a "small trick, eating all over the sky", but when you encounter something that you don't want your child to do, there is a pair of expressions to scare him to stop him, but it is better to have only children. Used in the case of dangerous behavior involving personal safety.

Otherwise, "Mom will be scared to death". On the one hand, the effect may be discounted, and the children will not be surprised. On the other hand, more importantly, it is likely to damage the child’s sense of security and feel that life is everywhere. The danger of fear, and when doing everything, becomes treacherous.

Don't use intimidation

This method is essentially different from intimidation. You actually reveal your inner feelings in reality (because the scene is really dangerous at the time), and you are equivalent to let the child "sympathize with" and experience the fear of the parents. This way, he realized the danger of the matter itself.

But intimidation is not the same, this is a bluff of parents in order to achieve their goals. For example, if the child is not eating well, you say, "I don't eat well, the wolf will come to bite you. Mom doesn't like you. Your favorite teddy bear will not be friends with you." Even if it is intimidating, because these things will not happen at all, the parents are just using the child's fear to try to control him, and deprive him of his sense of security.

Well, today's story is about sauce.

When you "block" the bear child to do dangerous moves, what are the coups? Leave a message to everyone.

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