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[Modification Series] Satanic Messenger - Devils Advocate


Tomorrow is the New Year's Eve, and Feidujun has to rest for a few days (raising a few days). Today, I will bring you the last work of this year, a very special work - Devils Advocate from Hell's messenger. The car is a work of Madhouse Motors, a modified studio in Boston. The original car was a 1957 Indian-born Royal Enfield. Let us take a look at the true meaning of this Satanic messenger.

First of all, the overall shape of this car is very "American". It belongs to the sitting posture of the sports cruising model that wants to ride on the buttocks. Although it has not been riding like that, it feels more comfortable than the sitting posture of the Cafe. Otherwise, the lazy American uncle will not be keen on such modifications.

Did you see the "Indian" on the fuel tank and the rear mud? It does not mean that he is from India, but the two components are indeed from an Indian, the natural lacquer surface is detached, and even the old ones are saved, and the waste soil is properly disposed.

The shape of the handlebar is exaggerated, and the soft spring is placed on the handlebar, which naturally forms the shape of the Satan horn, which looks bad. Although the headlights look ordinary, there is an article behind them. This is a headlight with adjustable angles. Although it is not automatically adjusted according to the angle of the handlebar, it looks very powerful, and may not be practical.

The exhaust on both sides was hollowed out in the tail section, and the interior was echoed by the spring handle. Although it leaked, the sound in the video was similar to that of the modified straight row. Just looking at the rear of the car may mistakenly believe that this is an American cruise. In fact, the rear wheel also adds two shock absorbers, and the sportiness is not bad.

This seat is very hardcore, and it is not much better than the "steel spider" introduced last time, but it is quite beautiful in terms of style.

Finally, this car and the author's photo, yes, this is a cool Miss sister modified technician J Mounira Shia, but also the owner of Madhouse Motors studio, great.

In the end, I wish you a happy new year! Chinese New Year is three pounds! See you after the year~~