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The child saw someone playing with toys, but I saw his loneliness.



I thought that children like to watch cartoons, but did not expect that the most popular is the toy video. To be precise, it is a video of someone playing with toys for children.

I have seen such a show with my children, with Pig Pec is the most protagonist. For example, there is a episode, Pig Peggy stepped on Thomas to Aisha's house and had a mud breakfast with Aisha. They are expressionless, but they "talk about each other."

Later, I saw a few similar ones and found the routines on the production: a few pig toys in front of the camera, an adult holding a toy, let it do a few moves; or pushing a car, it seems small The pig is driving the same.

At the same time, a snoring aunt or uncle used the less standard Mandarin to explain the movements of the characters in the picture. For the sake of the plot, sometimes they will also give the pig an injection, or create some cars to hit the bridge.

This kind of video seems to me to be basically no story logic, let alone any "drama". But they are full of appeal to children: if the cartoon is tired, they want to see the "real" guy. The pink pig moves from the plane to the three-dimensional, and it interacts with other toys to create a lot of fresh plots that have never been seen before.

No child can fall without it.


Once the child begins to indulge in this type of video, they will only do one thing: no brain circulation. Just like when we are fascinated by a song. As long as he wants to see it, he will watch it all the way. As for the quality of the show, they don't care at all.

It's like the scene mentioned at the beginning: the little pig Peggy and Aisha in the shot, sitting plainly and expressionlessly, but the commentary says: They are very happy.

I am very curious. When the child sees this scene, is it not doubtful? How many of them already have the "compassionate" ability in emotional interpretation?

As can be seen from this example, such toy videos do not understand children's psychology at all, nor do they pay attention to resonance with the audience. In fact, they did not carry the purpose of children's education. In terms of content, it does not pursue storytelling; in visual terms, there is no artistic sense and aesthetics; it is even more difficult to talk about any educational value.

So what is the meaning of this video? Although I tried hard, I still can't see any positive meaning.

The core commonality of children's programs is education, which is to teach them the rules and knowledge of the adult world in a form that children like.

This kind of toy video deviates from the fundamental purpose of the children's program, and it has become a TV shopping with a nonsense plot . It will not tell the children to pay attention to traffic safety, courtesy, and hygiene. He just wants to be tight enough to get on the line and get the flow.


However, some people will say: After all, no one is forcing your children to watch these videos.

Others say: These videos can help parents pick toys and let them know how to play with toys.

If it's simply positioned as a TV shopping show, it's just dressed up as an animated cartoon, mixed into the children's playlist: either catch the keyword of the piglet, or use the copyrighted edge ball .

The difference between the Pig Peggy cartoon and the Pig Peggy toy video is the difference between CCTV's golden TV series and local cable TVs at 10 o'clock.

Adults can tell the difference between the two at a glance, can children correctly distinguish? You can imagine that a child who is not sensible sees the shopping show as a TV show. Maybe he just looks at it casually. Maybe he will really clamor for the parents to save money.

As for the toy, how to play? This is just like reading a detective novel. It is boring to know the answer in advance.

Just got a new toy, and didn't play much, I went to "see the Raiders". What is the meaning of this toy? In the future, if the child encounters a difficult problem in his studies, can he also go directly to the last page to see the answer?

How to play with yourself is the most interesting place to play with toys.


However, no matter how worried about the adverse effects of such videos, the huge flow of them is a fact that cannot be ignored.

Now open any mainstream video site, the children's channel has long been occupied by this type of toy video. In the head toy column, the total playback volume is over one billion times, and the single video playback is also hundreds of thousands of times. For the relevant practitioners, this may be a good business opportunity to support a company by simply relying on traffic. But what do they have for the children?

If the previous illusion animation ruined the child's mind, then the toy video would lower the child's IQ.

However, behind this 1 billion playbacks, there are more problems.

Perhaps in real life, there are too few opportunities for children to have fun with their parents.

Some parents said that the child was too noisy and could not hold him without an animation;

Some parents said that I have a hard time to rest during the day, and I want to brush my mobile phone when I watch cartoons.

Some parents said, I watched the mobile phone, the child watched the video, just read a book with me, he also read a book, why the former is lack of communication, the latter is to focus on family education?

The difference is: Will you show the product introduction manual to your child?

We all have to think about why children like to watch toy videos.

Maybe it's because they have the little pigs they like, maybe because there are a lot of new and interesting toys inside, but is it possible that the uncles in the video will play? Or because my sister’s voice is particularly good?

The children want to find someone who can play with them from the toy video!

Behind the 1 billion traffic, of course, there are businesses that are deliberate, and there are parents who neglect and condone, and our children are silently lonely.


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