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Why not eat meat?


Today suddenly I remembered a static Weibo. Knowing that there will be a great survivor deviation, I always feel that this country is living in a first-tier city, with an annual salary of one million, Ivy League school in Qingbei, the minimum education is 985211, not living abroad, already immigrating overseas The returnees of the elite.

It is hard to imagine that this is a country where GDP per capita was not as good as that of sub-Saharan Africa 26 years ago. A country that has been out of extreme poverty for less than 20 years. A first-tier city has a population of only 3.2% of the total population. A college degree or above. It is only a country with a total population of 7.2%, a country with a population of more than 200 million in poverty according to World Bank standards, accounting for 15% of the total population.

Where are the remaining 96.8% of the people going? Where are the remaining 92.8% of the people going? I don't know why, the voices of these mainstream groups are collectively silent.

In this country, 15% of the population is poor.

Many people always say: "Oh, poor, I haven't seen such a poor person yet." "You are poor because you don't work hard."

I am the most disgusting "you are poor because you don't work hard". In a society where the hierarchy is solidified, the affluent class will have more resources and energy to cultivate future generations, and even if the cultivation fails, their descendants become deaf children, and they can still inherit the legacy of their fathers. As for the poor, the possibility of turning over is almost zero. Everyone wants to live a good life, but influenced by the environment around the family education social resources, people really do not want to become what kind of people can become. Who said that the poor should live like this? Most of the poor, they even work hundreds of times more than the elite who make up a small part of the population.

"My hometown is a small county. I can see the dirty bungalows in my hometown for five minutes, the poor households who lived in the low-income life, eat antihypertensive drugs every day, and the middle-aged women who push the wheelchairs to the square at home in the evening. In the yard of the home garden, I planted the vegetables in the morning to pick up the retired old man who died in the market. After the laid-off, I could not find a couple of butchers who worked on the farm from morning to night to sell pork. When I was doing small work on the construction site, I was busy at the farm. A small couple who received more than ten acres of grain, dropped out early to work in Shenzhen, returned to work in the three days after the marriage, and went to the construction site to pick up the boys. The grades were not good. The high school transferred to the vocal music, and the art school mixed up for several years and nights to sing and return to marry. Little singer, husband who is working in a state-owned enterprise after marriage, has no money for her and her children to spend the time to open a small tailor shop to change clothes at home. The rural people rushed to get married three times in order to meet the county and the neighbors. The family was beaten by a divorce lawsuit. The young nurse in the district hospital played for one or two years. When he was young, he did not learn the craft. He had to mix the triad to the casino to see the business. Because gambling is a loan shark hand chop to take foreclosed house fled to other provinces of the small businessman, his wife moved back to her parents had no way only a son had no desire to have no money to study both go out to work ...... "

I The small county town that grows is similar to the small county town described by Ajing. When I go out, I can see the ragged buildings. There are not many good cars on the street, basically motorcycles, and such 18-line counties are the most popular in this country. Going down the street, there are people who are desperate for a little living expenses.

Yu Qiuyu has a saying: fake elites are busy dressing up and trying to distinguish from the masses. The true elite always focuses on communicating with the masses. This is the most fundamental difference.

However, knowing that some time ago, Qingbei discriminated against 985211, and later Ivy discriminated against Qingbei... In their eyes, the three specialties are not human. I am sorry, I am three specialists, but our three colleges and above have higher education than 92.8% of the country.

In the rural areas of my hometown, many brothers and sisters of the same generation got married less than 20 years old. The highest degree of education in the village is the secondary school. Most of the colleges and universities (including junior colleges) are rare. After graduation, they go to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Working, only returning when the New Year is over, the village will leave behind the elderly and children.

The latrines in the countryside are still the same for thousands of years. Bathing needs to be boiled. TV is the only home appliance and entertainment product in the family. The nearest McDonald’s is a prefecture-level city in the distance, and the village’s road to the outside has been repaired. I haven't fixed it in ten years, and finally I finally got a way. Children who have a cram school report, not only do not have it, even when they are busy, they have to skip classes to help the family work. I am 90 years old. When I was young, I would follow the people of my hometown to go to the cattle and go to the mountains to cut wood.

And such a vast rural area is the most Chinese look. It is not the first-tier cities and first-tier cities that account for 0.2% of the country's total area and 3.2% of the total population.

Going abroad? There is no money at all. For us from the bottom of the countryside, don't say going abroad. Even the fares for working in the first-tier cities must be patched together.

It can be said that I am the kind of person who can only choose to commit suicide or die if he suddenly becomes seriously ill or has a terminal illness. Because it is impossible to afford the medical bill for the price of the day. And I, in fact, is not alone. People like me are the people who account for the vast majority of the country’s population.

The fate of the poor is really hard to change. In the face of this group of poor people, middle-class or pseudo-middle-class people often sigh at the same time, "Oh, you are so poor, you are not working hard." "Oh, why are these poor people who are so poor, so I don’t know how to live." The poorer."

Why not eat meat?

The current knowledge is everywhere to catch up with the British Super League, as if we are already developed countries. In the eyes of these middle-class people, in the eyes of those in southern Jiangsu and Shanghai, the low-income class is a non-existent concept. Nowadays, many middle-class or pseudo-middle-class people really feel that they are the ones at the top of the 1% pyramid, and the spirit is 1%. While admiring the poor, while also wanting to live the life of Rolls-Royce BMW LV.

The elite who live in the clouds and are high above always look at the ordinary people below with a mentality that overlooks the sentient beings. They simply don't know how difficult the poor people are, and they account for the majority of the poor in the country. When they work in the factory in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, when they can go to school, they are working hard at the construction site, while a small number of middle-class people are drinking. Fifty cups of coffee and milk tea, complaining that they can't afford Rolls Royce.

They may never have turned over the data of the poor in China. They may have never seen the rural areas of Guizhou, and even the urban villages of their cities have never passed.

Let me talk about it. I am a mountain villager in the middle of the province, the junior college, it is useless, the mouth is stupid, the communication ability is poor, the family is poor, but I never feel that I am inferior, I don’t know why some people always So love to compare, so love, I feel that as long as one can be diligent, kind, brave, it is not important to have money.

Is it so difficult to admit your true situation? Is face really so important? I don't think how important face is because of hypocrisy, because face can't be eaten.

I am tiny, but not low.