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Hey! Isn't that going to teach you to remove the video watermark? (with specific operations)


Recently, a small partner reacted with me: the video always has a watermark, and it is ugly, but I have not found a way to deal with it, very distressed!

At present, 90% of online videos are watermarked. Sometimes, when you use video as a material to do other things, you are often not satisfied with the ugly watermark in the video.

So how do we get rid of the watermark? The way to go to the video watermark is of course it!

Video Watermarking Artifact: Remove Logo Now! It is an easy-to-use watermarking software that can easily remove logos and watermarks from the video, select them directly with the tool, and delete the area.

However, this is for the use of the computer side of the partner, the mobile version of the following will also be told to you, do not worry.


First of all, we need a video with a watermark, first download a video from Weibo or second shot.

After the video is downloaded, open the Remove Logo Now.

(ps: If you don't have a small partner to download the software, you can reply to the "watermark software" in the background of "Fun and Worry-Free College"!)

Add our watermarked video to us.

Use the selection tool to select where we want to remove the watermark.

After the selection is complete, click on the right navigation to set the location where the video will be processed. Then click on the processing mode below to blur or chameleon, click on Start.

After clicking Start, there will be a progress bar below to remind you which step the video will take. After processing, there will be a pop-up window to remind you whether to view the processed video.

Finally, let's take a look at the video picture comparison before and after processing.

(before processing)

(after processing)

Is it a big difference, the computer version is finished, then the next version is the mobile version.


The mobile version is relatively easy to play!

The mobile phone store downloads a quick watermark, which can be used by both iOS and Android users!

Open the home page, you can see the crop coverage, find the original map, advanced processing and other functions.

We process the video on the mobile phone and click on the VIP to go to the video watermark.

The mobile terminal selects the video we want to process, and the next one is to use the finger to slide the place to be processed, and mark it in red, for example.

Finally, wait for its video processing.

When the watermark is processed, it is automatically saved in our album. After opening the album, you can see the videos that have been processed!

There is also a mobile phone software called video watermark removal, you can also do video watermark removal, you can try it.