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10 minutes to learn the storage plan in 10 steps, and then say goodbye to the messy home


Is storage always bad? It is better to ask yourself if you have planned!

Four steps, ten minutes to get the storage plan!

Speaking of the eternal topic of storage,

Presumably, everyone will be involuntarily will appear the following picture of the sauce purple ~

Refreshing! clean! neat! In short, it is lamented that people can always make things that are so fragmentary and pleasing.

At this time we can't help it! I am too big to learn to buy all kinds of cabinets, and I am small enough to buy colorful boxes with people... Anyway, people use them well, no matter how they grow grass.

However, the goose light is a variety of styles of storage boxes or baskets enough to pick up three days and three nights...

But what if you buy it home? The home was filled with large and small storage items to be more "bloated"; in a few days, it returned to a mess. Ask yourself if this is the case!

But this is why... After all, we only saw that people just stored it, but never knew that the camera was taken for a minute before the camera.

What? ? ? Need to plan for storage? !

The storage we understand is to buy large and small cabinet boxes, and then stuff the items in, but in fact, this is only the last step in the storage process. The most important and most important thing is to prepare for the work - storage planning, 80% of the home is no longer messy!


What is the storage plan?

If the storage is the relationship between radish and pit

Spicy planning is to find out the size and quantity of radishes and pits.

Know what is in the house?

Spend 2 minutes

Storage and storage, I don’t know what is at home, but how to talk. Therefore, in order to be clearer and more convenient, it is convenient to "reserve each other", here we divide them into 7 categories.

瞅瞅 These are the “radishs” that a family should basically have. Here, basically, everyone is listed.

Understand how much more?

Spend 2 minutes

Since you have to do a good job of statistics, you need to know the quantity, and it is best to know the size or the approximate floor space. In fact, how much is the "radish"?

such as

Length and height of the shoes

▲Image from the home element user @刘娜朵儿

▲ Image comes from home element user @胖_你

▲Image from the home element user @陈小苍

The advantage of this is that it is convenient for us to buy or customize the height of each layer of the shoe cabinet, and make full use of the shoe room space to put more shoes, which is absolutely essential for the scorpion!

Otherwise, I could have put 30 pairs of shoes and only half of them...

Another example

Length and width of clothes

▲The picture comes from the home element user @kale to start the second life

▲ Image comes from home element user @胖_你

The size of the clothes mentioned here is only a general understanding of the length and width of the clothes stacked or hung, such as the length of the winter coat, the size of the pants after folding.

▲The picture comes from the home element user @黄小邪不急急

The wardrobe that is customized or bought is the most suitable. It is also more convenient for us to fill the storage with a small storage unit in the future~

▲ Image comes from home element user @胖_你

Clear size to squeeze out every inch of available space! Do not live up to the wardrobe, this great storage space.

Another example

Kitchen utensils, etc.

▲Image from the home element user @爱烹饪的慧慧

Make sure the size of the pot is enough to fill the cabinet.

Don't be bothered, we have a lot of small things, so we can use the most suitable storage unit, without wasting all available space!

What is the storage space in the house?

Spend 3 minutes

Planning and planning, of course, take a few minutes to draw out ~ but don't be afraid to say that painting, just a pair of scissors and a highlighter!

▲Picture from:逯微《小家越住大的》

The crossword puzzles of the cabinets are really easy~ use the highlighter to paint all the large and medium-sized cabinets in the plan on the home - fixed wall cabinets, kitchen cabinets, tatami cabinets, bathroom cabinets, large wardrobes, etc., all painted yellow. The effect is like this picture~

▲Image comes from home element users

If you have mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, you can also classify the cabinets, such as floor-to-ceiling storage, top-of-the-line storage, and vacant storage. Even in accordance with the 28th principle, 80% closed storage, 20% open storage, will display the display storage!

Of course, the painting is not finished yet. Cut these yellow color blocks and spell them together. If you can occupy 12% of the whole house, you will be half successful!

Think about where these things should be placed?

Spend 2 minutes

Knowing how many "radishes" there are and how many "pits" there are, they should be associated with them - just like the picture above. Here we take the two-bedroom and one-bedroom as an example, as well as the most basic storage space for explanation. Specifically, we still have to decide according to our own situation.

▲Image from home element user @jasminesun4484

Don't underestimate this process. It's all divided according to principles . These principles not only allow us to quickly take a few steps, but also let us know clearly where things are fixed! (The secrets of lazy cancer patients and forgetful stars! Let's take a look at it!

  1. The principle of proximity

The storage content and the use space are basically the correspondence of a radish and a pit. So of course, the closer you are, the better, like the following.

▲Image from the home element user @陈小苍

The homeowner usually likes to make coffee at the bar, so the tools that will be used are placed next to the bar instead of the kitchen cabinet, which is convenient for storage and display.

▲The picture comes from the home element user @黄小邪不急急

This is especially true for detergents such as laundry detergents. People who wash clothes on the balcony should never go out with themselves and walk around in the bathroom.

▲The picture comes from the home element user @夕闲

If you like to take off your coat jacket when you enter the door, we'd better put a coat rack on the porch instead of going out to the bedroom and taking clothes every time.

▲Image from home element user @Jessica_L

▲Image from the home element user @陈小苍

In addition to having a large bookcase, it is essential for those who have reading habits to have a small storage rack that accommodates magazines and books that they will read at will, avoiding clutter in the living room bedroom.

In a word, the key to keeping it tidy is to make it easy to store the items you need!

2. Customary principles

The so-called habit principle is that the storage method must follow the usual habits of life, let the storage method get used to us, instead of cultivating a new way of life for the purpose of storage.

▲ Image from the home element user @游_洛沙

▲The picture comes from the home element user Nola Nora

Just like a family with children, where do their books and toys choose to be stored? Must be a children's room? This depends on the habits of life. Some children like to play in the living room. The most convenient thing is to be in the living room.

▲Pictures from 逯微

For example, most girls have long been used to makeup in the bathroom, but they still need to store cosmetics and other items at the dresser at the end of the bedroom. Is it beautiful to walk around with cosmetics for half an hour? ? ?

▲Pictures from 逯微

According to living habits, after adjusting the storage position, it is true that you can sleep more for a while! Therefore, when we are doing storage planning, we should simulate daily life lines and think about daily life habits!

Having said that, the storage is actually in order. It is always entangled in the last purchase and buy, it is better to spend 10 minutes to do planning, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort~

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