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Customers do not return mail? See how she develops customers by phone, and deals 7 customers a month.


In the foreign trade business, "telephone" is a very important and very effective means of communication.

Many people often ask me: "Why is my price already reported low, and customers still feel expensive?"

In fact, the quotation before the customer's needs are known is meaningless. Because we don't know what the customer wants, and the customer doesn't know what we can bring to him, then no matter what price we quote, it is expensive.

So how do we know the needs of our customers?

  1. The general economic situation of the area in which the customer is located;
  2. Judging the general needs of the customer's company product structure and scale;
  3. The identity of the customer, the trader, the dealer or the terminal, according to the identity of the customer, to find topics and entry points that can form in-depth communication with the customer;
  4. The role of the contact person is procurement, boss, production or R&D, and the response strategy is determined according to different roles;
  5. ...

In addition to the above analysis, we also need to conduct phone communication follow-up. We must also conduct phone tracking. Because the phone is equal to instant communication, it can effectively speed up your understanding of the customer, improve the customer's impression of you, and remind the customer. The timely inspection and reply of your email will eventually promote deep and interactive communication with customers and obtain better transaction conversion results.

But how can we make every call we make "effective"?

1. What phone call?

There are a lot of people who use Skype to play, but the Skype China version doesn't show your own phone number, it will cause you to call the customer every time. He doesn't know if you are connected to the phone every time. You need to introduce and tell the customer who you are, and the customer can't find you by directly dialing the phone. These affect the quality of the phone communication between you and the customer, and also bring some unnecessary potential risk factors.

In addition, Skype's signal and sound quality are not very good, so I recommend everyone to use international long-distance IP card, this can directly call the customer with a mobile phone, can display the machine, and the signal and sound quality is very good, the key is still very cheap.

Taobao can find a lot of shops for sale:

You can choose the method of comparison and the tariff standards of different countries.

2. When do you call?

When you call, you must pay attention to the time difference. If the other customer receives your call in the early morning, it is estimated that the possibility of reaching a deal is not small, and you may never get through this number again...

The following is the domestic corresponding time suitable for calling customers in some countries (specific countries in the world can reply to the keyword " timetable " in the public account background )



Western regions of the United States, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver, Canada

9:00 and 2 hours later

Japan, South Korea

10:00 and 2 hours later

Parts of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia)

in the afternoon:

13:00 and 2 hours later


24:00 and 2 hours later

United Arab Emirates, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iran, Kuwait

25:00 and 2 hours later

Saudi Arabia, near Moscow, Russia

16:00 and 2 hours later

Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Finland, South Africa, Bulgaria

18:00 and 2 hours later

Britain, Ireland, Morocco, Portugal, Iceland

at night:

21:00 and 2 hours later

South America in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and St. Johns in Eastern Canada

22:00 and 2 hours later

South American countries such as Paraguay, Chile, Venezuela, Dominica, Bolivia, Puerto Rico

23:00 and 2 hours later

Colombia, Jamaica, Peru, Cuba, Canada near Ottawa and the easternmost regions of the United States, such as Boston, New York

0:00 and 2 hours later

Nicaragua, Guatemala, Central United States, Mexico, Winnipeg, Canada

At the same time, please pay attention to the phone call, please pay attention to the date, you may have normal working hours on Monday, the customer's country is still Sunday, and it is best not to call on Monday or Friday, just start work on Monday, take a holiday on Friday.

3. How do you call the phone?

First of all, in every call with the customer, we have to integrate our own emotions. If you call with a smile, then the customer will feel your smile at the end of the phone and feel your enthusiasm. . With a smile and a passionate conversation with the customer is the most basic requirement, so that the customer remembers your voice and remembers your name.

Secondly, we must understand that in the process of foreign trade business, the telephone is mainly to play the role of “information acquisition”, “customer reminder”, “customer activation” and “pushing waves”. It must also be complementary to the mail.

For example, the opening greeting of the call:

Hello, this is xx from xx(company).

I'm in the line of XX business.

I am the xx of xx company, we are engaged in xxx


Have you received the email I sent on XX which subject is xx.

Have you received an email with the title xxx?

Therefore, the title of the mail must be concise and powerful, and must pay attention to the problem of mobile-side mail display optimization.

Lenovo customer's reply:

If the answer is No, then you can say: Okay, thanks for your feedback. I'll resend the email, please kindly check after 5 minutes.

If the answer is Yes, then you can say: With regard the email, I attached some best selling (products) in your market. Do you have any interest in it?

Do you have plan for developing new product this season ?

Is there a plan to develop new products this quarter?

Do you have suppliers for xx in China ?

Do you have a supplier of xx products in China?

Do you need sample to test ?

Do you need samples for testing?


I will email you later, thank you.

So glad to talk with you , have a nice day.


At the same time, we have to make a draft beforehand to make a simple outline, simulate what you have to say, the questions the customer may ask, and how do you reply. Under the premise of clarifying the "purpose" of your call, "design" a high-quality call.

But remember one principle . During the telephone conversation, don't always say what you are talking about, but form an interactive dialogue. Because the real protagonist is the customer, you need to know the real needs and real thoughts of the customer through this phone call. This will help you to develop a follow-up strategy.

4. Common telephone English

Greeting, indicating identity


Say hello at first, you can use the most basic greetings:

  • Hello./Good Morning./Good Afternoon.
    Hello / Good Morning / Good afternoon

Indicate your identity:

  • This is (name) speaking.
    Here is _____.

Explain the answering object you want to find:

  • Could I speak to (name) please? / I would like to speak to (name). / I'm trying to contact (name).
    Can you please transfer it to (someone)? / I am looking for (someone). / The person I want to contact is (someone).

In commercial e-visits, there are many times when the party calling is on behalf of the company to negotiate, so after "showing the identity", often add a "description of the origin" of the self-discourse:

  • I am calling from (company or institution). / I'm calling on behalf of (company or institution).
    This call is from (a company or institution).

Pick up the party

Indicates identity:

  • Hello, this is (name) speaking. / (Name) speaking, how may I help you?
    Hello, here is _____. / ____, what help do you need?

If you call a company or the company's customer service department, the phone staff will usually introduce themselves before the caller speaks, generally speaking:

  • Hello, (company or institution) , how may I help you?
    Hello, (company name or organization), can I help you?

When asking for more information, information

If the caller does not report the name, you can use the following sentence to ask:

  • May I ask who's calling, please? / Can I ask who I'm speaking to, please? / Excuse me, where is this call coming from?
    Is this call from ____?

Caller side asks for call demand

Ask for a specific person:

  • Could I speak to someone who (ex:manages customer service, or is incharge of product development)?
    I want to find (a specific department, such as customer service department, or product control department)

Indicates specific requirements:

  • I would like to make a reservation, please. / I would like to make an appointment with (name, ex: Dr.Melson).
    Hello, I want to make an appointment .

Please help each other to transfer:

  • Could you put me through to extension number (numbers) , please?
    Can you forward the call here for me?

There is no fixed form for this part, and what is the content of the phone. Basically, it is only necessary to grasp the two seemingly simple but extremely important points of "clear expression of purpose" and "attention and courtesy".

Slightly or forward the call

Please wait for each other:

  • Could you hold on a moment, please? / Just a moment, please.
    Please wait a moment.

Help the other party to transfer the phone:

  • I'll just put you through, please wait. / I'll transfer you now, please wait for a moment.
    I will transfer it for you, please wait a moment .

Unable to meet the caller’s needs

Sometimes we may not be able to deal with the caller's needs immediately, it may be that the person he is looking for is just right, or the phone is not full. This situation is too much, and the following will help you list some of the most common Happening:

  • I'm afraid (name)'s busy at the moment, can I take a message? / I'm sorry, (name)'s on business today.
    ____ I am afraid it is not convenient to answer the phone now, can I leave a message? ?
  • I'm sorry, but you may have dialled the wrong number.
    Sorry, you made the wrong call.
  • I'm afraid the line is busy at the moment, would like to call back later?
    Currently, this phone is busy, can you wait for it to be broadcast later?

Communicating problems during the call

Sometimes because of the noisy environment or poor communication quality, there may be unclear situations during the call. You can use the following coping methods:

  • I'm afraid I can't hear you very well. / Would you mind speak up a bit, please? / Could you repeat that, please?
    I don't hear much clearly / Sorry, can you please speak louder? / Can you repeat what you just said?

  • I'm afraid the line is quite bad, would you mind repeating your sentence? The
    reception doesn't seem very good, can you repeat the sentence again?

Caller to leave information or message

The caller asks the caller if they want to leave a message:

  • Would you like to leave a message? / Can I take your name and number, please?
    Do you want to leave a message ? / Can I write down your name and phone number?

When you leave a message, you need to ask for clear information, you can directly express:

  • Could you spell that for me please? / Would you like (name) to call you back?
    Sorry, can you please spell that word? / Do you want ___ and so on?

Sometimes the caller will ask for a message:

  • Can I leave a message please? / Could you please ask (name) to call me back? Can I leave a message
    ? / Can you please ___ later to broadcast?

Say goodbye on the phone

After speaking the phone, don't forget to say goodbye and then hang up the phone. There are three ways to say goodbye on the phone:

  • Thank you for calling. / Have a good day. / Goodbye.
    Thank you for your call. / I wish you a happy day. / Goodbye.


In the spoken language, please ask someone to "wait for a while" or hang on, meaning the same as hold on. Although hang on looks a bit like hang up, they are far away. The former is "slightly waiting" and the latter is "hanging the phone". Don't make a mistake!

[Key finishing]

  • 1. Show your identity (while paying attention to the tone of speaking)
  • 2. Pay attention to the volume and pronunciation, let the other party listen to what Chu is saying.
  • 3. Use the language familiar to the other party (the words used will be different depending on the target)
  • 4. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying (remember to give the other party some feedback and be careful not to interject)
  • 5. Use examples to help the other person understand the conversation
  • 6. Carry paper and pen with you.

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