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sMrZhao Tattoo Recommendations (No. 61) | Black and White · Spurs · Magic Classicism Baroque

The article was first published in the public number: sMrZhao Tattoo Recommendations (No. 61) | Black and White · Spurs · Magic Classicism Baroque

Diana Severinenko is a talented tattoo artist and illustrator from Ukraine. She is only 21 years old and her personal work is very well-recognized. Her tattoos are exquisite and gorgeous, blending the classical beauty of Baroque, blending the texture of geometric cubism and admiring her tattoos. Each carcass is like the statue of a goddess in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Leng Junmei, out of the mud and not dyed, and the tattoo artist himself is like the snow queen in the magic world, very cool.

Every time I see a work that touches the soul, I feel how beautiful the world is. How can I have such a person who is good at expressing beauty? They are really little angels, creating and sharing beauty for the world. How romantic and unselfish it is. Things. And I am so obsessed with beauty, obsessed with capturing and sharing beauty, this is a very happy thing. I am thinking, I am so passionate about art, love artists, love nature, how much I love life, love to travel, love tattoos, even if I need to work overtime every day, I can't afford to go. Where I want to go, I am discouraged by the price of this city. My time is arranged in Africa every day. I need to do a lot of things that I have to do. However, I still feel that my dream is that I will starve to death. Stick to things.

Love this thing is to make me feel that life will shine.

She is so beautiful and unconventional that the work is just like people, and it makes people think.

Image from Instagram, copyright owned by tattoo artist

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