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Analysis of the status quo and difficulties of fresh e-commerce development, the advantages of fresh O2O distribution system


Fresh e-commerce refers to the sale of fresh products such as fresh fruits, vegetables and meat on the Internet. At present, more and more companies are investing in fresh e-commerce. What are the characteristics of fresh e-commerce? What are the problems? What are the advantages of the fresh O2O distribution system ?

What are the characteristics of fresh e-commerce?

1. There is a great correlation in consumption habits, user consumption habits are diversified, and user loyalty and dependence are high;

2. There is no uniform standard for fresh market products, and the substitutability is low;

3. Fresh foods mainly include fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, aquatic products, dry goods and daily food, cooked food and cakes.

4. “Three high” characteristics with high viscosity, high repeat purchase rate and high gross profit;

5, need to keep fresh, cold, frozen;

6, the shelf life is relatively short; the preservation is not easy, the conditions for logistics and delivery are extremely high;

7. It is a bulk product and needs to be sold by weighing bar code;

What are the problems with fresh e-commerce?

1. The cost is high, and the commodity price is higher than other channels;

2, product processing, packaging, storage conditions are extremely high;

3, Tmall, Jingdong and other large platforms exist, B2C small platform traffic is very small;

4. The receiving address and delivery time are more limited, and the customer experience of terminal consumption is currently poor;

5. The capital investment is huge, including the requirements for logistics and supply chain technology, and the monitoring of the origin and quality of fresh produce;

6, cold chain logistics distribution problems, operating distribution costs accounted for 20% or even higher;

7, can not find a large enough target group;

8, user habits are difficult to train;

9. The supply chain problem is difficult to guarantee, and the product quality is uneven;

10. Standardization mode cannot be achieved.

What are the advantages of the fresh O2O distribution system?

1. Enrich product selection, full channel integration: General fresh fruit and vegetable stores, due to limited floor space, can only place dozens of products at most, and the O2O distribution mall system can be unlimited.

2, based on the user, consumer big data precision marketing: through the O2O distribution mall big data analysis, forecast consumer demand, use the mall backstage various promotional means to attract consumers to buy.

3, seamless docking, integrated management: through ERP, store POS docking, integrated management of e-commerce platform, while controlling stores, members, supply chain and online e-commerce business, standardization, low cost and high efficiency.

4, cut off the intermediate links, shorten the supply chain: consumers can first go to the mall to book the goods they want, in order to set production, two-way transparent operating mode, and reasonable cost reduction.

5, combined with distribution, rapid promotion: Net China O2O distribution mall contains a distribution system, members can open a second-tier store online one minute, share to a circle of friends, fast distribution.

6. Online and offline O2O distribution mall online and offline collaboration: online and offline data is opened, through the fresh brand O2O distribution mall to make customers (members) become the company's assets, offline stores to obtain customer information for guided sales, target customer group to send designation Promotional information for the store. In addition, the community O2O is very convenient for home delivery, and can ensure the freshness of the dishes and reduce the loss rate.