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Guangzhou three-day travel guide! Visit the most beautiful scenery, taste the most delicious food, it is worth going to go!


Foreword: Many times, I like to let myself out of the life circle, travel and explore, and then record this process. When I have nothing to do, I will take it out and look back. This travel note is mainly to record the good times I spent in Guangzhou some time ago. If there is anything inappropriate in the wording, everyone Haihan~~~

Travel essentials:

1. ID card;

2, wallet;

3, mobile phones and chargers;

Specific itinerary:

Day 1: Sand Face, Stone Room Sacred Heart Cathedral, Guangzhou Tower

Day 2: Haizhu Square, Beijing Road, Zhujiang Night Tour

Day 3: Chen Jiaxuan, Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street


On the day before the tour, I was optimistic about the B&B. I personally prefer to stay with the B&B because the most basic feeling is that the B&B makes me feel closer to the local feelings, the first dawn in the morning, and the same along the way. For the purpose of the passengers, everything is also very free and full of surprises; another practical point, the homestay is more sanitary than the hotel, but the price may be only half of the price of the lower-middle hotel, usually I use a lot of APP , friends recommend Mine, if you are the same as me before, I don’t know what rental software is good, you can try it~

"His" 3 Bohemian Minority Nepalese Jiangnan West Subway

B&B is located at No. 35, Shouguo Alley, Jiangnan Middle Street. Surrounded by Zijiang Street Jiangnan West Road Food Plaza, R&F Haizhu City Shopping Mall, the transportation is convenient. The B&B is very close to many attractions. It is no problem to live in a house for 2 people. It is also very pleasant. The ethnic style of the room is very characteristic, the rooms are clean and welcoming, and the charm of ancient Bohemian is felt.

Room facilities are all available, the landlord's attitude is also very good, living is very happy~

The balcony of the living room full of life, quiet, clean and looking up the window every morning is really very comfortable~

The entire rent of the room is also very close to the people as long as 299 yuan, and girlfriends, my boyfriend lived really great, have to admit that technology makes life better.


The first day of 7.10, the sand surface - the heart of the Sacred Heart Cathedral - Guangzhou Tower: Because it is an airport that is more than nine o'clock, go to the B&B, take a break, and then go directly to the Shamian Park. This small island on the surface of the sand is an artificially made small island. The buildings on the island are mainly based on some western cultures. There are many small and characteristic small houses. Although not large, they are special. have a feeling.

The people here listened that each building has its own unique role. Before a hundred years ago, there were some foreign embassies and various banks. There are so many tourists in the scenic spot. When I watch the photos inside, I usually have to wait for a long time, otherwise I will always leave some small episodes for the invading visitors. That kind of red tile green building, full of the sense of time, I want to hold the pat on the phone, and then melt these buildings, and this feeling in my mind.

At that time, the feeling on the famous embassy street was still very clear, as if it were in a small town in Europe. The street is full of cafes and restaurants, and the quaintness is also full of luxury and laziness. Let you especially want to go in for a cup of coffee, and then talk about some recent life plans. If it weren't for my travel companion, I thought I would go in and have a cup of coffee.

Although the sand surface is a leased land in Guangzhou 100 years ago, there are special primary schools and residential areas here. Therefore, in addition to the ornamental value, the different leased sites have a strong sense of life and local culture, even There are a lot of sand-faced natives who are lazy walking here, and this feeling will be more real and life.

After coming out of the sand, I was Baidu at the time, because the afternoon was still early, we wanted to go to the Guangzhou Tower at night, so I would like to find another attraction to play. At that time, Baidu’s Sacred Heart Cathedral was only about 3 kilometers from the sand surface, so when it was at the subway station, it was a one-stop car.

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is different from the church we usually see. It is truly atmospheric and has an unparalleled temperament. Although I don't believe in Christianity, I am full of piety when I walk into such an environment.

Although I went to four o'clock in the afternoon, but people are still very much, most of them are like me, is to visit sightseeing. There are still many friends who want to catch the mass from 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening, so wait in advance. I was thinking at the time, whether or not to wait for this, do a mass, and then tangled, and then decided to watch and then go to the Guangzhou Tower.

Wandering around here, I found that the atmosphere of this place has a European feeling, the atmosphere is one aspect, and beauty is another aspect. I was also imagining at the time. If I could choose such a church when I was married, haha~~ I walked around the church and found a lot of Bauhinia trees. I heard the locals said that the season I came was wrong, generally two or three. In the month, the Bauhinia will be opened on a large scale. When the breeze blows, the petals will fall in large pieces, and the scene is beautiful.

After coming out of the church, I took a taxi directly to the Guangzhou Tower. It was probably more than five o'clock at that time, and people were already a lot more. I bought a ticket of 150 yuan. This is the cheapest ticket, but if you have a student ID card, you can still enjoy the half price discount, which is more humane. I was holding a ticket under the tower, and I felt that the name of the Guangzhou Tower was really not white, and the middle and the bottom were thick and thin, and it was really a fight with the beautiful little waist.

I remember that the Guangzhou Tower has a rule that after the ticket is purchased, the tower will be built within two hours, otherwise the ticket will be invalid. When I entered the elevator, I felt that the elevator was super fast, and it was very deserted. The ticket I bought was 108 stories. When the elevator was so fast, it took more than a minute to imagine the height of 108 layers.

In addition to the elevator, I looked out the window, the feeling is like the sand table of the real estate we watched at the sales office. I don't know if it's because the weather is a bit late, it's still foggy, and I don't see it really. There was a glass plank road on the floor. I was so excited that I was a little embarrassed when I got on it.

The Guangzhou Tower is very tall, standing on top of it can overlook most of Guangzhou, so that feeling is quite good. There are jumpers and Ferris wheels on the top of the building, but because I am still a single dog, I didn't have the courage to play that, and I went straight down. When I came down, the sky was already dark, and the city's lighting show was already open. At this time, looking at the Guangzhou Tower, it is another feeling, much more beautiful than during the day.

The next day, 7.11, Haizhu Square--Beijing Road--Pearl River Night Tour:

The first day of the game was mainly about viewing, so I remembered that I didn't eat at the hotel back to the hotel, so I arranged the next two days to go shopping.

Yuexiu Park is very big. I was still asking for a marriage under the wishing tree inside. Oh, I saw that there were so many red ribbons floating in the trees. Under which atmosphere was infected, I couldn’t hold back, hehe.

What impressed me the most is the stone statue of Wuyang inside, and Guangzhou is also known as Yangcheng, so for Guangzhou, Yuexiu Park is the largest and most landmark park. At that time, there were a lot of people coming and going, and there were a lot of people who took photos with the stone statue of Wuyang, so I just took a long shot. I remember that there was a tour guide at the time and said that the stone sculpture I shot was repaired because a thunderstorm was relatively large in the 1990s, so the thunder was broken at that time.

From the Yuexiu Park, I went directly to Beijing Road, which is simply a paradise.

There are many tourists coming and going. Because the products are cheap and of good quality, they are very popular among local consumers and foreign tourists. The whole Beijing Road is very lively every day. Eat, drink, and have fun, it is a paradise for lazy goods like me. There are also delicious snacks on the food street, such as lobster, pig's feet and chicken wings. Of course, because I love meat, such as gluten, cold noodles and other snacks, the taste is also very good.

Between the visits, I also found a very good small shop, the store decoration is very delicate, both able to read books, but also to drink coffee, feel like a day to enjoy.

This is my picture above, Shude.

In the evening, just out of Beijing Road, in line with my general plan, take a taxi directly to the Pearl River and start a night tour of the Pearl River. When I arrived at the Pearl River, it was about 6:30 in the evening. I chose the Jinfang Cruise Ship at Dashatou Pier. The tour time was about 70 minutes. There was a buffet, so I chose a buffet at 7:00.

Tickets are cheaper to order online, 108, the site is 138. There are three layers of gold spinning cruise ships. The first floor seems to be a fast food (not very clear), and it is 85 on the Internet. The second floor is a buffet, and we book the second floor. There are no meals on the third floor, just some to see the scenery. At the time, the sailing time was seven o'clock. I went to the buffet first, maybe because I didn't eat a day, so I felt that the buffet was also delicious.

There are a lot of cruise ships at Dashatou Wharf, not only a gold-spinning boat. If you don't know, you can decide to buy a ticket after you see the boat on the dock. Because I only saw a nice boat after I bought the ticket, it is recommended to choose a time of 6:40, because you can watch the dusk and the night, the two scenes should not be missed.

The third day of 7.12, Chen Jiaxuan--- Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street:

To be honest, I didn't expect much from Chen Jiaxuan at the beginning. Baidu said that Guangdong's largest ancestral temple, I thought it was the kind of ordinary temple, just felt that it was a time to come to Guangzhou, and it was necessary to punch the card, even if you hit a card. However, at the moment I entered Chen Jiaxuan, I was fascinated.

Chen Jiaxuan is not the most characteristic building group in Lingnan, and the gorgeous painting art is really amazing. The murals on the outer wall are vivid. Whether it is a character or a flower or bird, it is a existence I have never seen before. Especially when I accidentally heard that the guide introduced to the screen in Chenjiatun was made of real bamboo, one of the sculptures was layered and carved, the deepest is four layers, there are stone plaques dedicated to the ancestral tablets, and the rice micro-carving All made me feel the depth of Guangdong culture. Very, very beautiful, I will occasionally think of it now, I feel addicted to it and still can't extricate myself.

After coming out of Chen Jiaxuan, I went back to the hotel to pack up my luggage. The three-day trip to Guangdong also came to an end. I put the last stop on Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street. I am here because I want to go shopping and buy some souvenirs.

It’s quite late after I’ve finished cleaning up. The nightlife in Guangzhou has just begun. There are still many people on the pedestrian street, and most of the shops are still open. There are many homes on the pedestrian street. There are many clothes and pants on the top and bottom. The signs at the door are: clearance, sale, last three days, moving away tomorrow, factory closure, jumping off the building... of. At the end of the battle, I am stubborn, and when I go shopping, I buy it and eat it. It is also amazing.

Regarding the summary: I think Guangzhou is a very attractive city. I feel very much like this kind of life. If there is a chance, I will come back again.