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As long as the woman still needs to have children, the bride price and the house name are justified.


Seeing a question and answer on knowing "Why are there many people who know that feminists believe that women can find high-quality bridesmaid and room name because they have the right to have a child?"

There is a high-sounding answer that reflects the plight of women in modern society and why they need a bride price and a house name.

This answer has won the support and spit of many women. There are also many men who say that women have their own price because they have a uterus. It is a behavior that materializes women and is a disrespect for women.

But the reality is that if women want to have children, they must face pregnancy in October. They must raise their children for at least two years. During this period, many women have no income. In the animal world, when they are breastfeeding, they are fed by males. Many men However, it often criticizes women's independence during the childbearing period.

This is actually not the worst. Many women can save a child's money before marriage and spend the childbearing period safely, but after three years? Is there still a woman’s competitiveness in this society?

Just like the woman who knows the question and answer, Kochi, a high salary before marriage, the annual salary reached 300,000 eight years ago. If I return to the workplace, the annual salary is only about 100,000, and her husband, the workplace has been improving for three years, from an eight years ago. Every time there is only a pair of good shoes, the poor boy has reached a total salary of 500,000 or 600,000 yuan. What is the gap between the two, but the female independence can catch up?

What is materialization?

When a woman uses her life and her most precious youth to give birth to two children, is it a materialization for a man to make some money?

Then, many men in the marriage market with slightly better conditions, the most favorite partner career, civil servants, institutions, teachers who have compiled, how to say?

Are they materializing themselves or reality, secular, and material?

They don't just want to find these women who have stable jobs. They can still have wages during the childbearing period. After they have given birth to their children, they can go to work immediately. Can they afford a little burden?

Many men use women to give gifts and houses to name, saying that women are selling themselves and forcing women to maintain women's self-esteem and thus recover their losses.

Many women are fooled, crying and crying that they want to be independent, career families must take care of each other, naked marriage, buy a house with her husband..., but the society continues to burst, the man can only suffer from the troubles of the rich, how many women Repented of the intestines?

Of course, there is no denying that there are still many women who are fortunate to accompany their husbands through the most difficult period. In the youngest and most promising years, they have children and raise their children. Since then, they have taken care of their own duties, and finally the husband can treat her well.

But this kind of luck sounds sad again, because all the initiative is in the hands of men, he is lucky for you, he is not good for you, it is your eyes.

What's more, my mother-in-law will marry you, who will make you guilty at first, and follow up with my son.

The best period for women to give birth is also the best period for career rise. After missing this time, most ordinary women are hard to turn over. It is difficult to rebuild their glory in society and find a career that suits them. Even if they find a job, It’s just enough to spend the day, so that’s why many women don’t dare to divorce.

This is why women are not willing to marry now.

You said that I want this to be that, well, I don’t want anything, of course, including you!

Is the man really wanting equality between men and women? What he wants is equal rights, that is, men and women have the same rights, buy a house, half out of one person, half of the living expenses, and half of the housework (this is also a man with a conscience who will take the initiative to do housework or half housework). Half of the child is out, he has a sperm, can a woman only have one egg?

If one day, a woman only needs to have an egg, then she can lift her trousers like a man and continue her career. I believe that all women will scream for equality between men and women and equal rights for men and women.

But as long as women still need to have a baby in October, they still need breastfeeding, and because the child's body is deformed and the body is getting worse, this kind of affirmation will never be realized. If it must be realized, it is the biggest unfairness to women!

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