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How to deal with freight forwarding


Silly X is a year, more than a year, which is what I often use to describe customers.

The freight forwarding customers are production, sales or trade enterprises with international cargo needs. The choice of freight forwarding is actually selecting suppliers. Whether or not to choose a suitable freight forwarding often determines whether your goods can reach customers in time. However, the choice of freight forwarding for enterprises is very unprofessional. Basically, 30% of the scientific selection of freight forwarding can be achieved. It is often the boss who sees the relationship at random, or is responsible for contact with the freight forwarding by various strange departments. Everything has to be scratched.

International transportation can generally be divided into three sections: delivery place - departure port, departure port - destination port, destination port - delivery area

The first and third paragraphs are generally completed by trucks. There are three modes of sea, air and railway from the port of departure to the port of destination.

Shipping: Generally in the form of containers, the time varies from the departure point to the destination. For example, China to Germany is generally about 50 days. The railway is usually around 30 days, and the air is usually about 10 days.

Now take the shipping as an example to introduce the basic process of freight forwarding company operation:

1, sales of goods, each company has sales to their own company, the sales threshold of the freight forwarding company is very low, often what is messy people can do freight forwarding sales, thanks to a variety of unprofessional customers, this kind of sales It is often possible to get business through rhetoric, and things can't help customers solve problems. Over time, companies will think that freight forwarding is not credible.

2, contact the consignor, receive the consignor's book, determine the time to load, there are two places to pay attention to here, many consignors do not pay attention to the book, thinking that he can inform, It is often notified by phone or by instant messaging tools such as WeChat as a booking voucher. This practice is often tolerated by the freight forwarding. The book is a legally binding document. In the event of a major accident, it will eventually come to court. The first one. The evidence to be found is the book, the complete book should indicate the full name, address, contact information, delivery address, delivery address, number of goods, gross weight, volume, package size, whether it can be superimposed. The time when the goods can be boxed. The responsible freight forwarder will check the shipping information carefully after receiving the mailing. If you find any problems, you will check it with you. For example, if you order a box, the hair is rewritten by 30 tons. The freight forwarder will tell you that you can't install so much. To prevent the time from getting on the boat, everyone is in trouble. Another place to pay attention to is the loading time. The loading time understood by the freight forwarder is the time when the goods are packed and can be loaded into the container. The factory sometimes understands the time after the goods are produced as the loading time. At this time, the goods are not packed yet. Draw trays, and do not do good customs information, this misunderstanding often occurs in imports, foreign factories are sometimes not very formal, sometimes the brain circuit is different from the Chinese.

3. After the confirmation of the book information is confirmed, the freight forwarder will arrange to book the cabin with the shipping company. After receiving the information of the shipping company's cabin confirmation and the emptying box, notify the container fleet of the packing box plan and hand over the equipment handling order for the carrying case. The team took the suitcase, and the team sent the car to the loading place to pack the box and then sent it to the port of departure. The container fleet usually arranges the packing plan one day in advance, and tries not to change it temporarily. This will disrupt the team's plan and seriously cause the car to run away. The team will ask you to collect the money.

4, customs declaration information preparation, after packing or in the process of packing, the freight forwarder submits the customs declaration information, usually the invoice box contract, etc., and then forwards it to the customs broker, and declares it to the customs. Note that the production of customs declaration information is the responsibility of the consignor rather than the freight forwarding. The responsibility of the freight forwarding is to declare the customs, and the customs agent is still the consignor. Some consignors are too troublesome to force the freight forwarders to help them produce customs declaration materials, and the freight forwarding is tolerant in order to collect goods. This is actually a violation of regulations. Some foreign freight forwarders can make customs declaration materials on their behalf. I don't understand what it is.

5, the bill of lading check, after the customs clearance, enter the bill of lading check process, the bill of lading is a document of property rights, often used for letters of credit, so the bill of lading is higher, a punctuation can not be wrong. There is too much knowledge about the bill of lading. It is recommended to read this book about the bill of lading.