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"PPT template" minimalist animation template

Ppt animation design! ! !

Recently, Xiaogongzi is really too busy in reality. I haven’t been updated for a few days, sorry.

In the past few days, there is an urgent need for a template. Xiaogongzi really has no energy.

And the rest of me will give you all the rest, rest assured

Today, as a benefit to everyone, put a full animation of the simple wind template

Take it to play.

Here to declare, the template made by Xiaogongzi is for the welfare of my fans.

It is strictly forbidden to use commercial, that is to say, take my template to make money, don’t let me shoot you.

In fact, I often say that if the ppt animation is used well, it is really convenient, just like some logos I have done are even completed with ppt animation.

But if the application is not good, it is really 5 hairs than 5 hairs, can not bear to look straight

Many times what you may lack is not technology, but logic! logic! Logic, logic is very important for ppt animation

Because when you finish a full page of animation, you will find that the "pane" is full, then if your logic is not systemic

Once you need to modify it, believe me that you will collapse directly.

I usually do the animation to determine the effect I want, then split the steps to form a system tree.

After that, I will be very clear about each action I will do next, there will be no omissions, and the changes will be clear.

OK, that's it today, Good Luck

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